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Do cats have a sense of humour?

Typical cat behaviour: I'm reading in bed with the door shut, Sprite scratches to come in, so I let him in, shut the door...30 seconds later he wants to go out again. This happens 5 times over. In the end I say sod it, he can stay outside now. So he continually scratches for at least 5 mins. I finally let him in and...

...he looks up at me with an innocent expression and doesn't even come in.

It's like "hmmm let's see how much I can irritate the human today".

We have a chair in front of the fridge to stop Bubble getting in. If we ever forget to put it back he forces it open and nicks stuff, even if it's vegetables or something. I mean he has plenty of food....there is no NEED to steal from the fridge, but it's like he does it "just because he can". lol
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LOL I have one just like that...Daisy...she does much of the same thing
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Sometimes I wonder the same thing.
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oh mine definatly do. crazy cats
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that is why I say Owned by! They know exactly what they are doing. LOL
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Here's a short list of the things my cats find amusing:

Destroying a loaf of bread accidently left on the kitchen counter. Method: Bite through plastic, poke numerous holes in plastic with claws, gnaw through plastic, shred bread slices with claws. Walk off with a bored innocent look.

Tearing into an unopened bag of townhouse crackers, crunching the crackers into bits, but not swallowing any it. Lie in pile of crumbs until they stick to fur, then roll around on the sofa.

Shredding full paper towel rolls. Method: Grab roll with front legs, lie on side, rabbit kick the roll with back legs furiously until small bits of paper fly in the air like a snow storm.

Force leg under any closed door, cup paw and pull like mad in a fake attempt to open the door. *They know the pounding noise will make a human appear* Must be a cat magic trick.

Wait for me to brush my teeth, then jump into the sink the second I turn the water on, so they can splash. Leaving me with a mouth full of toothpaste and no where to go with it.

Etc, etc.
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I have a suggestion for you when your cat wants to come in but then wants to come out of the room. I just leave a crack on the door so my cat comes in and out whenever she wants to. Would that work?
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Well I wouldn't mind that but the light comes through the door and wake my mum up (as she leaves her door open too) when I'm reading. lol. Also Sprite seems to attack the door when it's only a little bit open anyway...he thinks it's out to get him for some reason. lol He has this obsession with the corners of doors and won't shut up picking up the carpet underneath it.
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Of course they have a sense of humor! When I am on the computer here, if I get off my chair and Poopsie sees see that, she will look right at me, then run towards the chair and jump into it so that I cannot sit down! She will even run up the flight of stairs to get to the chair. And when she does get on the chair, she meows at me as if to laugh!

However, Poopsie does scratch and bang on the door to the upstairs if it is shut. I know she wants to be around me, but every now and then, she does it in the middle of the night. And I am down on the first floor in bed! Ummm, Poopsie? Why do you want upstairs? I am right here in bed!
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I read a story just like in this Chicken Soup for the Soul "Cat Lovers" edition.

this one couple had a few cats, and one night in the middle of the night the woman goes to the bathroom and shuts the door, and all the sudden it busts wide open (opened fast) and she looks and see the cat standing there, and the cat walks away. Well the next few days it happens everytime they shut the bathroom door, one day the woman comes home to find her husband having a convo with the cat through the door, and the cat answering back. Anywho, they learned that when the door is open the cats will walk away and leave them alone.
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