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Indoor to outdoor?

Stephen has returned to being her absolute hellion self. *sigh* It was 2 decent months after we moved, but now she's back to her "normal" behavior. She is absolutely destructive and even sometimes mean.

Rather than give her away (that's how frustrated we are with the situation) we want to come to a "compromise" that will please us and her. We are considering allowing her to become an outdoor cat. She loves the outdoors, and while we are aware that it can mean added risks for her, we feel that it might be in her best interest... and ours.

We'd like to make an informed decision on this. So if you have allowed your indoor cat to go outside, what precautions did you take?

I know she would need a break-away collar as opposed to her regular one. She would also need flea treatments during season. She needs her nails (which she has). That can't be it. What else?

Also, she has always been great about the litter box. Will she adapt to going outdoors? Should we provide her with a box outdoors (temporarily or permanently)??

((For those of you who don't know, Stephen is 6 years old. She has always been a butthead, but since some unfortunate living situations in college, she has become a hellion. The behavior has really escalated in the last year and a half. She has been given a clean bill of health. I'm not the type of person who says, well this pet isn't fun anymore... next. I want to make her happy, and I've tried everything I can think of.))
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Tick prevention. Heartworm prevention. Periodic deworming. Feline leukemia vaccination. Rabies vaccination.

Hmmmm.....still thinking.....
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How often will she need these vaccinations and treatments? She is up-to-date with her rabies vacc., but that's it.

Another question... she and our dog like to play. Would there be any risks to either of them if they are allowed to continue playing when I take the dog out? Or do I not have to worry as long as her vaccs are current?

(Thank, Tim. I hadn't thought about tick prevention. Does this need to come from the vet or could I get it somewhere else? I'm not familiar with outdoor treatments)
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Risks to the dog: I suppose parasites could be transmitted to the dog.

Vacs: most are yearly; discuss w/your vet. If it's for one not yet done, they usually need two shots within a month or so to build immunity.

Here's a link to a thread about Revolution, but this post in the thread lists the different topical external parasite preventatives:

Mosquitoes are the vector for heartworm. Revolution's claim is that if you kill the mosquitoes, as it does, then it prevents heartworm. I'm not too sure. Can a mosquito bite before it dies?

Also, killing external fleas doesn't prevent tapeworm, as that is aquired by ingesting fleas, which is what would happen if the cat kills and eats a mouse.
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Finn adapted so quickly when I started letting him out, but then again, he had been a former outdoor cat. If she isn't already, I would get her chipped and stick a tag on her collar saying so. She will probably want to come inside to use the toilet at first, but may adapt quickly to going outside. My Finn is out during the daytime, but I bring him inside through the night. I don't have a cat flap; I let him in/out manually.
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If you're going to let your cat start going outside, let your neighbors know that new cat who's roaming around the neighborhood is YOUR cat... not some new stray.

I'd add one caveat:

It won't necessarily follow that her destructive behavior will lesson or cease just because she's going outside.

Cats don't make rational decisions or think logically or act vengefully... that's humans.
If your cat is destructive, it's probably due to stress. Going outside may or may not reduce that stress.

I'm just sayin'...

Can you figure out what was different (maybe less stressful for your cat) during the two trouble-free months? Can that environment be reproduced?

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The only thing that was different in those 2 decent months was the new home, and providing her with that again just isn't an option. Our routines, her food & schedule, everything the same.
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