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A new baby, an older jealous cat and a big, loud dog!

I went and adopted a new baby yesterday! =) I'd been planning on doing this for a while but I finally went to the shelter yesterday and picked him out. It's so hard when you want to take them all home. He's almost copper colored with some white patches and he has blue eyes. Simply gorgeous.

He's been in my bedroom since we brought him home yesterday evening. He and our older cat Wallace saw one another yesterday evening. I was holding the baby and my sister was holding Wallace. They stared at one another for a few seconds, the baby mewled and then Wallace hissed at him at which point I retreated hurriedly back to my room. So here's one of my questions - which is the best way to introduce these two to one another? I want them to get along and be good friends. There are so many varied opinions on the subject that it's driven me nearly to distraction.

He's got a few odd habits - he constantly sheathes and unsheathes his claws on almost every surface, including, alas, me. Should I worry? I've never seen this in other cats. Also, he's grown up in a 2 ft by 2 ft cage really, so he would have had no opportunities to walk or run. Our home is floored with marble which is really slippery. When he tries to run he slips and slides and his back legs look almost bandy, really. What can I do, apart from putting lots of rugs down in my room?

Finally, he drank some milk last night and ate well but today he isn't interested in food or drink. =/ It's rather stressful. I'm not sure what to do about it or if it's early days yet or what. Oh and to add to all of the above we also share our home with a big, loud, excitable and extremely licky dog. Fun times. =)

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Oh man are you going to have your hands full! Although, just my opinion, i think it will be easier to get your new baby adjusted to the dog than Wallace.

First, about the floors, my kitty had the same problem when i first brought him home. Rugs will help, but if that ruins your decor, don't worry, they get used to it.

Second, you'd better watch kitty closely, it's not good that he's not interested in the food. If he goes a whole day without eating i'd call the vet asap.

BTW, is Wallace fixed? If not, that could be an issue to. Non neutred cats can be very agressive, posessive and territorial, especially with another male cat in the house.

The best way to get them introduced is to keep new kitty locked up, only bring him out to "socialize" when you are around to carefully monitor them. Get a towel and rub it all over new kitty, then bring it out to Wallace, let him sniff it and rub it all over him. Keep doing this. That will get them used to each other.

Also, don't forget Wallace. I'm sure it's tempting to spend all your time and praises on new kitty, but that will get Wallace quite jealous. So be sure to play and praise him too, ALOT. Almost more than new kitty, just so he knows he's not being replaced.

And hurry up and get new pics of you kitty here! I want to see! lol.
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Wallace isn't neutered. Since he's an inside cat we never felt the need to neuter him. A friend told me she had her male cat neutered and his whole personality changed. We never felt the need to neuter Wallace, I guess.

As I type this, Wallace is sitting outside my room, hunched in his stalking position and trying to look under the door and growling a long low continual growl.

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congratulations on your new addition. There is a website that tells how to introduce new kitties to your home by Dr Jean but Im traveling and I dont know where to easily find it.. can someone post this for her?

Make it a slow introduction. Keep them apart and give them time to become familar with each other. give them separate living areas for awhile. Then trade them so they have each others scent around.

Mine sat on each side of the door for days knowing each was there with my foster kitty. Then they would try to reach under! so cute. Then I cracked the door so they could just see a bit of each other. No need to rush this process if you want sucess.

Im sure the article will really help by dr jean.
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Well chances are that Wallace will fight because he is not neutered. Neutered cats personality only slightly chages...they become more sweet! I suggest you get Wallace neutered before you introduce them.

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It is really important that he be neutered. Un-neuterd males tend to be much more aggressive, with much smellier urine, and much more likely to accidentaly get out and run away. They are also much more prone to alot of health problems....serious life threatening ones.
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I'd be worried that Wallace, since he's not neutered, would start spraying now to protect his territory from the interloper (the new baby kitty)!
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This is very worrying. I wasn't told that Wallace might be prone to more health problems if he wasn't neutered. All we were told was that since he is an inside cat he won't be wandering around and contracting and spreading diseases.

Well, we will seriously consider getting Wallace neutered. The kitten is eating again, so it's all good. He's still very young, he tries to suckle my fingers. Mitts & Tess, I tried searching for the article you recommended on google but couldn't find it. Does anybody else know where I can find this?
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Male cats get castrated, females get speyed. There is NO reason not to get him neutered, but theres a multitude of reason to NOT neuter him!

All my boys are snipped, and they are all sweet and loving and the same as they were before. I agree that with a new arrival, Wallace will probably start spraying and being aggressive if he is left uncastrated.
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