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Cat and new kittens raise havok... please advise...

Found 2 kittens the other night by the garbage dumpster... two of the best-looking stray alley cats you can find. The GF insisted we take them in, and not let them roam the streets starving and dying. However... soon after we brought them home, they would start hissing (though they wouldn't try to physically attack) when they see or if we try to pet them. I would say these kitties are about 10 weeks old.

I was told that cats that grew up on the street that hasn't been exposed to human contact tend to be more fiesty...and need more human attention and contact? (petting, etc) to "domesticate" them. Is that true?

I left the kittens in my garage, both fearing 'drama' from my cat well as the kittens needing a flea bath (they were infested with them).

We managed to wash up the kittens today with a flea bath and flea drops for kittens which fixed the flea problem... so decided to try to bring them inside the house.

The minute our cat saw the kittens inside, it immediately began to throw a fit... hissing, growling, you name it. The kittens would then get even more scared... not eating or drinking, and trying to hide.

We've tried bring kittens home in the past at our old place, and they all ended up in a trainwreck, with our cat spraying EVERYWHERE in the house (cat is a ~6 year old male and fixed). We really want to keep at least ONE of the kittens (friend wants the other), but also don't want to upset our cat and him stinking up our new apartment like it did before.

What can we do to make them get along...without the "drama" and bloody/stinky (urine) mess?

Please help
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Many of our members have been in your shoes. Do a search fo "introducing" or "Introduction" and you'll find a lot of help in those threads.
Good luck with your kitties, I hope it turns out well for everyone
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I should caution you that at 10 weeks these kittens are already past the prime time period in their lives when they can be socialized to humans. Even if you are able to integrate them into your household, chances are they'll never be lap-cats. But, people have successfully done it. You might want to browse throught the topics in the "Feral Cats" forum for information.

Feral Cats
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Since you've already had prior experience with your cat's extreme reaction to newcomers, I would strongly advise against keeping one of the kittens, no matter how much you/GF wants to. The spraying shows that he's very territorial and would do better as an only cat. You'll end up with one really ticked-off unhappy cat. Not to mention - who knows how the kitten will react, especially when he grows up.

If your friend could take them both, it would help the pair adjust to domestic life a little better. At 10 weeks, there's still time to socialize them, but some work is involved. However, they may never fully bond to the humans, so they may or may not do the 'cute' cat things like sitting on laps or allowing petting.
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I gave away one of the kittens to a friend today, and decided to give the other one a chance. The day started out with another flea bath (since it was getting nervous and urinating over himself). I then brought it to our vet for some worm medication and some flea drops (the kitten was infested with fleas). We then spent most of the day trying to "domesticate" it... feeding it in our lap and playing it with. It has managed to stop hissing and feel a little more comfortable around us. When we pet it, it would now purr and cuddle up... so I guess are are making progress.

As far as our cat is concerned, I did some reading around on feeding both of cat and newcomer (kitten) a can of wet food, seperating them approx. 12-18 inches. I would let the kitten eat its food, then call our cat over (it has a radar for can openers)... it would growl for a bit, but still couldnt resist the Chicken & Gravy, so it finally gave in.... pigging out while growling to himself like a grouch.

Our only problem now, is litter-training the kitten. It's still left in the garage until he is trained and introduced back into the house (it only comes in to eat). He's managed to use his tiny litter box, however, it does a poor job of cleaning up after himself... we saw him SLEEPING inside the litterbox earlier this evening with urine clumped from the clumping litter all over himself.

Any other advice would be appreciated... but it looks like we're making good progress in the last 24hrs.

BTW... we named the new kitty "Tigger", for it's orange/white with brown stripes.
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I for one am interested in learning about your progress, so if you can give updates, they'll be read and appreciated!!
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Ditto the above reply, please keep us updated, I'm also very interested to learn about the (hopefully) continued progress.

I'm really glad it sounds like there's progress being made by both Tigger warming up to you, and your resident kitty. Instead of "it", what is his name? It sounds like he's taking it very well, and you found just the trick.

My Kayla also growled and grumbled when she finally came to eat with our new kitten. (She absolutely refused to eat with our kitten for 3 days.) She looked a lot happier when I spent extra time and attention with her, so she didn't mind the kitten as much.

I'm also very interested in learning of the differences in circumstances that enabled this introduction versus the last one that was a "trainwreck". Did the simple techniques like feeding together make all the difference, and what were the other factors? The first time, did your cat start spraying immediately, or was it later? Do you recall a trigger? LOL, the questions - cats aren't the only curious ones! It would contribute greatly to our information base.
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