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3 or 4 kittens

I have three or four 7-8 weeks old kittens under my house. I'm trying to catch them. Two are calico, one lighter colored, blues, greys and light oranges, the other is black, orange and white defined blotches. Another looks like a pure siamese, which I know isn't possible but that's what he/she looks like. But I thought I saw a grey and white striped kitten as well a few days ago. I almost caught the darker calico tonight with a pillow case attached to hanger wire like a make shift net. The reason I'm writing is because I wanted to share what happened tonight. I walked outside to see three of them laying with Beaver, my cat, in the front yard in a big pile. When I walked out, they got up but weren't scared off. They started licking Beaver all over and he licked them. They rubbed on each other. I brought out food and could come within about 3 feet of them before they hid under the house but if I backed off a little, they'd come back out. Beaver seem particularly fond of the blotchy calico. The white one seems to be the one that is the least scared. The poor things fought over and hissed at each other for the food. I'm going to borrow a cat trap and see if I can trap them. I might foster them for a little while and take them to the rescue place I foster for, it's a no-kill cat rescue. The lady there is very nice. Anyway, had to share my experiences and exitment for the night. But one question, if any knows the answer. Beaver's a male. I thought males killed kittens but he's acting like he's mom. They even follow him around in a line. And at this age, I thought mom was still with kittens, I wonder if something happened to her as I've never seen them with any other cat other than Beaver, who's been caring for them for at least a week now. I couldn't figure out why he would want out so badly, he'd cry so loud at the door constantly, but now realize that he wanted to get to those poor kittens. How sweet of him to care and groom them, but I think it's odd, don't you?
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It is NOT odd.

My Jade adopted my foster kittens (the three little ones). He was so fond of them, I was forced to keep them even though I didn't have the money for them
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Re: 3 or 4 kittens

I don't know if it's odd or not but it's awfully cute! Especially them following him around in a line!! They must be starving for attention and love!

As far as mama cats - I have been told that feral moms are not very motherly - they boot the kittens out and ignore them as soon as they can and they often don't make it. I have rescued 4 feral kittens this year from 3 separate litters and they were all between 4-6 weeks old.

Good luck with the trapping!!
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Thank you. I called the ASPCA and they have a cat trap available. I have to go and get it tonight. I hope it works. I wonder if they are big enough to even set it off, or if one does, will the others fall for it right afterwards again? They sure were hungry last night and back again this morning waiting for Beaver who I let spend the morning with them. I hope this works. Wish me luck!
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Go out with treats and toys and sit on the grass as they eat. Sounds like they are already familiar with you and they probally could be lured in. What fun, I remember my farm girl first playing with a toy mouse, I really didn't think she would but she took chase right away.
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The kitten looks sooo much older up close. I don't know how old though, but much smaller than beaver. We caught two tonight with, get this, cat nip. I'm posting pictures of them. They are very uniquely colored. One calico and one siamese looking are still wondering around but I'm afraid to take the two out to catch the other two . When we went to the Humaine Society to pick up the cage, there were two two and a half week old kittens on the counter in a box waiting to be prcessed and euthanized. I wouldn't let them process them and now I have them, which they said they weren't supposed to do but I was adimant. So now I have them and am trying to bottle feed, if you want that story, I'm going to ask questions in the breeding section and also post pictures...

The two, since they are older, I don't know what to do with, I'm calling the lady I fostered for and ask her.

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Its so sweet of you to be concerned for these kitties.
They do look older than 6 weeks but hard to tell from pictures.
Maybe post in the feral cat section? They might have answers.
It is so cute your cat "mothers" the kittens. Keep us posted
on what you find out for all the kitties.
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Just a little update. I brought the trap inside and they weren't hissing or anything, so I put my hand in and they smelled me, so I pet them and they were a little scared. But THEN, since we have a screen door, the white kitten was pacing by my door and wanting his siblings and crying, so I went for it and picked the kittens out by the sruff, no fighting me. I don't think they're feral, they let me pick them up and hold them, they wiggled a little but that's it. I think with a little foster care, they'd be able to go to homes. I don't think I have the time with bottle feeding the little ones, but I'll take them into the cat rescue on Saturday and see if they can help. They look about 10-12 weeks. They've had to have been handled at some point. They are frightened but not mean or feral! Poor things were starving again and a little thin but I've seen worse with fosters so I think all will be okay! The trap is back outside for the one that's left. I don't know about the other calico, haven't seen her. Looks like I'll be able to return the trap within the ten days. It only took us 5 minutes for two to get traped in the same trap.
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Ta-da! It took all but 30 seconds! Here's the third one!

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What cute kittens! They are all gorgeous. To me they look older than 12 weeks -- but pictures can be decieving and it's hard without seeing them in person. But they look much bigger than the pictures I took of my friend's 12 week old kittens. It's great that they are letting you handle them. Do you think they will be adopted?
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