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Jr. Cat
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What's your favorite thing you cat does?

I know this is a tough one to answer because our cats can be pretty amusing but I just love it when I am in a room with the door closed and all of a sudden there's a cat paw shoved under the door trying to figure out what's on the other side. Then when you poke your fingers underneath, bam! your attacked by paws. I just love it!
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Cat Addict
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Hmmm, this is a tough one -- I don't know if these are my favorite things they do, but they are definitely amusing.

Nico gets in the pantry and starts knocking things off the shelves when he wants your attention (or treats!). Yesterday, I was vacuuming and heard some banging in the kitchen, so I go in and there is the treat cannister, several Little Debbie snack cakes, and a bottle of Cap'n Morgan strewn across the floor! I guess someone didn't think I'd hear the pantry party over the vacuum.

Miles loves to watch what you are doing in the bathroom from underneath the door -- and the door is a wee bit short than it should be, so there is about 1 inch of space between it and the carpet. Anyway, anything you are doing in there, you see this little yellow eye watching you and maybe a paw will try to reach out to you if you pass by close enough.

Mom is the newest addition -- she's fairly well-behaved and I haven't figured out all her quirks yet, but one thing I love is watching Mom and Nico playfight. It always looks like a vicious battle is about to begin, then she pins his head to the floor and starts licking him like crazy. It is so cute!!
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Well, My favorite thing that Calypso does is she'll walk up to one of the dogs and rub up against his chin (usually Guinness). If Guinness so much as glances down or acknowledges that she is there, she'll start making a big deal about being scared of the dog, like he might attack or something, then she'll walk away and come back and rub up on his chin again. Such a little drama queen.

Korbel has a thing about straws. If I bring a straw home from her (like a fast food drink-straw), she'll flip it up in the air and roll on it and bat it all over. When it gets really funny though is after she's been playing with it and it starts to get staticy and stick to her belly!

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For Ophelia it has to be the sounds she makes....especially when you pick her up and snuggle her. She is a very vocal cat. A close tie would be how she jumps through the air to catch the little bird feathers as they float down from their high up cage.

For Malcolm it is how he only ever puts his arms around my neck when he is picked up. He doesn't give anyone else this "hug" when they hold him
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Tasha - when she greets me at the door and rubs up against me and rolls over as if she missed me (I am sure it is just because she wants to eat!) oh and I love it when she watches me cook dinner and if I don't give her any of the meat I am cooking she stretches up on the cupboard and paws at my leg.

Angel - she is my PMS moody cat so when she purrs and jumps on the couch on my shoulder and rubs against my face it's pretty cool.

Sully - he so scared of everything that when he actually comes up to me at the computer and meows and paws at my leg for attention it really pulls my heart strings!

All and all, my cats are not very affectionate so any signs of really make my day!
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Scully: Gives me actual kisses on the lips in the morning
Bumper: Sleeps by my feet every night
Boomer: Says please and thank you when he wants something
Magnum: When he tries to 'wash' my hair for me
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Cool Cat
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when i stroke him, marsh does this little moan when he's relaxed and sleeping next to me. I absolutely LOVE it.
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Well, Xam Nho's favorite action is biting me. I touch her head, and then she grabs my hand and bites. Oh my God, it's funny but sore!
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Frosty - gives kisses upon request.
Tippy - comes out from the hiding and cuddles with me in the bed in the morning.
Cheerio - rolls on her back and then I like to blow rasberries in her fluffy tummy. If she's in a good mood she won't grab onto my hair.

And that is not all - just like everybody else - I could write a novel about it!
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Cool Cat
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favourite things

Oh, this is difficult, but with Jimmy I think its got to be his scratch post 'routine'.
He loves to grab on to the post with his claws and then sort of roll on his back with bottom half of his body It's really dificult to describe
Then after a while he will spring away from the post using a sort of back flip (boingggg! like he's on springs!) and run out of the room.
He *always* finishes a scratch post session with the jump and the dash out of the room. Its sooooo funny

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