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Jr. Cat
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Magnetic cat flaps - a question about the magnets

Hi again.
Well things aren't going so well with my Staywell Infra Red cat flap. The collar key that Dory wears seems to get an electrical problem every couple of weeks or so, so it stops transmitting. We can take the collar key off, clean the battery contacts etc, but this doesn't seem right to me.
So we're considering downgrading to a magnetic flap, but I have a concern - actually the original concern about per-pet catflaps.
What happens if the magnet isn't hanging under the cat's neck when she tries to get in? For example if she's been scratching or playing and the collar has spun around? If the magnet is on her back, will the door still work?
Looking at the Staywell magnetic one, it looks like it always needs to be hanging under her neck to work. I don't know of any other brands or types, so if you can help me out, I'd appreciate it.
This wouldn't normally bother me - I don't mind cleaning the IR collar key, but we're going to be away for three weeks at the end of summer (with a cat sitter watching Dory) and if her collar key stops working, she's going to end up locked out. With the cat sitter only coming once a day, I'm worried about what Dory might do
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My mum's boys wear magnets, and they never have a problem getting in and out, soI would assume they do work wherever the collar is on the neck.

However, your concerns about going away could still happen with any kind of cat flap, as she could lose her collar.
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I use the staywell battery magnetic catflap. This uses coded keys, just like the infra red ones. But if you wanted you can code in a RED key and then ANY red key will work. This is what I do with mine having 5 cats as the catflap will only program in 2 different keys...
Anyway when you set it up, you hold it about 2 foor back, pointing in a certain direction and then move it into the center of the catflap until you here a bleep (I think, been a while since I set mine up) then it will ask for another key. Dont worry if its just one cat, program in the other key anyway to shut it up hehe. They usually set pretty far back when you are programming them in, so I would think that if it is back the back of the cets neck it shouldnt matter. And by the time a cat is banging at it trying to get in, it will have either moved or the neck is far enough in to trigger it. Also with the weight of them (not heavy) if they cat has been walking/running around outside the chances are it will be hanging in front of the neck anyway.

The only downside to the catflap are-
-If they loose their collar they cant get in, a 2 pack of replacement keys in the shop is £7.50, but ive managed to pick some up as spares in ebay for £5.

-When the battery goes (it makes a bleeping noise to warn you its running out first which lasts 2-3 days) you have to reprogram in the keys, so you need the cat around The catflap itself takes 4 (I think) AA batteries. Buy decent ones like duracel plus or something, not cheap ones they just dont last. Other than that I have had it for about 3 years now with no problems. If your cat looses her collar and you have to wait to buy a spare key what I did was just tape the little red thing that stops it opening without a key, but remember then ANYTHING can get in.
I wouldnt reccomend the round magnet ones, they are pretty powerful and I will never forget the day Shelly (Died before I became a memeber here) came home with a tin can attached to the magnet

Do you have many strays/cats likely to come in while you are away? If not I would prob tape down the catch, then it doesnt matter if she looses her collar or not, she can still get in.
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Jr. Cat
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Zalensia - staywell battery magnetic? Which one is that? I can only find the battery infra-red (that we've got) and the non-battery magnetic which looks the same as the infra-red but has an extra lip on the outside presumably where the magnet needs to be.
Do you have a link to somewhere I can see this other version?

We had a lot of trouble with the whole door this morning. Dory went out but couldn't get back in. I thought it was the collar key again so I gave up and bought a new one. When we re-programmed the door for the new key, it worked once, then stopped. Cleaned the sensor lens, changed the door batteries, reprogrammed it again, it beeped, buzzed, clicked open and stayed open.
Tried again and the third time it accepted the new collar key and started working as before.
I'm not normally a worrier, but Dory is so sweet that I couldn't bear to think of her not being able to get in when we're not at home, especially when the neighbour's tom is chasing her. She knows that inside she's safe, and if she can't get inside, I worry myself sick that she's going to run away to try to be away from the nieghbours cat.
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Sorry I only just saw this

I looked on staywells website, and it isnt on there anymore, so I guess they have stopped making it now the infra red one has come out.

I found a link on UK ebay tho- ... 41779&rd=1

you could try checking out ebay for one, I just noticed they ship worldwide. They take AA (1.5v)
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