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Tom Cat
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Cat shampoo?

I've been thinking of giving the girls a bath recently but when I went to look for shampoo for them all I could find was Hartz. Maybe I'm crazy but since Hartz flea meds are reported to be toxic, I'm leary of using any of their products. So what shampoo do you guys use? Can I just use a baby shampoo? Thanks much!

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Cat Addict
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Good call on the Hartz, I would stay away from it too.

I've heard differing opinions on baby shampoo, and haven't used it myself, but as I understand it shouldn't bother them. I cannot remember the brand we used when we bathed the cat (only did it once) and the shampoo bottle seems to have disappeared, lol. I think it was Kislin?
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I use a product called "Gold Medal Pets Cat-Coat Shampoo". It says on the label that it's non-irratating and tearless. There are no warnings on the label. It works good.
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The best one I have found was Pofessional Pet Products Tearless Formula Shampoo and Apple White cream Rinse (same company) for Conditioner (they also have a quick rinse formula if it is your first time washing your pet!)

Some info on why our shampoo (even baby shampoos) aren't great for your pet - although I think I would choose them above Hartz!

Pet Skin Human Skin
pH Level 7.5 6.5
Skin Turnover 3 weeks(average) 4 weeks(average)
Skin Layers 4-6 8-12
Hair Growth Cyclical Continual
Hairs/Follicle Many One
Sweat Glands Foot Pads/Bridge of Nose All Over Body
Sebaceous Glands All Over Body Face and Hair Areas

• Human shampoo will dry pet skin and hair, causing or aggravating skin and coat problems.

• Pet skin conditions often require special formulations that are not available in human products.

• Pet skin reproduces more quickly than human skin, making it more susceptible to skin turnover problems (Disorders of Keratinization).

• Pet hair is characterized by cyclical shedding which can be controlled by proper bathing and moisturizing.

• Pet hair follicles have multiple hair shafts which make the follicles more prone to blockage by debris or Sebum (i.e. Schnauzer Syndrome). The lack of sweat glands throughout the body complicates this fact since the skin does not have the ability to sweat and naturally cleanse and flush itself.

• The presence of oil glands body-wide makes full body shampooing a must (example - humans have a concentration of these glands on non-hair areas such as the face and hands which are the areas needing more frequent washing).

Info from Professional Pet Prducts
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I use Johnson and Johnson no more tears baby shampoo. You can buy it in the baby section at Wal-Mart. It is inexpensive and the Wal-Mart brand of this shampoo works just as well but does not smell as good, in my opinion. I have never had a problem with a cat having an allergy to this (I believe that most baby shampoos are hypoallergenic anyway.)

Another shampoo I have used is Aveeno Baby shampoo. This would be good for a cat with dry skin. The Aveeno I used has oatmeal in the formula. So if you had a baby with sensitive/dry skin this might be the better one to use. It is quite a bit more expensive than the Johnson and Johnson brand.

I was mine three every month and never have had an issue with using these shampoos on them.

Oh, too, you might want to invest in some hairball remedy paste from the store if you plan on bathing regularly. If I do not give my cats some after a bath, it is hairball city for like the couple of days. Since they do more grooming after a bath, they ingest more hair than normal and hairballs become more of an issue after bathtime, at least in my household.
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We give Monte a weekly bath and also use Johnson and Johnson Baby shampoo.
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Tom Cat
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Thanks for the advice all! Now who can give me a link to some cheap chainmail armor for this adventure?? I'm envisioning leaving the bathroom a shredded and bleeding mass without some

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The few times I've had to shampoo a stinky cat (stopped bathing and smelled like pee) I didn't get scratched.
I wore my old denim jacket for armour (hadn't started my chainmail yet) held the cat next to the bathroom sink, then wet my hands with warm water and spread the water on the cat. This was much better than trying to hose off the cat. The cat tried to get away but the formica counter was too hard and slick to get claws into. After the warm water came the shampoo, followed by more warm water splashed on to rinse.
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Originally Posted by Kishkumen
This was much better than trying to hose off the cat.
Yeah, I think it's mostly the noise of the running water they don't like. I put down a rubber bath mat in the tub (they don't like slipping on a slippery surface), then fill two wash pans with warm water, put cat shampoo in one. Put down towels. Restrain cat with one hand, use a cup to pour soapy water on cat with the other. Be careful to keep out of eyes and ears. Lather cat. Then use cup to pour rinse water. Rinse well! Then dry off cat. I also use a hair dryer on low to dry off the cat. But that's optional; again it's the noise they don't like.

If the cat's nails are clipped before bathing, scratches are less likely.
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Am lucky to have cats that don't mind baths So no armour for me!
Its actually bath day for them today if I get around to it!

I use an old mattress pad (cut to shape for the tub) and lay it in the bath before pouring in water... then I fill the bath to about 4-5" above the pad (its one of those thin ones). Mine didn't really go for the rubber mat or towel idea... I guess it depends on the cat.

I find they are calmer if they are standing in water when I pour water over them and it means their tummies etc are already wet too, so if they aren't being co-operative, it helps me bathe them. Use a jug of warm water to wet them (stay well away from the face, thats when they tend to start getting a little antsy)

Then I mix the shampoo in a jug of warm water and lather it in, rise with clean water and conditioner and leave for a few minutes (mine are so used to baths they think its fun to play in the tub while there are still bubbles from the shampoo ) Then I rinse two or three times to make sure everything is out of their fur.

Then I towel dry them and let them curl up near a heater or in the sun to finish drying because the neighbours think I am torturing them when I dry mine own hair with a hairdryer let alone the cats
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