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The kitten had to go!

Hi all,

this post is part up-date/ part question...

its been some time since I have posted here...
I had the little white siamese mix ... named Isis... well after many months trying to get along with this cat. Understanding her proved to be just too much for me. I unfortunatly caved and had to find her another home. She actually ended up going to live with her birth brother. The family that took him in when he was just a ball of fluff, saw her, loved her, Love the family traits and took her too!..
It was tough to let her go. I thought long and hard about this. I am not the type of person to just give up on my cats. (i know the kind of responces I am gonna get from posting this) but understand that I also realized that my other 3 cats were suffering too from her behaviour..

what used to be outgoing, and friendly cats had turned into shy, aggresive and just down right mean cats. They would hiss and spit at kids or pick fights with each other for no reason at all.


Now that the other cats are back to their normal attitudes. Playfull, happy, outgoing. Is there anything else I can do to help them throu this.. My eldest, a six year old; tabby who was close to the kitten, is the only one showing signs of (lost) feelings as if she is looking for her.. she walks around meowing, from room to room... Although her appetite has NOT decreased (my little chunky monkey), I am not overly worried.. just concerned..

Is there anything, I can do or buy to help Bubbly understand where Isis went? I know this sounds weird.. but she is my baby!...

Please anything will help!..

thanks again..

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Tom Cat
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I don't have any suggestions for you with Bubbly, but I just wanted to give you some support!

I get very angry at people who give their cats up because of fixable or selfish reasons, especially if they give them to kill shelters or post 'free ads'. However, I had a similar problem with a kitten not fitting in and everyone (humans and animals) was suffering greatly. You have to do what is best for all involved - even if it means 'giving up'. You found her a more suitable home, and sounds like your home is back to normal. Kudos for trying!!
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I've always hated myself for giving up Milo. I've run the gammut from "I was only ten" and "I was moving in with dad, who hates cats" to "I'm not a good caretaker" and "He would have been miserable with me" but nothing eases the guilt.

It helps a little that Milo went to Wanderer's Rest, which is a very good No-Kill Shelter where I used to live. And he was adopted that very Halloween. But just the same, I miss him terribly and I can understand how you feel. I always feel like I failed him, and I keep hoping that somehow I can make it up to him by being the best cat owner I can be when I'm on my own and out from under the "Absolutely NO CATS!" rule in my family's house.
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i think you did everything right. it's obvious that you were thinking of what was best for everybody, and you found a solution that was good for the kitten, and you and your cats.

what about just spending extra time petting bubbly to make up for the lost feeling?
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Re: The kitten had to go!

Originally Posted by IsIs
its been some time since I have posted here...

It was tough to let her go. I thought long and hard
about this. I am not the type of person to just give
up on my cats. (i know the kind of responces I am
gonna get from posting this) but understand that I
also realized that my other 3 cats were suffering
too from her behaviour..

I think if you stick around a bit longer
you will find that people on this forum do understand
cat behavior & know there are sound reasons that
some kitties arent a good fit in a family. So no one
here who is informed would ever condemn you or
give you heat.

Im glad you found it a loving home.
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Same here. I still haven't gotten over Chester and Melody.

I have way too many cats now, but I cannot stand the thought of giving up any of them. It is a really good thing they are all spayed/neutered or otherwise I would be a crazy cat lady!!!
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WOW I am so glad to see this post. We have three cats and Tammy our middle one although she is a recluse, shy and sweet...............and the others are very outgoing etc. I am very very allergic to her for some reason. I have a terrible time around her and feel terrible that I can't cuddle her the way she deserves to be cuddled and needs to be cuddled. I have mentioed to garry that I think she'd be betteroff in a home by herself as the only cat and with someone not allergic to her. he thinks I am terrible to even mention it. I feel guilty too about it. it's like having a kid that's special needs and getting a new home for them. That's how I feel bad about it. What to do?
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I think it is very sad when people give up their pets for selfish reasons or don't even try and give up immediately. Nothing burns me more when I see people give up an animal after 1 or 2 days because they didn't get along with the other pets. These things take time. However, not every reason is selfish, or things just never work out, there are just times when it is in the best interest of the animal/s and owners to find a new home. There are just some things that can't be controlled...animals, that despite our best efforts don't get along and allergies are definite examples. I know it's easy for some folks to say, just live with the allergies....not always the best. Allergies can be absolutely miserable not to mention if it's tied with asthma it can even be life threatening. That's no way to live. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, it just doesn't work out. If everyone, animal and human is miserable, that's no way to live. Sounds like you did the right thing. It sounds like you put great effort and time into making things work and it just didn't. It happens. Although I know you miss your "Isis" I'm sure she will be fine. From your post it sounds like her new home is a great fit. That's a good and wise decision that sounds like it's good for everyone. Don't be too hard on yourself. As far as your other question, I'm thinking just give your Bubbly lots of love, play and time will help. The very best to you.
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As much as it hurts to give a cat a new home, do not forget about the possibility they may be happier in another situation. There was a beautiful tailless grey & white female the rescue group that keeps cats in my store had. The lady running it offered to just give her to me, she had had her for over a year and no one was interested in her. I had played with her a lot and knew she was a really nice cat. Very friendly, sweet and cuddly. Of course I said, 'Yes! I'll take her!' Six weeks later, I very sadly returned her. She was trying to fit in with my two cats (at the time I had Pearl who was 12 and Kit N. who is 5) and Pearl would tolerate her, but Kit N. relentlessly fought with her. She never did anything to provoke Kit N., but Kit N. just didn't want her here. The grey & white kitty started peeing all over the place and I really noticed she was withdrawn and fearful all the time, so I took her back, even though I really didn't want to. She just wasn't happy in my home. I felt terrible. It must have been what the Fates wanted for her, though, because 3 weeks later she was adopted by a couple who wanted her as their only cat. She is back to her old self again, so maybe finding another home for a cat isn't always a terrible thing. Their happiness is important too.
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