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Well we made the hard decision to......

We have finally made the excruciating decision to re-home Tammy our middle cat. I have been feeling terrible about this, but after speaking to the vet about it on Tuesday I fond I am not alone in this anguish. First of all, when we got her at the shelter they could not give us any background on her whatsoever. We got her home and she hid for a week or more, was always and still is very sheepish, hides for a week after we have had company and after getting Lilly, she went into hiding for a few weeks. Also, I am very allergic to her. I have been having major allergy and asthma issues since October (5 weeks after we got Tammy) and have been unable to get over it. I just have been thru Pneumonia and am presently home for a week under doctors orders. I was at the allergist yesterday and the nurse told me it is not ususual (or in my head) to be allergic to one cat and not to another. The vet also told me this. Given my health issues and the fact that she doesn't seem happy here, we have decided to re-home her. We have a friend that lives 5 miles from us and it is really weird, whenever she and Kevin come over our house Tammy does not hide. These are the only people other than us that she will have contact with. She has even gone and sat on Kevin's lap which totally shoceked us. So Garry asked her yesterday at work if they would take her as her cat recently died. Joanna was thrilled as she said Kevein really likes Tammy. So maybe this was all fate huh? Another thing we have noticed is when there are birds outside, Tammy goes beserk chirping and trembling all over. The other cats nonchalantly look as if to say "hey there's a bird, big deal" , but Tammy goes nuts. She comes to me as if to say PLEASE LET ME OUT! She is ALWAYS in the window day and night. She also has this distant look and sadness in her eyes. I am really suspecting she was part of a feral litter and her internal instincts have really got a hold of her. I feel she NEEDS to be outside. Joanna and Kevin are willing to let her be indoors and out, have no other cats(we also think she needs to be an only cat) and they are going to keep her with the same vet. So they pick her up on Friday night. We are going to give them her Litter box, toys, blankets etc so she adapts (hopefully) quickly. We will also be able to visit her as we are really good friends with them. Do you think we should stay away from her for a month or so to let her acclimate? have any of you ever done this? How did it turn out? I just hope she is happy somewhere else because she just isn't happy here. She is totally healthy but she is missing something in her life and it is very apparent to me. Wish her well.
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I am sorry to hear of your situation. I thought I had read about your allergies not too long ago. Anyway, I feel for you and I know you are doing the right thing for you and your Tammy. The severity of your allergies alone is serious...especially if you're getting pnuemonia. We had to rehome a cat years ago because of mu sons allergies. We didn't have cats for years and then 18 years later things were much better allergy wise and it's been wonderful for us, with the exception of my older son. He has to take medicine when he comes and visits us now...he moved out about 2 months ago. Interestingly, the cats didn't bother him much when he was home. Now he has major allergy attacks along with asthma. Anyway, I really understand the allergy, asthma thing. And not can only one cat be problem and another not, but our experience is that allegies change sometimes during our lives. I used to be extremely allergic to cats and now I am not, at all. It is amazing to me and I was so thrilled to be able to have cats. And it definitely sounds like your Tammy was unhappy but how very wonderful she is going to the home she is. That worked out wonderfully. My personal thoughts are that I dont' think you need to stay away. Being that she is so skittish, maybe it would be good for her not to forget your smell. Someone else may have different thoughts or more experience with this. Perhaps the first few days, just so she can adjust but being it will be a one cat home and with people she knows, I wouldn't think it would take that long to adjust to her surroundings. I think you should go see her if that is your desire. Hugs to to you during this time and the best to your Tammy.
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Do you think she'll remember Garry, my husband? She was always the closest to him until Lilly came along. She sort of shrunk into the background no matter what we did to try and bring her out. Lilly really took to Garry and Tammy wanted more of me but due to the allergies I could only give her so much cuddling without having an asthma attack. Garry has tried daily and numerous times during the day to cuddle her but she doesn't want anything to do with him since Lilly has been around. I think she may be really jealous and that's why Matt our vet thinks she'd be better on her own and also outside to keep her occupied.
What a heartwrenching thing to do. I feel terrible.
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I had to give up one of my cats when her hip was crushed during a horrible auto accident. I still remember the pain.

I hope everything goes alright with you.
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