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Pizza Bolted out of the VET Hospital (Long)

Hi....I just want your opinion on this. I have been to many sites but so far it's not help much.

My cat was pregnant and had a cold. So I took her to the VET 2 days ago. Today is the 3rd day now. It was her first time to got out of my house area, and also her first time to visit the VET. So when I tried to took her out to check her weight on a scale, she panic and bolted. After trying to catch her twice, she finally crawled inside the crack below the sidewalk. The side walk is next to the fence. The fence is next to another sidewalk outside, then it's a main street with heavy traffic.

I have waited for her there from 8AM-6PM. Called for her to comes out and pour a canned cat food to lured her out, but there is no sign of her at all. I also went there again at 10PM but the food and the water in the two bowl is still untouched. The traffic is still very heavy though.

The hole is long, deep and dark. The gap between the fence is too small to sit and grab a thing inside. Let alone, see what's inside there. I'm not sure she was still there or not. There is a possibility that she snuck out while I try to looked in the hole and called for her or maybe she scared and afraid to come out.

The hospital staffs said she will come out eventually at night, looking for food and all, but I afraid that she will walk over to the main street and get run over or stuck there have a heat stroke and die inside that crack. I did gives my cat's description to few security guards there and out a few flyers there to inform people about her missing.

I have not go to the hospital today. Thought I could go there but my mom said the traffic's heavy and she was too tired to drive me there-she thinks it's dangerous for me to go there alone, especially in the night. I also can't go there today too, because my mom has other business to do and she doesn't feel great leave me alone there at dawn. We are going there again on Sunday, in the very early morning though.

Do you think there is a chance that she still make it? What do you think will happens to her? Do you think that there is a chance she will eventually comes out and hide in someplace in the hospital area?

There was another patient's cat that get loose, but the guard find him in 3 days on the tree. Waiting to be feed. Do you think there is a chance this kind of thing will happens to my cat too?

My cats lives outdoor (mom doesn't allow them to stay inside), but we have a huge garage/garden that somewhat similar the jungle and they never venture far away from my home. The farthest they wanders around is in front of my house's gate.

I feel so guily. She sneezes but it's not that often. Infact, it seems like she is going to recover by her own, but I still insist to everyone in my family that we MUST take her to the VET. She was very attached to me when she was home, followed me everywhere. She likes to jump to sit on my laps, loves to sit and sleep next to me. Yet, I betrayed her trust, make her scared, makes her suffer in that hole and now she might possibly be dead.

Do you have any idea to solve this situation?

Note: Unfortunately, there is no animal shelter in the area I live. I also don't know how to make a humane trap. The store and shops here don't sell the trap for cat either.

So...any idea? i am pretty much think that she might be dead now. Should I keep on my hope or just let it go.
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The picture of the place

From left to right --> Fence, gap and the hole she crawled in. ... C00028.jpg

The gap is too small. ... C00027.jpg

The crack she crawled in. ... C00026.jpg

Inside the crack. ... C00020.jpg
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Never, Never give up hope. I would go back and see if any of the food has been touched. Is there no way to get into the hole?
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So sorry to hear this.
Even though you don't have a shelter, I would put signs up everywhere. All around the area she was lost, inside the vet, and any local stores including pet stores. If you have a picture of her post that too. You can also put an add in the lost and found section of the paper for free.
Very best of luck to you!

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The hole is too small, and the gap between the hole and the fence is too small. WE can't even sit in front of the hole. We can only lay on top of the sidewalk and stick the head in to see some part of the crack. A staff here tried using his flash light and a mirror to see what's inside but he couln't see anything there.

I am going to go there tomorrow at dawn. It's too bad I can't today though. There are a lots of stray dogs there as well so I'm not sure iif the food I have left for her is gone, t's the dog or my cats that eat it.

There is also a cat that rasied by the hospital staff, but Charlie (the cat's name) is pretty well fed. So I'm not sure he will walk over to eat the food I have left for Pizza or not.

The hole is closed to the main street and the traffic noise there is very loud. I'm not sure that the noise will still make she scared of it and still hiding in the hole or not.

I just afraid that:

1. She still stuck down there in hole, getting sick and starving. What if she has a heat stroke and already passed out inside?

2. She finally crawled out, but has walked over to the main street and get run over by a car, get maul by some stray dogs.

3. She crawled out and walk off outside the Hospital area already.

I am already put up a few flyers with her picture there and inform every security guard I have met about my missing cat. I am going to put more flyers at the hospital's canteen tomorrow, I do hope she comes out of that hole and goe s hide there. I also posted in the local website forum asking anyone who goes to the VET hospital there, lives or know someone who lives in that area call me when they see my cat.

A few people suggest me that maybe hosing down the water inside the hole and my cat may comes out. I should have try that too.

I don't want it at first because it might scared my cat even more, or she might stucked and drowned inside. Her cold might get even worse.

Now I think it might be a good idea, but it's the begining of the 3 day now. Unless, she still stuck inside, frightened and starving, she might have crawled out to some places else already.
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I hope your kitty will be alright and that you find her!
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Man, this just breaks my heart. I hope you find her soon.
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I wish I could help you. I was going to recommend a humane trap, but that's not possible, you said. So, I will just pray that she gets out and is safe. Does she have a collar?


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Sadly, I didn't put a collar on her. She is almost one year old and we also couldn't find the collar we could find is too big her size.

It drives our cats crazy, they start walk slow as if they are being stalk all the time. And my mom said that the bell make it hard for them to hide when the dogs chase them. There are a lots of dogs in my neighborhood. My cats is an outdoor cat, but we have a huge garage so they still usually stay inside my house area.

Does anybody know how to make a humane trap? I might try to make it thought I am not sure I can make one on time or not. Not to mention the cost of the materials. If it's a lot, then I don't know how much my mom will allow us to pay for it that much...

Also, I am going to check the place again tomorrow from around 5AM-5:30AM. Do you think it's a good idea if I....

1. Scoop out some dirt in her litter box in some small container and carry it with me while I calling for her? But Pizza used the same litterbox with the other cats in my house.

2. Record the cats in my house meowing, and open it while I try call out for her. My mom said that it's probably not working because the sound wave will be altered.

I will also bring the apron I used while I play with her at my house with me. Just in case.

By the way, it has been two days now. Do you think it's still possible for her to still hide under there. Or do you think she must comes out, looking for food already? After I left that crack hole, I just don't know where will I am going to call her now. Seeing that she might comes out in the night and walks off to other place already...
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Cats also have a good homing instinct, so call around your house and neighborhood too.

They do make a large live bait trap that may work too, you can call your local Animal Shelter and see if they have one, our shelter borrows them out for free.

Keep up the good work.
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