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hunting cat!!!

Hi, my cat Tiger is very sweet but has a slight problem. during the summer my cat goes on her killing sprees and not only kills chipmonks, mice, birds, and bugs, but she actually took a crack at a squirrel which bit her ear. she started caching animals like birds or chipmonks and not killing them but releasing them alive in the house to chase and torture them in the comfort of her home. we can't have her bringing in animals and she would die if she couldn't go outside, summer is coming...what do i do?
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Hmm... thats tough. I would suggest (if you have not already) to put a loud bell on her collar so when she comes up to the animals they hear the bell and can escape before she attacks. However the only real solution is to keep her in more
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Thanx sooo much usually she can get them anyway but thts ok
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I second the bell idea. What about just keeping her in?

That's too funny...I think I'd laugh rather then being annoyed...I'd be proud.

Good luck, hopefully others have better advice for you.
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Our sweet little, soft and cuddly "babies" are basically ruthless hunters by
nature. We cannot change that as that is what they are born to do and cats do "play" with their prey...they really can't help it. I see only two options: keep your kitty indoors, which I know, for some is almost impossible. If your cat is going to be outdoors the best you can really do is keep a bell on her like the others have said. Even thatwon't solve the problem entirely. One of my friends cats was a master hunter, even with the bell. Used to bring bunny heads to the house almost every day. It is sad but if a person is going to have an outdoor kitty, it goes with the territory. My cats are indoor cats but they love nothing more than hunting moths that come into our home in the summer.... Slap paw, mash, squish and then slide 'em to the floor for a yummy, carnivorous snack. Sorry.... Seriously, try a loud bell or two and see if that at least slows her down.
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lol thanx
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Does he eat his prey?
Have him eat well before he goes out, perhaps that will deter the need to hunt. I hope the bell will work too.
I was telling one of the ladies at the animal shelter how my brother-in-law's labs killed several of my feral cats. She was shocked that I still loved the dogs, and walked them, etc.. I said to her that it is nature's law. Cats do it in return to smaller animals.
I have secured their fence so the cats don't enter their domain and the tragic doesn't happen any more. But it was devastating.
I hope you can find a solution. That's sad

Actually, I would suggest keeping Tiger indoor altogether
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Its weird my cat likes 2 play with her prisoners not eat them.
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I've heard that sometimes the catching prey but not killing it comes from the kitten not being left with the mother long enough to learn to kill. But you said she kills sometimes. Maybe she does it for fun. I mean, hunting is exciting for people and that's why they still do it even when they don't have to. I'm sure the same goes for your cat. I've also heard that cats consider humans to be inferior hunters (unlike themselves!) and when they love you and care about you they will bring prey to you so you are taken care of and fed. Pearl did this when I first got her, she was always an inside cat, but she killed roaches and lizards that were always getting in. No matter how clean your house is or how much you spray, in Florida there are always some kind of bugs getting in. She left a dead roach out for me one morning, so I petted her and praised her lavishly so she would keep killing them. But since you aren't real pleased with Tiger's 'gifts' just dispose of them quietly, don't yell at her or make like you are mad about it. She won't understand.

Since it's so distressing that she brings live animals into your house, I'm going to cast my voice in with the rest that say keep her inside. If she's really going to go bonkers without getting SOME outside time, consider building her an outdoor run. She won't have an opportunity to catch critters in there.
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Cool Cat
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The louder the bell. The less chance of catching anything.
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