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Allergy medication?

Hi, I hope I'm putting this in the correct section. I want a cat very badly, but my live-in boyfriend is allergic to them. I'm wondering if anyone here is in the same situation and has a solution to the problem. Is there an affordable allergy medication, perhaps?

Thank you in advance!
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The best bet is to go and see an allergist.

A lot of the over the counter is okay......

They just put Claritan OTC (in the US....I'm not sure where you are at). And there are store brand generics available in most drug stores.

But I'm highly allergic to dogs and cats (and many other things). I took allergy shots for years and it really built up my tolerance. Now, I'm on a prescription medication and I do very well.
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I am not allergic to cats, but do have allergies to dust, pollen and the like. I take a prescription nasal spray called Nasacort and it is absolutely wonderful, it is as if I don't have allergies. There are multiple nasal sprays available if your doctor thinks that might be appropriate for your symptoms.
There are also oral medications available by prescription. They include Zyrtec and Allegra. As AllergyCat mentioned, there are over the counter meds which you could certainly try.
There are many good medications that are well tolerated by most people.
Good luck!
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Benadryl is one of the best allergy medicines out there but it makes you very sleepy unfortunately. I've taken Claritin, Zyrtec and now I'm on Allegra. They all work about the same for me and work better when taken on a regular basis. I take whatever is covered by my insurance at the time. If you can keep the kitties out of the bedroom that will help. I can't unfortunately, we tried at one time but the one INSISTS on sleeping on the bed and the other one sleeps under the bed but they are both in the bedroom. Jake sleeps on a sheet at the bottom of our bed. He stays on the sheet and I wash it often. I try to vacuum regularly, keep them brushed and all the loose hair and dust clean. I had an air filter that I kept right next to my bed - it worked really well but it broke and I still haven't replaced it. I never never pet them and then touch my face especially my eyes – very very bad. I just keep my hands washed after playing, brushing or petting them. You will eventually build up an immunity to them. I have one bad day every once in awhile but overall I am able to live with them fine and I work from home so I am with them all day long. Both my cats are short hair though. I have heard that a breed called Devon Rex and Cornish Rex are supposed to be hypoallergenic. They have fur like poodles so they don’t shed. I don’t know for sure though since I don’t have one. You should talk to your boyfriend and make sure he is really committed to trying this. It takes a little while for your system to adjust – he will be sneezing for awhile. I would hate for you to bond with a new cat and then have to give the cat up. It would be difficult on you and the kitty. I was determined to make it work so I am able to. The key work is CLEAN. If you can keep things as clean as possible – hardwood floors or tile over carpet, there are less soft surfaces for dander to settle.
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Have him go to an allergist and start on ALLERGY SHOTS. It took me almost 2 years of shots till I was able to have a kitten but it was well worth the wait. The agony of being allergic is horrible when you can't go into someones home because you are allergic to their pets. I tried numerous over the counter things but nothing worked like the shots. Definetely worth the wait. Once he does get on them, lease be patient and allow them to work their magic. Don;t just rush in and get a cat. if HE makes the commitment to YOU to have the shots, then YOU need to make the commitment to HIM and be patient so that when you both get your cat you can both enjoy it!
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Do the shots really work? I have heard that they don't.
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I've had allergies since mother & I went for weekly "shots" for many years...My children share my allergies to pet dander, along with "hayfever".

Over the years I noticed that my reaction was most severe to a "new" cat..we've always fostered & I went to college for 3 years to become an AHT...( animal health technician...aka vet tech ). Non drowsy antihistamines never really helped much, but I hated the side effects to the more effective types. So I hated taking anything.

My children unfortunately have inherited my allergies...same pattern became evident...highly reactive to new cats or when visiting at a home with other animals...I thought this was weird but there was no denying it.
There were many times that I felt soooo guilty for exposing my kids to our large number of cats & various other animals...

A couple of years ago I had the chance to voice my observations to a renowed & respected pediatric allergist & he told me..... drum roll here....
...I was actually desensitizing my children to the allergens by continuously exposing them... that this was perfectly safe to do as long as they were free of eczema or asthmatic reactions. This is pretty much the same effect as allergy shots, ( they contain traces of that which the patient is allergic to )...Eventually the kids may be much less allergic...Then recently, I read an article in a medical journal that stated that limiting contact to allergens drastically, as well as over medicating with antihistamines could possibly potentiate or prolong allergic reactions.

To summarize, as long as the person doesn't have ASTHMA or ECZEMA it's okay to expose them to whatever they're allergic to & that eventually over time the reaction may be significantly reduced.

To repeat...ASTHMA is an absolute contraindication!!! Also, I'm referring to sneezing, runny nose,itchy, runny eyes types of allergic reactions...this principle DOES NOT APPLY TO NUT ALLERGIES!!!! ( different type of reaction altogether & it would be life threatening to expose those people to nuts with the intention to desensitize them.)

Some ideas to lessen reactions to cat allergies...brush the cat...bathing is controversial & may actually increase allergen production by the cat,
wash your hands VERY well after handling the cat, especially before touching your face or eyes...BTW...I use antihistamine eye drops to minimalize the redness & itching...avoid sleeping on pillows that the cat has been laying on, etc.
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Do they work?

A year ago I could not even go into my best friends or neighbors homes due to their cats and dogs. I now have 2 cats and am completely not allergic to them or dogs now!

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Wow , that is amazing . My doctor said that they don't work , but I guess maybe it depends.
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