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adjusting to new cat

How long did it take your resident cats to accept your new cats or kittens into their house? Was the new cat a kitten or adult? How is their relationship with them now? Did your cats react differently to every cat your brought home or did he feel about the same for all of them? Just wondering what to expect if we get another cat!
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Re: adjusting to new cat

I adopted Cleo 2 years ago (she was a year old) and she and Cinderella (who was 4 years old at the time) will never be friends. It took about six months for Cinderella to even sleep on my bed again because Cleo was there, and it broke my heart. There was never any real contact, but Cinderella chased her and intimidated her.

When I got the twins, there was no adjustment time, the older cats accepted them within two days, but when they started getting older, Cinderella put them in their place, as she does now every once in a while. A little bop on the forehead....but Charlee bops back!

Cali, Cinderella, Cleo and Charlee

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Always in my heart, my lovely Cinderella, running free at the Bridge.
Always in my heart, my sweet Cali, running free at the Bridge.

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Re: adjusting to new cat

azores is 3 yrs old and the new cat jadedea is 2. they arent accepting of each other right now. jade has been here for a month or two and they are still fighting. granted they now let each other sniff each others butt but then they seek out fights with one another later, completley destroying whatever bond they may have created.

it looks like when one gets to close to the other they hiss and moan and may paw at each other. a few times theyve battled and scruffs of fur went flying, and then theres days when their a feet apart of each other and sleeping. azores appears to be jealous and doesnt want to share her things. for the most part she attacks jade when jade is on one of her pillows, sleeping areas or near one of her humans lol.

shes just going to have to get used to jade.......
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Re: adjusting to new cat

1. Onyx was 9 when I took in Callie, who was a 1 year old stray. I do have to admit that I didn't know much about cat introductions then, the internet was just starting out and there wasn't much info out there. They never got along, Onyx no longer slept on the bed or even came upstairs. Things seemed to settle out after 3 months then deteriorated again. Looking back, that was probably the time Onyx started feeling ill, I lost her 9 months after taking in Callie to stomach cancer.

2. Callie was 2.5 when I brought home Maggie (12 weeks). Again, I still didn't know much about introductions. Maggie was confined for 2 days, until she went to the vet. I did let her out to play a couple times while Callie was confined, so her scent was about the house. I introduced them when we got home from the vet. Maggie went crazy playing with the turbo scratcher and Callie crept closer and closer. If Maggie bumped into her, she gave her a little hiss. They seemed to be doing OK and I went into the kitchen to get their dinner. I looked down and they were both standing side by side at my feet waiting for their food. I put their bowls side by side and they ate together. Intro complete, they were buddies.

3. Callie was 7 and Maggie 5 when I brought home Kobi (12 weeks). Callie was a little hesitant with him, but he came down with a URI and fever within a few days of being home and she allowed him to snuggle with her. Maggie took quite a bit longer to accept him. She's not aggressive, so it more staying away, going on top of the cabinets and observing etc. I don't remember when she finally gave in. She did let him sleep on the bed after the second night he was loose.

4. Maggie was 10 and Kobi 5 when I got Holly (12 weeks). For the first 2 days Holly hid under the bed unless I was in the room. Friday night she started venturing out into the room and playing. That's when M & K realized she was there and started watching the door. On Saturday there was some cautious footsie playing between Kobi & Holly. At this point Holly decided she wanted out, yowling up a storm. I confined M & K and brought Holly out, got her scent spread around the house. Did some scent swapping with towels and beds. On Sunday, she was beside herself to be let out and I decided that her stress was more harmful than pushing the intro. So I put her in the carrier and took her downstairs and put it on the kitchen floor. Maggie took one look and headed for the top of the kitchen cabinets. Kobi approached and within a few minutes I had them eating treats within 4 inches of each other, of course the carrier grate was between them. After an hour where Kobi just sat beside the carrier watching her, I let her out. A little hissing, but they were playing within a few minutes and snuggling with Kobi grooming her by the next day. On the other hand, Maggie kept her distance from Holly. Most of the first week or so was spent on top of the cabinets. They did both sleep on the bed from the first night, Holly was actually in a bed in the cubbyhole in my headboard. It took weeks before Maggie didn't hiss everytime she saw Holly. It was months before she stopped hissing when ever Holly got in her personal space. Not a major hiss, just a little "get away from me kid". It was a year before they started to cautiously play with each other. Now (almost 2.5 years later) they play all the time and are good buddies. Holly is slowly but surely working on getting Maggie to snuggle with her (which Maggie has never done with another cat and only started doing with me in the last year or so).

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Holly, Misty & their friend, Jake, the dog.
Onyx, Callie May, Maggie & Kobi forever in my heart.
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Re: adjusting to new cat

My family never learned about proper introductions, so every time we added a new cat they would just be let loose to work things out among themselves. Luckily, all of my cats have been very accepting of new cats and here is how it went:

1. We got Elfie in 1997, and he was about a year old at that time. That would make him about 4 when he got our second cat, Rusty, in 2000. Rusty was a runty little kitten, and Elfie thought himself too cool and too tough to be nice to him. He would hiss and swat, never hard, and avoid Rusty. But Rusty was persistent, and just wanted to love on Elfie every chance he got. He would sneak up on him at the food dish and lick his back, causing Elfie to hiss and run away. He would sneak up on him when he was sun bathing or sleeping on the couch, and discreetly cuddle up with him. Man, you should have seen the look on Elfie's face when he'd wake up!! He'd open his eyes to find himself spooning with the runty lil kitten and go bolting out of there all offended But it only took about a week or two and they were very good friends. Elfie took Rusty under his wing and those two, to this day, have a close, loving relationship.

2. We got Fella in 2004. Rusty must have remembered his experience with Elfie, and what Elfie did for him (was almost like a father to him) because he instantly took an interest in Fella (who at the time was called Cody). He pretended to hate him, swatting him and hissing when he'd come too close. Yet he would seek him out to play with and antagonize- he'd jump onto chairs that were too high for kitten Cody to jump onto and hang his tail over the edge. The chairs were pushed under a table that had a long table cloth that Cody liked to pounce on. When Cody got close, Rusty would friskily bop him. He acted like he hated him, yet he'd follow him around and watch jealously when he played. Just like before, it was about a week or two, and Rusty and Cody were inseparable. As for Elfie- well, he pretty much ignored Cody from the start. To this day, those two are on completely peaceful, neutral terms. They aren't best pals, but they aren't enemies either. They will sit next to each other, but not acknowledge each other. Elfie will wrestle with Rusty, but not Cody. Rusty will wrestle either of them.

3. I got Magneto in July 2008, and he was greeted with hisses and general distrust from everyone. He was pretty scared of them too, so he got to stay in his own room for the first week. Elfie eventually put him in the same place as Cody- neutral. No hisses, but no affection either. Magneto likes to be in Elfie's company, but he respects his "personal space bubble" and doesn't bug him. Fella does not like Nito's antics, and hisses and runs away whenever Nito tries to play. Nito LOVES to chase Fella when he does this. Yet, despite acting like he hates it so much, Fella always jumps up onto the chair and bops Nito to get him to start it up. Then when Nito turns his attention to Fella, Fella hisses and gets all mad and runs away. Silly kitty. All three boys (not Nito) are allowed to wander feely, and without supervision, in our safe back yard. Nito goes out onto the back porch under my supervision, but recently he has gone on short walks with (an annoyed and unwilling) Fella, following him around and staying close. Fella gets fed up and cuts his outside trips short- I guess he doesn't want to be seen by his outside buddies with a little twerp tagging along. Rusty's first encounter with Nito went like this: Nito was on the carpet with some cat nip. Rusty came for some cat nip, walked over to Nito, smacked him across the face and walked off. Nowadays, they wrestle like old pals. Nito, however, is food aggressive, and none of the kitties go near him while he eats, or else he growls like crazy.

Nito lives in a separate city with me most of the time, but whenever we visit home all the kitties remember each other. I've been gone as long as 3 months and they still remember each other. There have not been any really bad hisses or tension since I first brought Nito home. Usually the first one upstairs to greet us when we first get home is Fella. Nito and Fella will lick each other's faces for a few minutes before Fella has had enough, hisses, and runs away. Nito swiftly follows!
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