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Fixed cat starts peeing after 2 years...


I've had my cat for about 2 years. He is a male, he was fixed at the age of 6 months or so. He's always been good and he never marked his territory. He urinated on my bed twice when I was gone on vacation for two weeks. I attributed this behavior to him being mad at me for being gone and my bed sheets having my smell on them.
However, few months ago he started acting out. Occasionally, he will urinate on my bed. I've been unable to link this behavior to anything specific. For example, last time he did it was during the weekend, when I was home all the time and I gave him plenty of attention. His litter box has been clean as well.

Please help!
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No matter how well you washed your bedding, the smell could still be on it, ingrained into your mattress even. If your cat smells it, he will continue to mark that area until you completely clean it. Is it just your bed that he is peeing on?

There is a sticky at the top of the forum that gives good suggestions on cleaning up cat urine....Have you tried a blacklight on your mattress to see if any urine shows up? If so, it needs to be cleaned because your cat can still smell it.

Welcome to the forum, by the way!
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Yup. If you haven't cleaned up the urine properly (with an enzymatic cleaner) chances are he will continue to pee in those spots. Smells like a cat box to him.
That being said, the first thing I would do is bring him into the vet to make sure he doesn't have a urinary tract infection. When a cat that normally uses his box, suddenly starts peeing around the house, a UTI is very often the cause. Best to rule it out first.
Welcome to the forum and keep us posted!

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thanks for saying welcome!
i've been actually reading your forum for few years already

anyways, back to the topic, he urinates not only on my bed, but sometimes on the comforter if it lies on the ground.
I thought before that maybe some smell of his pee is still there and that's why he continues to do this, but I think I found a contradiction.

2 months ago I moved into my boyfriend's house. My cat was never there, and we are using his bed and his sheets. There is nothing in the house that he ever peed on. Anyways, middle December we both left on a trip to Europe for two weeks, and Kitty was left with his roommates (they took great care of him but Kitty is really skittish so nobody can pet him but me and my b/f). When we came back, NOTHING was peed on. And then, a week later, suddenly he did it, on the day that we both were home and gave him full attention. He's been in this house for over a month, and he seems pretty comfortable, so I don't know what else could have triggered this.

I agree that in my old place he probably continued to pee on the bed because he did it before (when I left for Europe last year), but now I just don't see a good reason.

Kitty is my first home cat, I've only had outside cats so far, so I'm having hard time figuring this out. I've heard that males like to mark their territory but I've also heard that once they are fixed, this behavior should stop. Btw, he was fixed quite late, he was 6 months old or so.

Thank you for all your feedback!
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Sometimes, if a male cat has already started spraying before he was neutered, it's hard to get them to stop. But, it's unusual for a neutered male, to suddenly start spraying. When it's an adult, their usually just peeing. To tell the difference here's a good description: "When spraying, the cat will approach a surface, sniff it, turn around and, with a quivering tail, spray a small bit of urine onto the surface. They may be standing erect or squatting down when doing it. Also, their back feet often tread the floor as they are spraying. When a cat is urinating, he squats down and releases a bigger volume of urine. There is no quivering tail, or treading of the floor."
The fact that you recently moved and went on vacation could have caused him to start peeing on things. New environment and smells and familiar people gone can be very upsetting to a cat. BUT, the stress of these things can also bring on a UTI so it's important to check him out first to make sure that isn't the case. Untreated UTIs can become extremely serious so it's definitely worth making sure.
Either way, it's paramount to thoroughly clean the areas properly so he doesn't smell ANY urine or he will keep using those spots.

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thanks guys, I never thought he could have UTI, I always thought of it as more psychological
I'll definitely go get him checked out
please keep me posted with any new ideas

thanks again!
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Hi there,
I'm new here, but i have dealt with a similar problem. It may sound odd, but if the roomates were taking care of your kitty he may have been under alot of stress, too much to do anything. Then you come home, he may have still been feeling the stress, and then acted out. But of course always consult a vet about the uti.
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