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Your help is needed to save Hurricane Katrina animals


"Rescuers are being turned away in some parts of Louisiana. Reporters are telling us that when all is quiet, all they can hear are the yoweling and crying of dogs and cats that are trapped inside homes starving and scared out of their minds. Please help on Monday!! The plan for MondayMONDAYS PROMISE 1000 CALLS TO THE WHITE HOUSE,MONDAY9/12Comments:202-456-1111......Switchboard:202-456-1414....FAX:[email protected] I was told by someone in Homeland Security yesterday, that believe it or not, the way to get this solved is to have 1000 people call the White House to demand that the military go in and save these animals. Now that they have evacuated so many humans, its TIME, NOW, to save their best friends. The death toll of humans is much lower than expected, but not evacuating the pets has made the animal death toll unimaginable. AMERICA DOES NOT ABANDON IT'S PETS WHILE WATCHING THEM SUFFER A SLOW AND PAINFUL DEATH. This is cruelty to animals, which humans caused by leaving them, then not rescuing them, NOW HUMANS MUST SAVE THEM. FLOODING THE WHITE HOUSE WITH CALLS ON MONDAY WILL GUARANTEE a call from the White House to the field to save the animals. SPREAD THE WORD and thank you for standing up for the animals. You have saved many so far,and,[email protected] for suggestions on how to get this out on forums and chat rooms today, tomorrow and until every pet comes home..."

The Whitehouse will not do anything unless there is a public outcry. Keep flooding the Whitehouse with message until they give the order to rescue the pets. Where's the pet food companies to come in and help with food and supplies for these pets?
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Re: Your help is needed to save Hurricane Katrina animals

Originally Posted by sierra
(Where's the pet food companies to come in and help with food and supplies for these pets?
Many of the pet food companies AND suppliers (PetSmart, Jeffers Pet, etc...) are in fact donating products and supplies for the pet relief effort.
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the pet food companies are contributing? Obviously not enough as the item below can attest:

Cast the first stone

Hi Folks

I have dialogued with most of you about the alleged animal killing in
the wake of Katrina. I've held my commentary because I wasn't there.
Well a very dear friend of mine was. He has been my major resource in
caregiving my animals for about 10 years now. He is the stop I make
before I go to the vet because even the so called holistic vets are
probably going to tell me to do something or use something that I don't
approve of and/or to spend much more money than I would like to and not
have them get well. He has showcased and placed many animals at his
establishment. I trust him with the lives of my kids. He has several
senior animals that have aging type health problems. We've been friends
long enough that a few of our animals have gone over the bridge. He is
a very compassionate man. He is not kill happy.

But he was in Baton Rouge in the shelters, helping deal with the mop up
after Katrina. One shelter that has room for 500 had 3000. Many of
these dogs have not had food for days. They have been out drinking the
swill that is called water in the streets. Many of them were already
aging and/or sick. A time like that calls out for judgment call.. He
cared enough to go down there and to donate not only grunt work but
organizational ability in setting up policies. Knowing him, he probably
got in his pocket also. Application of these policies surely sent
animals across Rainbow Bridge. They also surely saved a lot of lives.
It is a tough call, but it's about putting the energy toward those who
have a chance of making it and not letting the weak ones suffer. It is
a situation where there isn't enough food, water, space and care to go
around. I remember seeing Jesus, Christ Superstar. Jesus is kneeling
at the Rock praying. All these sick and crippled people start coming at
him. "Heal my eyes. I can hardly see." "Heal my legs. I can hardly
walk." Andonandonandon. He couldn't do it all. And neither can the
folks down there.

I don't know if guns were used to dispatch animals that were in the
shelters that he was working. I don't know whether bullets or gas is
the more humane way of helping an animal cross. I do know that some of
these dogs were abandoned by their owners. I do know that tremendous
efforts have been made by many people on the ground there. I do know
the words of my friend,"There are no words to describe what it is like
down there. A battleground pales in comparison." I have not walked a
mile in his moccasins, nor of anyone at ground zero in Louisiana. I can
say nothing to evaluate their actions.,

It is true that animals are being killed in New Orleans. It is possible
that some of the people on the scene enjoy doing the deed. I rather
doubt that there are very many that do. I also know that the animal
slaughter in New Orleans is a drop in the bucket compared to what goes
on on a daily basis in the shelters across America. Once again, many of
these people do not enjoy killing. But what are they going to do with
the pet overpopulation. What are they going to do with all the puppies
and kittens that seemed like a good idea at t he time. There isn't
enough food and water and care and space to go around. It is about the
puppy factories, it is about the backyard breeders, its about the
brokers that go buy puppies in the midwest puppy factories and bring
them to the pet shoppes in the cities and guarantee their health for
six weeks thereby ensuring that a sick animal will not be fed, watered
or vetted so that they can be traded in. It is about the pet shoppes
that sell to anybody and do not take time to screen or educate them.
Most of all its about the well meaning people who acquire these animals
without giving a thought to what it means to care for another living
being nor to matching a type of dog to their lifestyle and needs.

I consider myself very fortunate to be owned by a rescue peke who was
found on the streets. He is of uncertain age, but definitely an older
gentleman. My friend picked him up and brought him over here because
her rescue Saint Bernard tried to eat it. Poor Buford was the
recipient of bad breeding and bad care before he got to their house.
Resultantly he had to be put down because of his outbursts of
viciousness. I know that Baby Gizmo would have been killrf in a pound
and rightfully so. But he got lucky and found me. And most of the time
he knows he's a lucky little boy. Cute as he is, he would have been
history in New Orleans. There just wasn't enough food and water and
care and space to go around.

Most of us are killing our animals or have killed them. Many of these
killings have been well intentioned, but based on poor research. A
puppy is forever, not for Christmas. Some kill with too many shots and
willy nilly vet care. Some with poor choices as to what kind of dog
matches their lifestyle. Old ladies with German Shepherds and Rotties,
apartment dwellers with Border Collies, people with small children with
daschunds or Chihuahuas. Wimpy people that get a guard tog to feel
safe. I will let you continue the list.

Life is short. Cherish it. Live it for all its worth. Honor it in
others, whether they be human or animal. It's just possible that
someone could take this tragedy in New Orleans and run with it and wake
up a lot of people. Katrina has given many of us different wake up

Take care,

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