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ok, i know it bothers me to be around a few cats at once and it was worse when i was younger... but it seems to not be as bad anymore... so do you think ill be ok with having a cat? i read that its not the fur but the saliva on it that bothers allergies... but i plan on brushing him at least 3 times a week(so he wont shed all over as much)... so wouldnt that be a big help?
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I used to have terrible cat allergies when I was a kid and up until a few years ago really. When I first brought in Miles (he was a stray), he bothered me a little bit, but then I got used to him. The other two didn't bother me at all... I'm also kind of a neat freak and vaccuum several times a week and have allergy air filters, etc. Good luck if you try it -- keep some allergy meds on hand in case the cat bothers you!
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yay im not the only cleaning freak! i cant stand when my stuff isnt organized and clean. we always have claritin in the bathroom so im hoping that will work.
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I don't know if brushing will help. But just wanted to say I have a friend who is very allergic to cats but if he's around them for a couple of weeks they go away. I've known him for years and only found out recently that he was allergic because he'd always lived with cats. And now that he doesn't when he comes here he has a reaction. Go figure. Allergies are very strange things!

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I had allergies to my cats when I was little. I eventually got used to the cat that lived inside with us, but I wasn't around our outside cats enough and they made me break out. When I got Boots, I let him in my room, on my bed, let him lick me and rub on me and after a few weeks, I was fine! My roommate doesn't let him in her room and she still sneezes if he gets too close. If he scratches me, my skin gets puffy and itchy around the scratch mark, but other than that, he's fine! I'd try to get used to your kitty first, and then, if you need to, try all the Claritin and not letting him in the bedroom and all that jazz. I tried to "just get used to" the family dog, though, and he still makes me miserable. It's different for just have to test different things and see how well you tolerate them.
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I didn't develop allergies to cats until several years ago. There are a lot of things you can do for your allergies that would make living with a cat possible.
Our cats get baths about every 2 weeks. The water washes away the dander and the allergens on their skin. Bathing a cat can be tricky though. It must be done gently and with great patience to avoid overly stressing the cat.
Wiping the cat down with a damp rag every couple days also helps to remove some of the dander, though it is not nearly as effective as bathing.

If possible, it is best to have someone else brush the cat. Brushing will help to remove hair and dander, but it will also cause the allergens to become airborn and will cause an allergic reaction for you.
Our apartment is also vaccuumed quite often. I wear a dust mask when vaccuuming to avoid inhaling the dust that gets stirred up.
You can also buy HEPA filters to cut down on the amount of allergens that are floating in the air.

The cat should also be fed a high quality diet that contains Omega3 fatty acids, as this will improve the cat's skin and coat health, reducing dander and shedding.

I have developed a certain amount of immunity to my own cats. I always have a much worse reaction when I visit other people with cats. It helps to take daily allergy medications like Claritin (or the generic brands which do the same thing but are much cheaper.)
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I've had Hydie for almost 3 months now, and she is a longhair mainecoon. She has caused me to develope allergies. I had never had a longhair cat growing up so I was not used to them.

If her fur gets on my face I sneeze like crazy, and if she scratches I get itchy, when she lays beside me when Im in bed, I will wake up all congested. So I have been taking Claritin Allergy and Sinus and that seems to help for the most part.

But I say you should have no problems, you may only be bothered the first few weeks.

I love my cats so much my allergies are not winning this one.
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You can get used to the cat. Try not putting your face and giving it kisses because it might make you sneeze or nose drip. Wash your hands after you touch the cat, vaccum, clean your clothes w/ a lint brush, have an air purifier in your room and don't let the cat into your bedroom. If you are going to clean the litter box wear a mask, also wear a mask if vaccuming. It is better to have hardwood floors than carpeting, so you might want to get rid of the carpeting. Brush the cat everyday to remove loose fur. Use wipes or give the cat a bath every couple of weeks. You can also get allergy shots, but for some people they do not work. Clean its bedding, clean your bedding every week. Good luck. I hope everything works out.
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I'm allergic to all animals, cats especially.... I take an allergy pill everyday and I'm usually okay
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