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Question about spaying...

Okay....growing up I had two cats (one male, one female) and a dog (female). Currently I have three cats (two male, one female) and a dog (male).

We recently got two additional cats (female) and they will be getting spayed in December. When we spoke to the vet office they were giving us a rundown of the procedure and the prices. They said that they need to do bloodwork first. And then after the cats are spayed, they will send us home with (rather expensive) pain medication.

Now, I have no problem doing either of this if it's necessary...but none of my other pets have ever needed bloodwork or pain medication after getting fixed. I realize neutering is not invasive like spaying, but I've had female animals that have not needed to be sent home with additional pain medication after being spayed.

So is the bloodwork and additional pain medication typical when getting pets fixed? Or is this place just trying to get more money out of us?
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I just had 3 of my cats done 2 weeks ago. They tried to get me to sign off on the bloodwork prior to the surgery. After checking into it, it is not necessary. Just another step the vets are taking to check the cats out prior to surgery. They make sure that they do not have any liver or kidney problems.

As for the pain meds. I paid $18 for one bottle for 3 cats and still have more left over. I do not think that I needed an entire bottle since I was told only to give it to them for 4 days. This too was an option to get.

If you think that your cat is health then I would waive the bloodwork but still get the meds.
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We were told the pain medication is $40 per cat....$80 for pain meds seems a bit much.
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I just took my little Sophie in this morning to be spayed. I was offered blood work, lazer surgery and additional pain medication; all of this was optional. I passed on the blood work seen as she's been in there so many times for her shots and she had blood work recently to check for feline luke and stuff like that.

Anyway, the blood work is up to you but if I were you I would ask about the pain medication because the office you're going to may have included the pain treatment they use while your kitties are still there and just included it with any price of pain meds you take home with you. If that's not the case then that is a very high price (Sophie's will only be between $15 - $25).

Also just to give you an idea, Sophie's actual spaying procedure will cost me around $160. Is yours around the same? less? more? It may just be a matter of how they office divides up all the costs.
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Originally Posted by Lexy
.........Just another step the vets are taking to check the cats out prior to surgery. They make sure that they do not have any liver or kidney problems........
Exactly. Just like with humans, they want to do blookdwork before any surgery.
When Phoebe had a tooth pulled earler this year, they noticed slightly elevated kidney levels which could be a sign of early kidney disease. Because of this they gave her extra fluids during the surgery so her kidneys wouldn't be working too hard and I pay attention to her diet now. For me it was worth it that they did the bloodwork.
As for the pains meds, in my experience it has always been optional but I have always purchased them because I want them to be more comfortable. However, $80 seems way too expensive - usually has been $15-25 with the girls and no meds necessary with the boys.
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on our consent forms we offer bloods to everyone if they want it, we strongly recommend it in animals of 8 years and above. i find it strange that your vets want to do a blood screen for such a routine procedure, unless that is of course your cats are older, but im presuming they are kittens? all animals having surgery we give a abx and pain relief injection to that lasts upto 48 hours in the body, that is on the whole all they need.
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Yes, the girls are still only kittens, they'll be six months old when they get fixed in December.

The spaying procedure will only cost us $45 per cat because this vet's office is associated with the shelter where we got the kittens from, so it's some kind of "deal" thing they do for cats/kittens adopted at this particular shelter.

This place does keep the kittens overnight, so I'm not quite sure if the "pain medication" is something they will administer overnight, or if it's something we need to give to the kittens once we bring them home. I'll have to give them a call to find out.

The bloodwork, they did tell us, will cost $70 per cat.
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When Squirrel was spayed I had the bloodwork done. She was a stray so I consider it just another cost to determining her overall health status since I have no history to go on.

As for pain medication, she was sent home with a transdermal patch near her shoulder blades.

$40 for the bloodwork, $200 for the spay package (pain meds, surgery, overnight stay). I also live in downtown Chicago where the cost of living is high.

And think about the cost of any pain medication this way - Would you like to have major abdonimal surgery with out any pain medication offered to you for the first couple of days? It is so hard to tell with animals if they are in pain.
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I opted no for blood work too, he was fine. The neuter cost me $65 if I remember right, but I went through a low cost spay/neuter program run by the city. Pain meds were an aditional $18 and I did get them for him.
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You can go to and they'll give you a location for a low-cost spay/neuter in your area.

We paid $150 for Tink and Minnie to be spayed...after we contacted SpayUSA, we paid $65 for Jazmine to be spayed...and we got the same service, I still go back to the clinic they referred us to.
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