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No more kill shelters!!

This is the day I've been waiting for a long time!
Slovenia's goverment passed out a law that no animal should be put to sleep in a shelter if nobody wants to adopt them!!

I was so happy to hear that! I've had a very disturbing event around this about a year ago.
Sometimes I walk the dogs that are in this shelter near our capitol and there was also this older dog that was there for quite some time. After a while one of my friends said she will adopt him. I was really glad about it since I knew he could be put to sleep if no one will take him. However, few days later I came there with my friend and the dog was already put to sleep. I was so angry since me & my friend made it clear she will take him. I wanted to kill those people there myself and all they said that there was a missunderstanding (!! !!). Luckily thanks to this new law things like this won't happen no more.
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Slovenia's goverment passed out a law that no animal should be put to sleep in a shelter if nobody wants to adopt them!!
then what happens to them?

i guess i have mixed veiws. i wouldnt want any animal to have to die, but what about here, where the shelter can get up to 100 cats a day in the summer? i guess i would rather think of a kitty who is alone and starving cuz they were abandoned being able to be brought in, if not for adoption (which is the best), at least for a peaceful passing. there are some sad times like what happened with you, but overall i dont think they could have an adopt rate of 100 cats a day. also, at the no-kill shelter i volunteered at, some of those kitties stayed there for years. i couldnt stand the thought of keeping MY kitty in a cage for years, if that were the case i'd rather they be able to skip up to heaven.
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I agree. Here in the UK, we don't have such thing as 'Kill' or 'No-Kill' shelters, though there are some societies that have the facilities to keep animals longer than others. I agree that no healthy rehomeable animal should be pts, but in the same breath, at least the method of euthanasia (in the UK, at least ) is humane and quick.

What about elderley/sick/problematic/aggressive animals? Will shelters just keep them in a cage for the rest of their lives? Whilst I believe there is a home out there for every one, one has to draw the line somewhere.

I wish I could have them all
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The way our local humane society works is that healthy adoptable animals don't get put to sleep. I've heard that they refuse animals when they are full, so I guess its not too bad of a problem with crowding (even though most runs house 2-3 dogs...)

I think the very old, ill, or aggressive dogs and cats are deemed unadoptable and put to sleep, or given a very short time span to find a home before they are put down.

I agree that sometimes this is the best answer. We have a lot of strays come through at work and until recently (with Petfinder) most stayed many months. We've had one dog, Tucker for almost a year now. He's going crazy living in a cage. He's become more and more aggressive and it seems the longer he stays, the less chance of finding a home he has. But we don't have any good reason to put him to sleep... until he actually gets aggressive enough to threaten our staff - he's just... well I don't trust him.

So while the policy of being strictly no kill may seem appealing, there are times when living out the rest of their life in a cage waiting on a home they'll never go to seems more cruel than kindly ending their life before they lose the will to live.


"There is no snooze button on a cat who wants breakfast."
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Well I guess i wasn't clear einough - if an animal is too ill or very (i mean very) old they are put to sleep.
However i don't agree that if an animal is in the shelter for a very long time it should be pts - you know from a reason that is in a cage so long. That's because slovenian shelters are more like houses than cages and animals are in cages only through the night and when people come to see them for adoption. I must say that no animal becomes agressive or anything else here because of being caged.
Anyway I still don't think that if no one wants a dog or a cat, this should be the reason for killing an animal.
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Originally Posted by felis
Anyway I still don't think that if no one wants a dog or a cat, this should be the reason for killing an animal.
No, you're right, and if Slovenia can make it work, that's awesome! But unfortunately, here in the US at least, it would be impossible to eliminate "kill" shelters until we get the overpopulation crisis under control. Sad but true
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Ive posted this before but incase someone hasnt seen this yet.
Here is a fantastic organization whose goals are to
make this (USA) a no kill nation for pets. There are lots of
articles dealing with the issues of "no kill" which would apply
to the challenges facing animal rescue in any country.

The greatness of a national can be judged by
the way it treats its animals ~ Gandhi.
Says alot for Slovenia
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I wish no kill shelters could work here, but it's not very realistic in the US. Let me clarify to say, I don't think any animal should have to die in a shelter, but it's gotten so out of hand in the states that we don't have many choices left.

It gets under my skin a lot when a group of puppies or kittens that are perfectly fine in every aspect get gased because there are older animals taking up space. Not that older animals aren't great or should die, but the shelter can place a group of baby animals MUCH faster than a 10 year old Beagle. If you think about it, say the kittens/puppies are gone in a week (and you can place a whole litter in one space most of the time), well, the Beagle might hang around in a no kill shelter for months - how many other animals were put to sleep to save one that's already toward the winter of his life? I'm looking at this as the Beagle being in a no kill and the babies being in a regular shelter of course, but it seems to balance out the same - no kill shelters here aren't really creating a no kill world, they're fill up just like the regular shelters.

I know people are looking at my sig. like "wait, you're a breeder adding to the problem!" No! I'm not. I never place whole cats to anyone I don't know, AND I will take back any cat at any time/age if something happens to the owners. I take responsibility for what I breed, if everyone did that, then No Kill's could work here.
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In theory it is a great idea..
But once the shelters are full the only thing which will happen instead is animals stay out in the streets, and infact the problem would get worse. Shelters full, animals arent humanely pts and more stay out in the streets to breed. I by no means think kill shelters are good, but it is such a hard problem to try and solve. I think rather than putting too much money into shelters they should work on more s.n.r programs, that way eventually there wouldnt bu such a burden on shelters from ferals which are injured or been taken in.

I also feel that people who give up there cats should make a mandatory donation to the shelter, or some kind of organisation related to animals to help solve the problems. Unless of course its because of serious illness/health or even death.
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I'm beginning to believe more and more that the only thing that will bring the pet overpopulation crisis in this country under control is if laws are actually passed to either make it mandetory to spay/neuter or require a special permit to breed a specific animal. TNR programs help to cut down on the feral populations, but its not going to make much of a difference with the irresponsible owners who think its cute to let their animals run around and breed. Just think about how many puppies and kittens are brought into shelters because the neighbor's dog got their dog pregnant, or because they let their cat roam but haven't had it altered.

You can tell people the statistics of how many animals are killed in shelters and explain to them why it is important to spay/neuter, and some people will listen, but there are still an overwhelming number of people who just don't care. There are people who don't care about the welfare of the animals and breed only for money, or they think its cute to have puppies and kittens around but don't give a **** what happens to them afterwards. There are people who don't want to shell out the money to get their animal fixed or don't think its their right to prevent them from breeding. The only thing that matters to these people is whats good for themselves. They're not going to stop breeding irresponsibly unless the consequences affect them. If they don't have a license to breed, and their animal gets knocked up, give them a hefty fine and require that their pet be altered.

I know that it can't be as simple as just that, and there would have to be more to it. And right now there isn't a budget to support it and no way to enforce it. The sad fact is that our government would rather have these animals killed than spend the money and effort to prevent it.

Wishful thinking I guess... *sigh*

Around here, many of the shelters do require a surrender fee when someone brings in their animal, but I'm not sure if they enforce it. I think ideally it would be a good idea, but realistically it would just encourage more people to dump the animals out in the countryside or on the street, where god knows what could happen to them, rather than bringing them to the shelter where they may actually be given a chance.
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