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One should not judge!

I thought this website was all about sharing your own expriences with others, not judging how one person lives with their cats as wrong. "doesn't sound like a place I want to be" quoted from the comment the person made!

I wrote a post, upon what my expriences have been in the past about introducing new kittens into an already cat populated home... Whether the other people agree or disagree with me should be met with some tact.

This is in responce to something the person said...

Cats have been domesticate as early as 3500 B.C., Egyptians were domesticating wildcats from Africa, and these domesticated wildcats became treasured pets and were honored in many forms of artwork for their skill in hunting and killing rodents such as snakes, rats and mice.
Around 1500 B.C., cats were actually considered sacred and domesticated by the Egyptians.

So the little guys we have in our homes now ARE in their natural environment. Though I am not at ease with the fact that some people allow their cats to roam the streets free.. I am not judging them saying that their homes are un-suited and full of termoil...

Unfortunatly I need to quote some of what was written cause I think the person in question needs to know what they are saying is completly inaccurate.

"In nature, if two cats can't get along, they just learn to avoid each by claiming different territories or just staying out of each other's way. You can't do that in the home."

You can do that in a home, I have had cats that dont see eye to eye, and have claimed parts of the home as their own and vis a versa... It makes for a difficult living situation but when you adopt a cat you cant go back... (would you give up your second born child if they dont get along with the first born?) You teach them how to get along, or to at least tolerate each other! SAME WITH CATS!!!


I need to defend my post as well as the cat pride that owns me. I do NOT have a ferral cat colony. (Though I have had ferrals cat who ALSO learnt the same way, to get along.)

As soon as the "NEW KITTEN" has the smell of the household on him or her, it will be considered part of the colony. (that is from my vet!)

If the person in question had read the first post where indiviual was asking about introducing a NEW KITTEN into an already existing household of cats. He would know that the post I did, made sense. Had the question been "how do I introduce an "older" cat into my household, then I would not have responded the way I did... There fore make sure you read the orginal posts first.... and should you have any comments or disagreements with what was posted... answer them with tact. No need to be rude, and discourteous and disrespectful. As he was below. and I quote!

But, boy, if you like a household where "Everyone is on edge", I don't know....doesn't sound like a place I want to be!! Give me peace and calm!!
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I am pretty sure you'll feel better about those posts tomorrow
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No one judged you. An opinion was stated. You're free to explain your position, as you did here. We all have different life experiences, and that includes the way we care for our cats. Each person's opinion comes from that context. You're free to do it the way you see best, as is everyone else here. And free to live their lives differently as they see fit. And if they say they wouldn't care to do it the same way you do, then please don't take it personally. It's meant to be a comment of opinion, not an attack or a judgment.

I hope this post expressing yourself makes you feel better. But perhaps it would have been less confusing to other readers if you had said this in the original thread. So it could be seen in the context of a dialogue, rather than what appears to be a rant. (But that's OK, rants are permitted.)

So, here's the original thread, so everyone can read all the posts in their entirety for themselves:

This really is a great forum!! I hope you'll stick around and continue sharing your opinions and experiences. But you have to expect disagreement from time to time. That's normal when people get togetlher and discuss things they feel strongly about. Wouldn't it be boring if we all agreed all the time?
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Ya know after you have been here for awhile you tend to learn how to take and deal with things. Overall this forum is excellent, has tons of info and posts and has some really good caring people.

That being said it's in humane nature to be controversial and people will say things on a forum as they do in person that will rub you the wrong way.

Stick around, you will find out who the good people are. Those that have a post you feel is rude will either eventually leave because they will rub everyone the wrong way or they will show you they aren't as aweful as you may think. If not, you just avoid topics that may include tht person, it's keeps you a little more sane! The Mods are here to help, if they feel someone is flaming, they will be told. Everyone gets a little snarky from time to time, it happens.

So stick around!
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I am sorry you feel like you have been judged on this forum. I have been a member here for about a year now and so far I have not had any major problems.

I can not apologise on behalf of anyone but I can say that if you do feel like you have been judged and are unhappy with anything a memeber has directed towards your posts I would encourage you to detail your complaint towards a moderator in PM and it shall be looked into.

Locked for the time being to avoid any unnecessary confrontation
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