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Where is the craziest place you've rescued your cat from?

The first kitten I ever owned was kept in the bathroom for a few days while I was at work. Upon returning one afternoon I headed straight for the bathroom and heard this terrible crying but could not find Morgan. Here she had jumped down the base part of the pedestal sink and couldn't make her way out. No harm was done of course, but I felt horrible.

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The grandfather clock. Sabby loved to jump in while it was being wound. One morning I heard meowing. I checked all three doors to the outside, but there was no Sabby to be found. I sat down and noticed his little face inside the clock meowing to be let out.
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Well, this isn't from where I rescued them from...but it does concern my cats.

My Tara was a stray cat that gave birth to a litter of kittens in one of my husband's co-worker's attic. Within 12 hours of giving birth Tara started moving her kittens from the attic down to the garage. But she only was able to move two before the rest "disappeared".

The co-worker realized the garage wasn't safe either, so moved Tara and her two kittens into a guestroom. Well, for 2 days Tara would dart out of the guestroom and run into the master bedroom and meow at the wall. Finally after two or so days of this the co-worker heard a tiny meow coming from the wall. So, he cut a hole in the wall and pulled our Tara's 5 remaining kittens!!! They had fallen into the wall from the attic and spent the first 2 -3 days there! It's a miracle they survived!

But survive they did, we took them in shortly afterwards to "foster" and ended up keeping Tara and 4 of her kittens!
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At our old apartment, where the cabinets met on a corner, there was a 2"x2" hole between the two sets of cabinets. When Nico was a baby, he climbed in the hole but couldn't get back out. His little head was sticking out and he managed to get his front paws out, but his tubby kitten belly was stuck. We tried to pull him out gently, but he wouldn't budge, so my bf had to turn his head and arms to the side and yank him out. I thought we were going to have to cut open the cabinet if that didn't work.
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This is a literal rescue. My son heard a kitten crying under the hood of the car my neighbor was getting in to go to work. My little boy yelled at the man to wait. They found a little black kitten, who, thank goodness, had the loud voice of a Siamese in her heritage! It saved her life. My son brought her home, knowing I can't resist black cats.

Nibs is a Bridge kitty now, and my son is an adult. When Nibs died, I got two Siamese cats. I wanted that personality and voice. I missed it so much! They're bright and affectionate cats! (had to brag about my babies a little bit )


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When Clover was a kitten, she climbed under the oven and somehow managed to get around the back and into the little drawer under the oven and got stuck. We heard meowing coming from the oven and couldn't figure out where she was - we looked behind it and under it and in it, but no Clover. Finally I slowly opened the drawer and out she came. For the rest of her kittenhood we kept a towel covering that opening.

She also climbed into the dryer one day - I had opened it so that it would stop buzzing, and left the door to the laundry room open, and she climbed right in and went to sleep. Thankfully I didn't start the dryer! I took a picture:
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Stormy- My mom had changed one of the air filter vents and had left it open for awhile. Stormy got in there and crawled around while Mom put the filter back up. Later we kept hearing meowing that sounded like it was coming from inside the wall! We finally figured it out and got her out.
Justin- He somehow got inside this little opening into where some pipes are...there was a wooden thing covering the opening that got left off and he ran in there. Unfortunately, because of the angle, he could get in okay but I couldn't get him out. I had to bend a copper pipe in order to get him out.

Loving her cat Stormy and missing her angel cat Justin 1-13-09
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A few months ago I was working late on a Friday night and stopped for gas. While I was filling up I heard these cries so I investigated and found a kitten underneath the hood of a car that was there to get worked on. I tried to catch him but he ran away.
So I went back to work (we were transferring corals from the CFO's aquarium at home which he was selling, to the tank at work) and figured I would go back with some food after we were done.
So a few hours later after working on the tank and getting some dinner and then being stopped at a sobriety check point cuz I'm stupid and told them I had 2 margaritas.... Apparently that's what everyone says, even the drunks, so if you have had something to drink than LIE! LOL
Anyways, I stopped at 7-11 and got some kibble and a can of cat food and went back to the gas station.
I got out of the car and he was still crying. So I put the food underneath the car and realized he was up underneath the hood of the car next to the one he was in before.
I carefully lifted the hood and reached in real quick and caught him. A teenie tiny 6-7 week old all black kittie with medium length hair and bright green eyes. He tried to get away but I carried him to my car and let him go and he just flew around and banged into all the windows trying to get out and he finally settled underneath the seat and just cried this pathetic cry all the way home.
Then I had to get him out from under the seat and that took forever. I emptied my purse out and put him in and then brought him in the house and set him up in the bathroom. He eagerly ate some canned food and drank a lot of water. I put him in one of my carriers with a blanket and a litte stuffed cat I have. He would just snuggle up to that cat!

So that is how Buick came to be with me!! Buick of course for the type of car I found him under. Good thing he moved to the next car, otherwise he would have been Plymouth!
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It's not really a crazy place but it was definatly a rescue and scared the begeezers out of me.

I have to feed my cat's seperatly because Korbel will quickly gobble down both plates of food if given the chance, while Calypso is a nibbler.
One night I had given Calypso her plate back right before I went to bed, in the middle of the night I heard Korbel trying to get to it, so I got up and put the plate of food in a drawer in my dresser (much too tired to walk anywhere else!). I was woken up sometime later by horrible screams. I apparently didn't close the drawer all the way, and Korbel had tried to stick her paw in there to get to the food. She must have slipped. I woke up to her screaming and dangling from the drawer with one arm inside and the rest of her body hanging off of the side. I thought for sure she must have broken something but she was no worse for the wear.
Now I always put the food away at night!
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When my mother's cat was just a little baby, we were setting up the Christmas tree. We didn't put any tinsel on cause she loves anything shiney. She watched us intently all night. The next day, I came home from school to hear crying. I walked all over the house but couldn't seem to find her. I came back in the livingroom, and there she was...tangled in the lights on the tree. She never did that again.
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