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Hi everybody. I am new, obviously, and can't seem to find the answers to my questions anywhere on the internet. If you have any useful feedback I would surely appreciate it.

I have a beautiful 10 month old male cat named Dusty. He is normally very rambunctious and playful. He loves to be held and cuddled and there have been no "odd" factors associated with his behavior the whole time I have had him. He was about 2 months old when I got him. But for the last few days he has hardly eaten and today he has been particularly listless. I have been at class all day but my grandparents are home and they told me he hasn't done anything all day but lay around, which of course is not normal for him. As I've said, he's pretty active. Of course he sleeps a lot, he's a cat, but he normally plays with my grandpop a lot. He is just laying around and coupled with his severely decreased appetite I'm a little worried. Normally he eats 3 pouches of Whiskas a day. I've heard from other people with cats that sometimes before they go into heat they can change like this but I'm just not sure. He's not fixed.

Does anyone have any input as to what might or might not be the problem? THANKS SO MUCH

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Welcome, and I'm sorry your Dusty isn't feeling well. Unfortunately, with the small amount of information you have provided, there isn't going to be anything anyone on the internet is going to be able to advise you to do, other than to take him to a veterinarian. A vet will be able to pull blood and within a short while, have some answers as to what is going on inside; anemia, infection and/or other more serious problems.

The symptoms your cat is showing could be from many different things, ranging from nothing worry about to something very serious and life-threatening. Cats are usually very good at masking pain/illness and any time one of them exhibits a massive change in behavior, that is usually a very big clue that something is wrong and what it is, needs to be figured out fast before they deteriorate further. This usually means the cat has to see the vet for some diagnostics; physical exam, listening to heart/lungs, temperature, weight, observation of overall condition and demeanor, blood tests, snap tests (for FIV/FeLV) and/or urinalysis.

Let us know how it goes. The information you share could help other cat owners who find themselves with a cat who has similar symptoms to your Dusty.
Best of luck,

I wanted to add...
Female cats come into season and some can express different symptoms, though usually lethargy is not one of them. To the best of my knowledge, male cats do not go into heat like a female cat who undergoes hormonal changes.

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I would do a quick check of his toys to see if any parts are missing such as the tail of a mouse or string off of something. He may have ingested it.
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Originally Posted by yiff
I would do a quick check of his toys to see if any parts are missing such as the tail of a mouse or string off of something. He may have ingested it.
I took a look at his stuff but nothing seems to be amiss. However, my friends mother told me her cat used to eat plastic. Apparently this is common (?). Yesterday I noticed a huge piece of cellophane missing off of something in my room with claw marks on it!!! He must've eaten it. He's the only thing with claws in the house. Lol. Would this make him not eat and just generally look sick? Because he still hasn't really ate and I've been watching the litter box now to see if maybe something comes out.
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Anything a cat eats that was torn off of something they aren't supposed to eat, has a risk of causing a blockage or impaction. Sometimes they pass on their own, sometimes they do not and require something to help move it along or surgery in extreme cases. Vets can usually tell a blockage by physical exam, x-ray and/or sonogram.

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If you think he ate cellophane and he's been listless for days, I'd get him to the vet immediately. If that plastic is stuck in him and he can't pass it you could have some serious problems, and he could need surgery to remove it. My Fergie ate eight inches of yarn a month ago and needed surgery to remove it. After the surgery the vet said the yarn had started to make her intestine bunch up and if we had waited another day she might have died.

Plastic won't show up on an X-ray, but if his intestines are bunching up from a blockage that will show. If the X-ray looks normal the vet can do a barium series, which will allow them to see how fast things are passing through his system and highlight any foreign bodies.

Call your vet and if they say they can't see him today, make sure they know he's been listless for days and needs attention right away. You don't want to be a day too late!

~Diana, happy mom to Fern and Fergie
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If he were my cat and I even suspected he'd ingested anything, I'd bring him into the vet immediately. If he did ingest plastic, it is a life threatening situation.
Even if you didn't think that was a possibility, a cat that is listless and hasn't eaten for a couple of days requires a vet visit.
Good luck and let us know how he's doing!

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