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New Kitten

I am soon to be the proud owner of a Neutered Male Siamese kitten. The problem is the breeder doesn't want to let me have it until it is about 11 weeks old or older. I am really anxious to have it here with me. It is 8 weeks old right now and I am willing to let her keep it until a week after it is neutered, but would like to get it then. What does everyone think?
Also now I am thinking about getting a second kitten that I could probably get in a few days. Of course it would be from a different breeder. Should I get a second kitten and if so should I get a neutered male or a spayed female to be companion to my little boy? What problems would I have getting them to be pals if they come from different locations.
By the way, I love cats![/img]
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Kittens should not leave their moms until closer to 12 weeks old. Most breeders wait 12 - 16 weeks before letting kittens go. So, your breeder letting the kitten go at 11 weeks is doing what s/he feels is best for the proper development of the kitten.

And I think having two kittens is a great idea. Kittens are so fun.
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Congrats on your new kitten! What an exciting time.

I think it's a good idea to have the breeder keep it a bit longer. It will help with the socialization being able to play with the other kitties in the cattery.

As long as you introduce your kitties gradually they should be ok. It shouldn't matter if it is female or male.
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New Kitten

Thanks for the good advise. I am definately not getting the kitten until it is 11 weeks old, and I'm ok with that. But she is also talking about keeping it until it is 16 weeks old and I am pushing for the 11 week old time.

The second kitten I am thinking about is only 8 weeks old though. However I have not spoken to the lady that has it so am not sure when she would let me have him.

I guess I am just ANXIOUS. Once I make up my mind about something it is hard for me to wait. I have given this a lot of consideration and finally decided to go for it.

I am not a new cat owner however. I have had Siamese in the past and love them, but my husband did not want a cat around. Now we no longer together and I decided it was time to do what I want, after careful consideration that is.

Trading a husband for a kitten, hummmmm. Just joking.

I have not made up my mind about a second kitten yet though. However I do think they would enjoy each other and when I have to be out of the house they would keep each other company I would imagine. I have never had 2 cats in the house before so that is why I am wondering about it. The Siamese I had before was a single cat.
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I agree with the breeder and with others that waiting is better. It is an exciting time and I can totally understand your wanting the kitten now but in the long run it is better for the kitten and it will much better for you and your relationship with your new kitten as the kitten's socialization will be much better. So, as hard as it is, be patient. Personally, if you are seriously thinking of a second kitten, getting them both around the same time is best. I don't necessarily mean the same day but getting them both as youngsters around the same time is the best as they will bond well. And personally, I definitely think two is easier than one as they will use all that major kitten/cat energy on each other. And once cats bond it really is a sweet thing. It's a lot of fun too. As I watch two of mine all snuggled on a chair together as I write, after a grooming session, it is very good. I'm not saying you must get another kitten but you sound pretty serious so I encourage you to go for the two, fairly soon, if that is your heart's desire. The chances of them bonding as youngsters is quite good not to mention it's much easier for introductions than if you wait. Keep us posted! How exciting for you!
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As hard as it is for you, you should wait until 16 weeks of age for any kitten. I know that many vets and some books, etc say 8 weeks is OK. But many say that 8 weeks is the absolute minimum.

When my cat had her kittens, I asked my vet and she said 8 weeks minimum. I found a good home for 2 of the babies quickly and told them they could have them after 8 weeks. Leaving 2 kittens behind with mommy cat and me.

I did not find a home for the 3rd kitten until he was 16 weeks old. During that 4 weeks I could see both babies learning social skills from each other and from their mom. They behaved better, they began greeting me more, they learned when their play was too rough and they were less fearful of new people. THese are the kinds of social skills a human cannot really teach a cat. Only another feline can really teach them. They matured a lot in that 4 weeks.

Be patient. You can probably work something out with the breeder where she will let you visit. And if she will not let you visit while waiting, then you should think twice about how reputable a breeder she is.

Overall, you will end up with a much better adjusted cat if you wait. Babies need to stay with mom and their litter mates as long as they can.

And I vote yes on a second kitten. Kittens need a playmate. This is my first time with 2 cats also. 2 cats is no more work for you and twice the fun. I will always have 2 cats from now on. I think everyone needs a companion of their own species to play with.
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And if you do get the second kitten, pick up the book "Cat vs Cat" by Pam Johnson-Bennett. It taught me a lot about cat to cat interactions I would never have figured out on my own.
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New Kitten

Hi, to the person named "I have 4 kittens": Can you tell me how old the kittens in your picture are? The one in the shoe and the other one.

I would be happy to just go visit the kitten once in a while to check on it's progress, but that is a 4 1/2 hour drive one way! Not a possibility.

I do want to get this kitten while it is still a kitten. IF I follow what the breeder actually wants from me it would be nearly 4 months old by the time I get it. I want the best for the kitten, but I would think 3 months with the mother cat would be plenty.

Thanks for all your feedback.
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kitten in shoe ha ha

I bet you think I'm a crazy lady, or half blind. None of those, just didn't pay enough attention and use my memory. It is a picture of 3 kittens, NO SHOE. ha ha
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Re: New Kitten

Originally Posted by katzie
I do want to get this kitten while it is still a kitten. IF I follow what the breeder actually wants from me it would be nearly 4 months old by the time I get it. I want the best for the kitten, but I would think 3 months with the mother cat would be plenty.
No offense to you at all, I am thrilled you want to get a cat and want you to take the best care of it possible. That's why when you say "I would think 3 months would be plenty" I just want to point out that it doesn't matter what you think in this case. The facts are, there is still a lot of socialization to be had at that age. It's the equivalent of taking a newborn away from its family and expecting it to grow up and be well-adjusted. I think your breeder is well-educated to wish that you'd wait a bit. And trust me, you'll still have PLENTY of kitten experience even if you wait.

Kittens who stay with their mom and littermates a little longer have a much lower incidence of inappropriate biting, litterbox behavior, and are less likely to shy away from strangers (if raised in a home where the mom and babies are raised underfoot). Trust me -- it's a good thing, and it's a crucial age. In the long run, a few weeks won't matter as far as how much you love your cat, or how many kitten experiences you have with your cat. But it could mean a WORLD of difference as far as the adjustment level of your cat goes, and it's personality. It's worth the wait.

PS -- ihave4kitties avatar is just one of the generic ones that the site offers -- those aren't her kitties.
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