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Insurance policy cancelled because of cats!

I've been with Allstate since I had my "contents" insured while I was renting ...from 1979 till the present, I have had one previous was clearly documented & proven to be due to water damage from a faulty humidifier installation...I didn't claim for any damages on that one aside from the carpet!

Recently my hot water tank burst & flooded my was pretty bad & the cat litter boxes are downstairs...clumping cat litter thrown out of the box or tracked over the carpet from their feet got wet & it was pretty gross! My Bengal with the IBD didn't want to walk on the wet carpet so he just pooped on the rug & hurried back up the stairs...silly me, fearing I'd be electrocuted by elecrtical cords lying under water, was afraid to go to scoop the litter boxes...there was about 4 inches of water across the floor! Of course I did venture down & cleaned up any solid waste prior to their arrival & I did pour disinfectant over the stains.

The insurance company sent a team in to clean up...they said the wouldn't do the work unless I got rid of the cats...since I had no where to send them & some were in quarantine...I went to see my agent at her office...she was a total B---- & was just so freaked out about the cats..." Why do you have all those cats???" she kept yelling...she could not understand that I am fostering these cats for a rescue...eventually I was sobbing becuase I had no where to send my cats...she told me to get out of her office...she actually yelled at me..." I'm not going to deal with you if you're going to be like that!!!" kind of comical I guess..,

I called another agent & was told, "well you'd better stop making waves & just count yourself lucky that you've got insurance at all with all those cats"

I have a lot of problems in my life at this I just put all of this a back burner... how I deal with stress

The following week a regional manager contacted me...BTW my phone & internet lines were affected by the flood & I didn't have use of either....I had made that very clear when I spoke with my agent & head office.

I agreed to lock the cats in a bed room...they had requested that I move them out of the house altogether...which was impossible!...they wore Hazmat suits & respirators...ridiculous...left some equipment, humidifiers & dryers, said they would return the following Tues or Wed,I reminded them re: my wet phone lines... ( this was a Sat.)...3 1/2 weeks later, I still have the stuff running in my basement...i got a letter from the regional manager advising I would be charged for withholding that equipment...I was stunned!!! The stuff had rendered my lower level out of service, plus I was worried about the hydro bill!

Finally it was removed...I am being charged $4000 for "undue delay of the equipment"...

Then, I recieved an email advising that I would be charged for undue delays of this giant garbage bin left in my driveway...presumably for cleanup!

A few days before I recieved a visit from Bylaw neighbours complained about this very same bin! ( my neighbours have caused problems for me with animal control too...but that is a different story!).

The total damge assessed for my claim is $11,000 ...the clean up cost $9,500 !!!! Don't know the cost for retaining their garbage bin yet...but I do know that $4000 will be deducted frofor the equipment!!! I can't believe the cost of the cleanup...$9500 to rip out a carpet??? they were here for a couple of hours.

This is the punchline!!! I got a registered letter yesterday advising me that my policy would not be renewed on expiry because due to my "FREQUENT" claims!!! As of Dec 31, 2005 I will no longer have homeowners' insurance after 27 years as a loyal customer with one previous legit claim for a mere pittance...INCREDIBLE!!!
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wow...that is really messed up. I would be ready to strangle someone if I were you. That seems really wrong. I am not sure what advice to give you. Call the better business bureau? Call shelters and rescues and try to get support from them? Post a letter to the editor in the newspaper? You need to make these people look like the jerks they are to the public. They may change their mind then. This makes my bad hotel experience look like nothing. I am soo sorry.
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With Allstate, two claims is "frequent" and triggers non-renewal. I'm not too surprised at your problems. I don't think too much of Allstate. I left them for another insurer over 10 years ago.

With that large of an amount at stake, perhaps engaging an attorney would be worthwhile.

Sorry for your distress.
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I'm with Tim. I've always heard bad things about Allstate dropping people for stupid reasons.
If I were you I'd shop around before this insurance actually ends. I've found it actually cheaper to go through a private insurance company. They usually have several insurance companies they deal with so they can usually get you the best deal.
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I know that in the US there are places in the state government that you can file insurance complaints. I can't remember their official name, but it's listed under government. Maybe there is something like that in Canada. I used to work for (woops sorry) Allstate, but I only handled Auto accidents. Anyway, I know that when anyone filed a complaint with the state, the bosses at Allstate snapped to attention.

Oh, I should mention that the services are FREE. They investigate fraud in cases like this. Check to see if you have a similar government agency, if not, I highly recommend that you get an attorney.

Certainly the workers should have cleaned up your basement. They can ask you to have the cats contained (like in a bedroom,) but it's not like they are dangerous like big scary dogs that are going to hurt workers.

Good luck with this whole mess!
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Yup Tim, that looks like the right place. Good luck Birdbrain!
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I'm going to be taking over my car insurance after I graduate this spring and I've been between Allstate and Geico...yikes, you just made up my mind for me!

Good luck with your issues, that's just crazy.
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