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Opinions on Cat Rescue

I wasn't sure where to put this so if a mod wants, feel free to move it where ever. Some of you know I've been volunteering to help a no-killl cat rescue the last few months. I kind of saw something disturbing. But let me tell you a story first. I cuaght three tame kitties under my house. All three were gorious. Here in Hawaii, cats are pretty much saught after, there is a feral problem but if you had a tame kitten mix whatever, you could sell it. Noone hardly ever gives them away. Anyway, she took in these three. She also, I know from talking to her at the rescue, had a Russian Blue dropped off to her that was not friendly. SHe adopted her out but the person returned her because of her issues. When I dropped my three off to her, I thought she was joking when she gave me a story about how cute they were that she could sell them. I called about a week after dropping them to her to check on them and two had been "adopted out" already. I thought that was odd because they were all very thin, I'd figured she'd fatten em up a little first, but nope. She had one long haired female tort calico left. I opened the paper today and to my amazement, there was a classified listing that read " Russian Blue $300, long haired calico female $150 call... for more info." The phone number listed was hers. Am I overeacting when I feel hurt that she probably sold each one of those kittens I gave her for $150 a peice???? SHe's supposed to be a no-killl cat rescue tax exempt no adoption fees only donations etc. I am not a confrontational person, and especially with this lady since she is so much my elder, I think she said she's 72 years old. I'm supposed to drop off the two I've been bottle feeding to her next Saturday. You think maybe I should just find adopters for them myself and tell her a few friends adopted them? Or am I really over reacting??? If you really want to get into the money thing, I spend about $5 a day on them plus an infinite amount of my time, you should see my house right now lol. Am I over reacting??? I'm kinf of ticked off right now!
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OMG! It gets worse. Not only did she put an add there, but in the regular paper too! It changes the price of one cat and adds MORE animlas. Is this ellegal???
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In my opinion selling animals vs. giving them away for free often finds "better" owners. If someone pays money for somthing chances are they will take good care of it (not in all cases, I got Sophie for free and take excellant care of her! ) Perhaps this is what the lady is considering. I don't really know about the legality of what she's doing. I know non-profit organizations aren't exactly non-profit, there's just certain things they have to proove and the end of the fiscal year.

If you feel up to finding your kittens good homes on your own, then go ahead and do that. There's nothing saying you have to give this woman your kittens to sell or even that you have to offer her an explanation about why you didn't give them to her. I wouldn't dig too deep into her business though, let the government handle that one.
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The only problem I have is that even her flyer say "non Profit" and no adoption fees. She's supposed to do everything on donations only. I also have an issue with selling cats I brought to her for not only $150 but two of them were extremely thin and there's no way in a week they had time to get up to a reasonable weight and she had them for what, a week at most??? I mean, I could've sold them but I figured the lady had more to help them, like the means for vet care and many other cats to make sure they were cat social and all that. For her to turn around and sell two withing a week, she made $300 off of them! One was so thin she was lethargic and had even lost most of her muscle mass. She litterally looked like a walking skeliton with fur. Her back thigh muscles were non existand, you know how a thin cat's hip bones stick out? Well her's did, along with the other point of her hips, so four points stuck out. Her vertibra, you could count them looking at her and she was long haired. You could see the definition of her skull bones on the top of her head. She was thin enough, I would've checker her internal organs for failures if I had the choice. She was the first to be sold. Then her brother, which I can say was a pretty good weight. And now her sister, the long haired calico. She was thin too, but not to the point where I was worried about her health too badly, some food would've done the trick I think. Don't get me wrong, you could feel every protruding bone, but not like her sister. I worry about her sister mainly...
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I wouldn't say you are overreacting - something happened that made you concerned and you should at least investigate it and find out what is going on, at least for your own peace of mind.

All rescue orgs I know of charge a fee, but it is a donation type of thing - tax deductable and all. But for cats, the fees are the same for every cat. What does she normally charge? I don't have a problem with them collecting money - they have to pay for shots, food, etc somehow. But that seems a tad bit high!

I find that being direct gets the best results. If I were you I would just casually mention to her that you saw the ad and see what she says. You don't have to tell her you saw ALL the listings, just mention one.
OR you could go covert and have someone call and ask about the fees - find out if she mentions the rescue org or not.

I think if I were 100% trusting of someone already, that situation might not have bothered me. Are there are other things that have happened and this is just adding your already present concerns?

If you are uncomfortable or do not like her explanation, I would keep the kittens and give to another rescue org or adopt them out myself.

Good luck and let us know what happens!
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Thank you. She has no set fees, in fact she's told me how it bothers her when someone just comes by and adopts one without donating anything. There was another instance that bothered me before, well two actually. I fostered these two brothers. When I went to pick them up, she had them in a little cat kennel. She said she'd had them for two weeks and she was afraid to even check and see if they were tame, so she left them alone in there, throwing food in and water. There were about three cans of rotting food in there and no water when she gave them to me. She said that she wasn't even going to bother taking out any of the old food cans because she's on blood thinners and couldn't take the risk. So apparently, they had three cans of food between them for 14 day??? I put the kennel inside their cat cage and they came out causiously. I cleaned the kennel and fed them, they were starving and one brother was emaciated, the other was very thin. Another few days in that carrier and they'd have died! I have the feeling they were probably healthy when she got them. They were sweet hearts. I had to show her, so I bathed them, as they were covered in their own feces, cleaned one's ear good with peroxide, it was rotting from who knows what and brought them back to her to show her. It took me a few weeks to put weight back on them. SO I brought them back to be adopted. I went back a few weeks later, she sets up an adoption clinic at a local pet supply store and sure enough, he was one chosen to be adopted out that day, just one, I don't know what happened to the brother. He was thin again! There was another adult cat who looked fine, and an emaciated kitten along with them. I commented how thin both kittens were. She explained the one that I hadn't fostered, his brother had been adopted and he wouldn't eat anymore... yet she'll adopt him to someone like that??? She never answered me about the one I had fostered. The siamese I fostered was thin too, and I know she'd had her for a few months. Her hair was falling out and she reaked. I bathed her, brushed her, and started her on a top quality diet. Her fur came back in sleak, she gained weight, she smelled better, and she turned friendly. By the time I took her back, since we realized she was a carrier for ring worm, I could trust her with my kids carrying her around, she was leash trained, we took her out on a leash and the whole neighborhood loved on her. I took her back and on the leash at the same pet store she adopts out of, she fell asleep on the table without a care. She even had someone want her but the lady wanted to spay her first. So I put her in her kennel and left. I later called to check on her, and the lady said she turned mean again and scratched her, that she'd never seen a cat so mean. My two year old could pick that cat up without me even flinching! So now, she won't even take her to be spayed or anything, I guess she is a permanent resident at the rescue. Another thing, the Humane Society has raided her and took all of her animals at one point. The lady faught it and lost, I looked it up on the net. But for some reason, she is allowed to continue with the rescue.
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let us know what happens. Id be upset. She made you beleive things were a certain way only to find out they weren't. Id be very worried for your kittens safety.

If you found she has been shut down and animals removed Id go get your kittens back asap. Im sure they arent getting the food, medical and love they need plus the screening to find a decent home for them.
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