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Kitten rescued

So my field workers found kittens in a house, unfortuantely 2 were dead but one was still alive, I told them to bring it back to the office and I would take care of it.

It has it's eyes open and is a lil bit skinny i bought both wet and dry kitten food, gave it an immediate flea bath and dried it off, used a warm dry towel and have been holding it.

I plan to find a home for it since my current situation with Kilala would be very bad for another kitten/cat with my small apartment.

My question is one of it's Eyes was shut and looked infected but after the bath it opened up and lookes fine except for the crusties I had to wipe away. Do you think this could be a sign for infection? I plan to take it to the Vet if things head downward in the next couple days but if you all think the eye thing would be infection I'll try to make an appointment tomorrow.

Here he (i think) is

I put my hand in so you can judge his size. The litter was definately from a stray and the building they had occupied had a hole in the wall and they were found in a nearby closet nestled in a fur coat on the ground.

I hope the lil guy survives
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Here's what I'd do. The kitten looks young, like the age I have right now(about 4 weeks) bottle feeding. Buy some KMR and let the kitten lap it up in a saucer or even try mixing it in some wet food. Give her kitten food as it's higher in calories, pinch her skin and see if she dehydrated, it will not go back down very quickly if she is. If she is, use a suringe and help her drink some water, it will help quickly, as much as she'll take without completely forcing her and forcing water into her lungs, that would be bad. With the eye, I'd keep it cleaned up. If it gunks over again, then she might have an upper respitory infection, very common in kittens, and she'll need a vet's help with that. I sure hope you didn't give her a flea bath that's medicated. It could kill her since she's so young. Mine were 2 weeks + when I got them and were infested with fleas. I used a mild kitten shampoo and picked off most, then I flea combed them, they're still flea free. Wash her immediatly if you used a medicated shampoo or dip with baby shampoo or I've heard even dish soap but be careful around the eyes with the dish soap. Hope I've helped some...
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Don't worry I've had kittens before that were less then a week old and took care of them till a foster mom was found. I did just as you said used mild soap bath and combed out the fleas. I use a dilluated dawn blue liquid soap. like I used to do with my puppies and the other kittens.

The eye seems to have cleared up I keep wiping the lil face to make sure, took it to a pet store that was still open with an in house vet. They said his eyes looked good for now and I shouldn't worry much but if gunk continues to build of course make an appointment.

I've gone to bottle feeding the lil guy and he fought at first but then he got into it. He doesn't seem to have the jaw strength to chew even with the wet food.

I'll try the skin pinching thing, I put water in a cut up cup in front of him and he just plunged his head in

Also do you think I still would need to rub one his size with a warm towel on his tummy after he eats?

I'll keep updating........ hopefully I find someone with the time to care for him properly.
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My kittens do not need it anymore, I figured that out when they were going more in their cage than when I stimulated. Put a litter box in there with him and see if he goes and digs, etc. He LOOKS big enough you wouldn't have to stimulate, but I don't know for sure, the pics are kind of blury but he looks the size of mine. Do try the litter box, it made a huge difference in my two, much less work for me. The've gotten to the point they recognise the microwave beeping and the sight of a bottle sends them in a spiral! Good luck with the little one, if I were close, I'd put him in with my two.
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Well that handsome fella is sure lucky to have run into you. Sounds like your doing much better then I would so I'll just have to observe and hopefully learn something, really enjoyed the pictures too, kittens are such a joy!
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When I got my foster kittens,
they were dangerously dehydrated.

We pryed their mouths
open and used a syringe to squirt a bit
of water in every couple hours. It helped
to quickly get the liquids into them they

This type
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Update again

The kitten has survived the NIGHT! He's not eating alot but still trying..... I did the dropper with Water and he was lapping that up! Found some more fleas so I need to give him another little dip sometime today.

His eye is looking well, I just need to keep wiping away gunk when he wakes up.

Now my only concern is the lil tyke hasn't pooped yet, A couple friends told me he might be scared and it could take a day or two of good feeding before he poops. I've been trying the warm wet towel rub on his tummy and butthole too. ~fingers crossed~
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My two didn't poop for like two days and it took about 4-5 to start regularly, so I wouldn't worry about that. Looks like you are off to a good start, hope everything goes okay for you and good luck...
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Don't have any advice to offer, I just wanted to say good luck. That kitten is so lucky to have you
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By this afternoon i think he is doing awesome, I'm leaning towards keeping it myself since I will be moving in a couple weeks anyways and my new place will have ample room (two story town house with basement). I'm hoping to have the cash to take the lil tyke to the Vet the same time that I'm taking Kilala to get microchipped. So long as he is still alive. I figure it would be really hard for me to givehim up once he's back to health since I've been nursing him and I was going to get a kitten for Christmas anyways from my boyfriend. This way Kilala alreayd knows the scent and the kitten knows Kilala and my scent also no adoption fees, paperwork and vet bills will be the same either way.

He's been eating like a lil beast all afternoon and getting plenty of rest in a box I set up in front of my heater with plenty of towels. Still no poop but I'm very hopeful by tonight since he's been comfortable enough with me to purr and falls asleep in my hands. His belly is practically bursting because he's so full.

I got some headshots of him too.

I gave him another lil mildsoap bath, I can't believe how many fleas can be on such a tiny little thing. Pretty scary
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