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Third cat? Need some advice.

I need some help. Right now my wife and I have two cats. One is about two years old(male), the other is about 8-9 months(female). We live in an apartment(two story, two bedroom, 1 1/2 bath). After Christmas, we are going to be looking for a house. Why all this info? My wife wants another cat. There is a cat that is hanging around her grannys house, well about 5 cats to be exact. It's a kitten, cant be more then 3-4 months old, yet it's about the same size as the mother cat. Anyways, my wife wants to take it home, we almost did last night. But the whole way home I just didn't think we should take on another cat, but she disagrees. We took it back and dropped it off in it's yard. I feel that with all the holidays coming up, us wanting to get a house, and the fact the two cats we have now get along so great, I really don't want to take this on. Am I being unreasonable? It's the cutest little kitten, black and white and she's already named it Oreo. She says my reasons for not wanting it are silly. What do you all think?
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In my opinion there are no hard and fast rules. I have 3 cats myself. We got Lewis (the 3rd) last December when the other cats where about 1 1/2 years old, so age wise that really isn't a problem. Personally, 3 cats aren't much more work than 2. Your cats are young enough, they get a long so they are used to living with another cat. Oreo (I love that name) is young yet (that is the age Lewis was when we got him) so that makes it much easier. Your other two are young yet in that they will have the energy to play, which is what mine did right away. I was very lucky in that they got along very well right away. If you do decide to take him there's lots of good information on introducing cats to each other which would be good to read before you bring him home. I think you have a lot going for you because of the ages of your cats, but only you know what you can handle and can afford. Although you are moving, if you got the kitten now there is enough time for everyone to adjust to each other so getting the third kitten isn't really going to be an issue. They will all have to adjust to that (that would make another nice post for you). If you feel strongly against it though I wouldn't do it. I probably didn't help as I have no hard and fast answers, but personally, if you think you'd like a third, I actually think the timing is good.
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After I moved into the apartment we got our 8 month old cat(her name is simply Miss Kitty). Once we got married we brought over the older male cat(name is Tigger). Tigger had been an outside cat until her granny took him in until we got married, so he spent alot of time indoors with a small dog. Our original plan was to put Tigger up in a room for a while and let Miss Kitty get used to his smell, but that didn't work. Miss Kitty didn't like being locked up in the bedroom. So we just opened the door and let her out while my wife held Tigger on the sofa. Within an hour they were playing together, we had zero problems with them getting along. I'm just afraid of what Miss Kitty might do. I'm sure Tigger will do fine, all he cares about is food and sleeping on my wifes head at night.
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Who said cats are like chips ya just can't one? The only problem I see here is,is there going to be a rub between you and your wife regarding an additional cat?

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I have 3 kittys and when I brought the baby in it made a world of difference. I say go for it we all need love! best of luck!
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I would get the kitten tested for FIV and nuetered before I exposed it to your other cats just to be on the safe side.

Its all in the introductions for a sucessuful blend into your kitty family. & You just have to scoop a little more poop! The new kitten sounds darling and like it has wormed its way into your hearts. Go for it!
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I don't think you're being unreasonable, I think you're being cautious. Taking a cat into your home is a great responsibility. You don't do it on a whim. Proper consideration and planning to determine if you have the resources to give the cat proper care and a good home is important. Then, if you conclude you can support another cat, you just don't bring a cat home. You need to prepare ahead of time how you're going to introduce the new cat to your current cats. You'll need a separate room for the new cat. And a plan to go about accustoming the current cats to the new cat without them feeling threatened by a stranger in their territory. Doing every thing right from the beginning is so important. And also there's the consideration of disease that a new cat can introduce. The new cat must be cleared by a vet before contact with residents cats. I suggest you, along with your wife, research "new cat introduction" and/or "introducing new cat" on Google.

Personally, I think waiting until you're in your new home is a reasonable approach.

Good luck.
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Thanks everyone. I think my wife and I have come to an understanding and she's dropped the subject, for now. I told her that as soon as we find a house, and get someplace with a bit more room, getting a third cat is no problem, and I'll gladly give another cat a home.
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