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caring for a cat and kittens

I am also worried about my cat because she is pregnant and looks like she is going to POP!! but, my mom wont let her in the house (she is not really ours, just a stray we feed). I am worried she will have kittens outside/ or a animal will get her and the kittens. She is extremely fat this time (her 3rd litter in 2 yrs.) and we think it will be a large litter. She is a tortishell cat, very pretty. Her name is tiger!

RABBITLUVR said-if the kittens are born outside they will become ferel cats, and be VERY WILD most likely, but it is not your responsiblitly to bring her in so dont feel bad but I would try to get her under some type of shelter.JMO

Dixonsrabbitry said-Does the momma cat have a building she can get into to have the kittens in? Kittens that are born outside are more exposed to dieases like feline leukemia. And sometimes do die because of the fact that they are kept outside. Are you guys going to find homes for the kittens? Also it might not be a bad idea to try talking your mom into spaying your cat in the future. It would at least solve the problem of her having a ton of kittens. I know this gonna sound mean, but if you dont want the kittens, and dont want to spay the mom, then take her down to the local humane society so she would at least have a chance at finding a good home.

This is what I said-Again, the cat is not ours. One of our neighbors owns it, they just dont take care of her. We have reported them to the SPCA but they said we had to have proof as in photos, since we could not give them a hurt cat. We have already found homes for all the kittens even though they are not born! She has our porch to have them on if she needs to... there is a blanket out there and some toys, a little bit of shelter for her. (keeps her out of the rain). The kids across the street (the nieghbor that owns the cat) enjoys having the kittens and they don't care about what happens to it as long as they can keep enjoying her babies. We have done our part by at least feeding her since she could just starve to death. I even have to do it behind my moms back because she claims we can not feed 5 cats (our cats plus her). All of our cats are fixed, frequently go to the vet, get check ups, and flee dips all the time.

ALFIE AND ANGEL SAID-Yeah, a garden shed or an outbuilding or something. Or perhaps an old rabbit hutch (doors open obviously) placed in a quiet and shaded spot if there is nothin else available to you. If you put her a nest somewhere safe and encourage her by feeding her in that spot, at least you won't have to tail her to find out where she hid her babies later. If tiger trusts you, you can still socialize her kittens (after a week or so) so that they can find good homes more easily- semi-ferals are very difficult to home.

I agree about diseases but to add to that, if tiger is a stray, you might not know what she has already been exposed to. If you have your own pets (esp. cats) its prob best not to bring her inside anyway as even if they're vaccinated against major things, minor infections/parasites could still be passed on.

Seriously think about spaying her, as a stray, she could have had many litters before she adopted you. If she wasn't getting good food and being looked after before you rescued her that could really wear her out!

I'm sure you'll help tiger look after the babies just great

DIXONSRABBITRY SAID-That neighbor sounds like a terrible owner. People like that are the main reason why millions of cats end up in shelters, and god knows what else happens to some of them

I SAID-I have a extra bunny cage but it is all wire... Could I still use it if I put blankets inside to cover the wire? I don't think my mom would mind that since she has had the last two litters in our house (she is just tired of having to argue about the cat with the neighbors and take care of the kittens). I could put it on the front porch so we could still feed her and check on her often. I actually like that idea and have the perfect blanket in mind (especially since my mom just finished washing it).

Yeah, why don't you put plenty of old newspaper in the bottom first so the wire is not uncomfortable for tiger and the new kittens, then put the blanket in over that. Also, mother cats like to be really private when their babies are first born (I'm sure you already know this if she's had litters before) and the babies might be frightened if the cage is all wire and see-thru - so I'd put a really big blanket or an old towel or bedsheet over the top of the whole thing coz that'll make it dark and comfy - I think cats feel safer if they have a dark hiding place. They're gonna look sooo sweet all cuddled up in their new house!

When people suggested I get her spayed this is what they said-
Aside from the expense, she's also risking the wrath of the neighbour who owns tje cat if she doesn't get permission. Maybe present them with the choice of either the vet bill or a fostering fee? But then you run the risk of them moving the cats to be neglected under their domain, so ....

Tough situation.

There should just be a 'stupid' tax with the money going to cover mistakes made by stupid people.

THIS IS WHAT I SAID-Hi, I have just finished setting up Tiger's bed (shelter) for her on the porch... It has 3 blankets set up and a water proof mat underneath that. We can not afford to get her spayed as we are taking care of a allergy ridden dog (lots of medical expensive)... We also pay $600 a month to take care of my horse... Then pay for 3 other cats (toby, tammy, and angel). We also have another dog and 3 rabbits. I also gave tiger her own food and water dish filled with cat food that we feed our animals.

Tiger has had her kittens 2 days ago. I don't have pictures of them but will try describing.

4 kittens; 1 orange and white one!! 2 black; 1 with a diamond on his forhead and white stripes on the legs- 1 all black, white stripes down legs and white circles around eyes. 1 silver; very soft and sweet, very nice and social (LOUD!!)

I love the orange one! I used to have a kitten that was named PC (peaches and cream) and he died after sneaking out and getting hit by a car. This orange kitten looks exactly like him and I want him so much! Me and my friends have come up with a plan. She is going to take the kitten once it is old enough. Keep it till my birthday and then give it to me as a present. (My mom says if I got an animal for my birthday that I could keep it). So that is plan A! Plan B is to BEGG!!
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Just to explain (hey bunnylover, this is m.e. ):

This is a member from Rabbits Only Forum that I recommended come here for advice. Part of the above post is a copy-and-paste of what she was told on the bunny board.

So far, I think bunnylover is doing everything she can, but I'm sure she could use some more advice and support.

Thanks guys!
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more questions and website help

Hi, some of you have heard of the 'stray' cat named Tiger. Well, she had her kittens at the neighbors house inside their boat. I have gone over there a couple times to check on them. I would like to give them info on how to take care of a mother cat and kittens but I can't find a website right now that has that information. If anyone could help that would be great

By the way 4 kittens - 5 including a still born orange kitten.

I just found out that their other cat ( a black one out of Tigers first litter) is now pregnant)... So I will really need this info for them!!
I looked at these websites and one helped... But I really need websites on how should a mother and kitten be taken care of... You know grooming, feeding (like they should be on a kitten forumla based cat food), and other stuff so that these neighbors will know.

This is what one of my friends said-First thing i think I would do is get some pamphlets to them about spaying and neutering their animals geesh , not one but now 2 cats they sure are not very responsible pet owners . As for special formular and feed for the cat as long as she is being fed the kittens should be all set , but what galls me is that they are letting them breed constantly I would be more concerned with Fleas , Parasites , Distemper and Rabies , If they dont have the good sense to spay these females i would doubt they have the brains to vet the cats too and get the necessary shots . I personally would be very crefull around this cats as you never know . Last thing you need is to pick up some sort of Nasty from them .

Fleas will kill the babies , and there is not much you can do right now to get rid of them because the cure is as bad as the problem . same with Parasites , right now anything done to the mother will directly effect the babies .

My next friend I talked to said this-Call me the bad guy here but I really think it's time to call the SPCA on these people. They are not properly caring for these cats and pretty soon the neighborhood is going to be over run with feral cats. Not all neighbors are going to be as wonderful and loving as you are. I truly hate people like this neighbor of yours. Makes me so mad.

I wish I could offer you some advice Hun but there is really not much you can do at this point except call someone to come get them.


This is what I posted on another website-I called on them once before but it was about their dog. I talked to a lady that has a shelter in Georgetown (about 15 min. from here). She gave me a card to call and said that once the kittens were born to call, let her adopt the kittens out, and she will give us a vet certificate to spay her for free. I will have to see if she could do two cats. They now have a cat bed on our porch but only Oreo uses it. They (neighbors) agreed that the cats need to be fixed because they can't afford all the cat food and care with the kittens so I am trying to help. I don't think they are bad people I just don't think they really know all the dangers and health problems and stuff. Which is why I am trying to help and educate them. The children (10, 8, and 3) are very eager to listen and know more

Please help... If you have questions feel free to email, or aim me. Or post replys.
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THANKS ME for helping me... I got the pun (no pun intended though)
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Please help if you can or if you have questions email me at [email protected] I really need help!!
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I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you are asking help with? If it's about the spay, check in your area for a low cost clinic -- we have a feral cat society in Kansas City that performs spays/neuters and vaccinates for $15. You should do this quickly, as the mom can go into heat as early as one week after the kittens are born. If the shelter is willing to spay one cat, they should be able to do two -- even if it's for a small fee.

The kittens should be fine without kitten food for at least four weeks -- if they are with the mom. The mom may also move her kittens after a few days -- that is an instinct.

Is there any way you can move the mom and kittens inside? Maybe in your basement or garage? The kittens could be in danger with any other tomcats or wild animals in the area -- they are defenseless and would be better off inside.

I think educating your neighbors is the best place to start -- you can call the SPCA to have them send out info on diseases/neutering/etc., and you can drop it off to them. Do they just let their cats roam free all the time? I can't believe their excuse is they can't afford the cat and kittens, but they won't have them fixed -- makes me sad.
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Hi, my question was what should I do and does anyone know where to find some good information about caring for cats and kittens... I can't get them fixed because she is not mine and neither is the other one, but I believe that the neigbors are willing to let them get fixed as long as they don't have to pay for it. I can't afford it but found someone that will do it for free once she is done taking care of the kittens. I am hoping that they will be willing to do two cats instead of just one. She had them inside the neighbors boat (they are the legal owners) but I believed they moved them inside since the boat is not outside the house any more (the dad brought it to the lake) and I have not seen Tiger or her kittens for a long while.
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Well, if you want some good information, just check around this website! But what they really need is to have those animals fixed asap. Money should not be an excuse -- they are plenty of low cost places that are willing to help (because of overpopulation!). I hope the shelter allows you to fix both cats if you explain the situation.
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Those people are really irresponsible if they don't fix their cat. They should not have a cat to begin w/ if they are like that .
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