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Cool Cat
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Trouble giving liquid meds?

My dh is out of town for a few days and I have to give Billie an antibiotic. I tried wrapping her in a towel, forget it she got loose ran up my chest and down my back. Anysuggestions for this fighter?

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Ugh, that would be my trick -- I can do anything with my cats (clip nails, brush teeth, give meds) when they're wrapped in a towel. Hope someone can help, I'll be interested to see alternatives.
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What we do when giving medecine to our cats is I hold her frong legs against there stomach and then wrap a towel around them and then my wife feeds her the medecine. They might spit it out but just be persistant and eventually your get enough down there throats.
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Cool Cat
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I used to go in the bathroom and shut the door till it's done, but close the toilet and sink drain too, pills can fall easily.

I grasp the head firmly and tilt it back at the same time,

get the medicine into the back of the mouth and keeep the head tilted for an extra few seconds and it's over pretty fast.

Watched the Vet tech steady a cat one time and she must have had lots of experience because it worked well.

I go very fast about it so they don't really have any time to react and it seems to go better that way,

I hate when they get all stressed and you wonder if your hurting them.
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Senior Cat
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We had to do this with 2 people. We wrapped them in a towel and Jason held them still on their backs. Then I gave them the meds. We got these syringes at the store:

These are great for measuring out the right amount too.
I found squirting a little bit in at a time and letting them swallow worked the best. They choked less and spit less out.

Since your Husband is out of town, maybe you could ask help from a neighbor or friend?

I also found that if I got them when they were asleep and we did it quick, they didn't wake up enough to fight too hard.
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Sorry if I'm late, but this worked for me when I had to dose my kitty alone.

Prep your meds beforehand, measured and ready to squirt.
Get a beach towel (a regular one might work for a kitten or small cat) and lay it on the floor.

Grab your cat and place it on the center of the towel so that the sides of the cat are parallel to the long edge of the towel.

Quickly fold the tail-side edge of the towel over your cat, pressing it down into a crouch and tucking its tail/legs in, and making sure that the fold is snug against the cat. This is important for thwarting the back-out. Kneel on top of the kitty package, one shin on either side of the cat, keeping its legs tucked into its sides with your legs.

Pick up medication with your dominant hand.

Bring your non-dominant arm down over the front paws and around your kitty's chest and cup its jaw with that hand. Use your thumb and finger only to put gentle but firm upward pressure on the corners of its mouth. You should be able to grip its upper jaw securely enough to prevent it from wrenching its head away. (Don't squeeze its throat!) This should irritate the cat into tilting its head upwards, and lifting its upper lip. You should see a gap behind its canines; insert syringe/eyedropper and squirt. If it tries to twist its head sideways, keep gently pushing upwards to 'reel in the slack'.

Hope this helps,
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Tom Cat
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When I had to dose our kitten for ringworm (and the pharmacy gave me Cherry flavored liquid of all things ) I usually had to scruff him with one hand and stick a syringe between his teeth and the side of his mouth and quickly depress the plunger. He would shake his head, but most of it went down.

At our clinic we usually scruff them with their feet on the table and quickly insert the syringe as I said above. Usually we can get them medicated without them freaking out. If you don't have to pry their mouth open, they tolerate it better.
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I generally mix with wet food. Ask the vet before doing this, though, as some pills should not be crushed or mixed with food for various reasons (timed release, interactions, etc.).

Occasionally I can do the syringe trick, but it is a lot less pleasant for all involved, and they tend to spit out some of it.

I'm sometimes amazed that my cats will eat the food. This week I've been giving Audrey pain medicine that is Cherry flavored... she still eats it.
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