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Cat or Dog first, many expriances and opinions Appreciated

Ok so My Boyfriend and I were talking last night and He knows I really want another kitty when I move in with him and I know he's more dog person. We agreed BOTH.

NOW for the tricky part and MIND You I have LOT's of time to plan since we won't need to start apartment hunting till December.

Would it be better to get the Dog or Cat first? Also thinking this "cat" might be a kitten but it really depends what the shelters have to offer at that time.

If you don't know My current Terror Kilala is a 3 yr old Maine coon mix small 9lbs, neutered male. He was said at the shelter to not do well with other cats but I feel all he needs is a proper introduction because he likes cats FINE in TV's and movies. Also has a lot of extra energy that I think a proper playmate will help with.

Thanks all!
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I'm not sure about cat-cat introductions, since mine came together.
But, in my personal experience introducing a kitten to a young dog is easier than introducing a puppy to adult cats.
Growing up we always had dogs, and would bring kittens into the house. The kittens grew up with the dogs as role-models
Now, I have 2 adult cats that had never seen a dog for their first 7 years. Then I brought a puppy into their lives. I don't think they've ever really forgiven me!

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I suppose I should clarify on the DOG bit also. I would like to get a shelter adult dog at least 1-2 years under their belt older is good too. Boyfriend wants to look for Whippet or Greyhound rescues. I am open to any LARGE lovable dog at least 50lbs or larger.

I have experiance home raising puppies, TOO much time I don't have right now to deal with. I grew up with Large junkyard dogs, german shephards, mutts, Rottweilers and pitbulls which we raised all from puppies. So I do know the in and outs of dog care after 14 of them.

I just started to have Cats 3 years ago in college and My family has been done with dogs since we sold the buisness.

Anyways so puppies are not in the equation but Kitten is since I would be allowed to bring it to work if neccessary.
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If you get a whippet or greyhound through a rescue, make sure they've been judged cat safe. I assume you know that, but it can't hurt to put it out there.

By young dog, I didn't mean puppy. I think introducing a kitten to an adult (but young adult) is easiest. But that doesn't help with your current cat.

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If you decide to look for a Whippet or Greyhound....Look for one that has already lived with cats if you can.

Their instinct is to chase....and I dont know if you can change them of that?

I would like to hear more opinions about that too.
Oh and dont forget about Boxers! They are super lovable goofy dogs!
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I heard Greyhounds don't do good with cats but I guess it'd just depend on the dog.
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I'm a lil hesitant on Greyhounds and Whippets too because of the chasing but my boyfriend really wants one or the other because that is what his Family has always had. I'm hoping with an older dog it will have less of the spunk and more of the cuddle from age.

Any other opions or experiances?
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If you go to a reputable Greyhound/Lurcher rescue, there is no reason why you won't find a cat friendly sighthound. Whippets, especially, tend to love cats. Not all sighthounds have as strong a chase instinct as others, and I have a friend with 4 retired racers and 4 cats as well. They all get on great.

Doesn't baldy Oliver's mum have a greyhound with him too?
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Usually you can find out if a dog is good with cats/kids etc. I know at our shelters every dog has a chart beside it showing what it is good with, and what it is NOT. From personal experence, I find it easier to bring a dog into a house with cats, then to bring a cat into a house with a dog.
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Cats and Greys

We had 3 adult cats when we adopted our greyhound Willow 2 years ago. She was almost 2 years old at the time. She loves all cats. The adult cats were slow to warm to her. It literally took years before they were friendly—they went from fear to ignoring to mostly friendly. Our spooky cat, Lemur, is still wary of the greyhound.

We adopted a kitten a few months after we adopted Willow. They love each other more than they love us. It’s a mother-son relationship; Willow grooms Xander every day. I recommend getting a kitten around the same time as your adult dog if you want them to be close.

With a sighthound or honestly any adult dog, be very very careful. Make sure the dog has been introduced to cats before. No matter what anyone tells you about how cat-friendly they are, always muzzle and leash the dog on first introduction (and continue to leash for at least a few days—you want to prevent the dog from ever chasing the cat since it is so self-rewarding.)

Just because a dog lived with a cat for years does not mean he won’t decide to eat *your* cat. Each new cat should be given a careful introduction. Also, a kitten is different from a cat. A dog may be fine with cats, but want to kill a kitten. You just can’t be sure, so always be careful with all introductions.

I do not trust Willow 100% with my cats. She loves them, especially Xander, and I don’t believe she would intentionally hurt them. However, she is very big and very rambunctious, and we still have to scold her sometimes for wanting to play with them (running and play-bowing at them, etc. as she would another dog). We do not leave them together unsupervised for long periods of time. They are almost always separated when we leave the house.

If you decide on a greyhound, you can find fantastic information on greys and cats using a Search (or posting a question) on Honestly, much of the info there holds true for any dog-cat introduction, not just greyhounds.

Here’s a shot of Willow and Xander for you. Best of luck to you, whatever your decision.

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