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Sam's gone... he's ran away... *update* HE'S BACK!!

I don't know what to say but Sam's gone, he ran away sometime tonight. NOT MY FAULT, or maybe it is since the dude coming to pick up some boxes closed the door sloppy and I didn't go check that he did close it properly (even if HE knows the door needs to be slammed).

I was working so I didn't pay attention to where the cats were, Ben was sleeping on the couch and with Sam - I THOUGHT - under the blanket, like they always do.

I started to feel a draft on my legs, so I went looking from where the draft came. The door was wide open. I started to look for the cats, Suzy is home, she's whiniing and looking for Sam and Sam's gone.

SAM'S GONE!!!!!!!

My baby....

I'm so scared. He might be run over by a car. It's dark and cold and he's only been outdoors when we've been around, except once when he snuck away and was gone for like 15 minutes. Some scare crows was teasing him so it was easy to find him.

Suzy's walking around with a bushy tail and is scared, I see her pace back and forth and meowing, looking for Sam. I'm devastated.

Been out looking for him and try to make noises he recognize. Ben's out looking with a flash light and rattling the food container with dry food.

No Sam...

I have now closed myself in the livingroom with Suzy and left the front door open with some food in the hallway, hoping he'll go back to the warmth and light (although the house is getting pretty chilly meanwhile). Ben's decided to take the car and drive around a few more blocks.

We don't know how far he's gone. We don't know if he's scared and don't know what direction to look in. And it's frustrating to sit here and just wait and hope that Ben will call to say he's found him - dead or alive (lots of streets and trafic here) or that Sam strolls into the hallway and decides he's fun is over for the night.

It's almost 11 pm at night and he's been gone for about 2 hours.
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Brrr.... the house is cold, but SAM IS BACK!!!!!!!!

Ben came through the door and I heard him crying and saying over and over in shock "honey, I can't find him, I can't find my baby". Over and over. My heart almost broke.

Then I stand there hugging Ben and trying to comfort myself and Ben, and I say to Ben "we need to calm down, we need to drink a cup of tea, cuz it's cold outside and we go look again after we've had tea".

When I say that, we hear Sam meowing in the hallway - he just strolled back inside as nothing had happen. But telling us he's home.

**** CAT!!!!!!!

He scared the life out of us... both Ben and me are all shaking and in shock.
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OMG, how scary. I am sooooo glad he came back.

We just went through that with Gaylord 2 weeks ago.
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Great news!!! I'm so glad you got him back so soon and safely!
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Jasmine did the same thing to me a couple of months ago... I'll never forget the sinking feeling when i realized my baby girl was outside alone and I had no idea where, or how she was feeling.....

I'm glad Sam's home where he belongs....
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Thanks girls... I'm finally calmed down enough to laugh about this a bit. Jeeez... I still cry though as soon as I think of the voice Ben had when he said "I can't find my baby". He sure loves his Sam and it's his cat (Suzy's the one that turns to me all the time, so she's mine).

Sam likes to play hide and seek, so we think that he was playing and when we couldn't find him, he decided to go home where it was warm. We did see other cats outside when looking, so we don't think he was in a fight or something and came home in shame of a bad fight (no scars). So that'll teach him we only play hide and seek indoors.... LOL

This was absolutely the worse hours in my life. And with my imagination, I saw all kinds of horrible things happening to him. Sam's so gullible and cute, so he'd be drawn into bad company with the neighboring cats or something.

Suzy did sort of give him a lesson when he came home, cuz he held his head down in shame and she sort of bugged him for a while. But now the yare all friends again and Suzy is helping Sam clean up.
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Oh gosh, how awful for you!! I am so glad he is back.
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I'm so glad this story has a happy ending.
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I'm so sorry you had to be scared like that! I'm so glad you didn't have to worry for too long (although I'm sure every second was the longest you'd ever felt). And the helpless feeling I can relate to.

When I was 8 we moved to a new house. We had two cats at the time, Alex and Ben. Al was a pure Siamese and Ben a blue tabby. They had lived outdoors at our old house and we never had any trouble. But one morning Mom woke up and saw Benny fending off two or three dogs in the backyard. Ben was about 10 at this point, but tough as nails. Alex, however, was skiddish anyway and when Mom went outside Alex was gone.

We looked everywhere for DAYS. We combed the neighborhood and at one point Mom found a dead Siamese by a road going towards our old house. That was a bad moment. But Alex had been declawed in the front and so Mom checked this dead cat. He still had his claws, so we knew it wasn't Alex.

A WEEK later we were out walking our dog and we talked as we went. We came around a corner on a deadend road by a little grove of trees. All of a sudden we heard the unusual Siamese meow coming from the wood. Alex reappeared! Mom and I just cried for hours, we were so happy. Alex and Ben have since gone to the bridge from old age, but it was always such a relief that they got to be at home to go.

I'm so happy your baby came home. In fact, give him a hug from me. As I read your first post I wanted to cry, I felt your anxiety and sadness. I was really happy to read he had come home.
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I don't think there is any worse feeling
as what you just went thru Petra. I'm
so happy Sam in back home safe.

I've been there too so know what you felt.
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