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Help Re: Introducing New Himalayan Cat to Our Tabby


First of all, I would like to thank everyone involved in creating this wonderful cat forum. It is very informative and helpful to cat (and all pet lovers) lovers like me.

If I am posting this in the wrong forum, kindly let me know and I apologize in advance.

I need help regarding introducing our new Himalayan cat to our Tabby Cat. Here is a brief background.

We have had our Tabby, his name is Monty, for 4 years now. He is currently 11 years old. He is purely an indoor cat. We adopted him 4 years ago. He was with another owner who had multiple cats and dogs. However, the previous owner had to leave the country and so she had to give away her pets. We adopted Monty and he has been really our "baby." He is very gentle, loving and playful. He loves to be scratched and brushed.

Last Sunday, we decided to "adopt" another cat. This cat is a 5 year old Himalayan cat. His name is Julian. I was told by the previous owner that Julian used to live with another older cat who used to take care of Julian. He really acted like his "parent"... licking him, playing with him, and even litter-trained him. Unfortunately, the older cat passed away last December. Since then, the previous owner noticed that Julian became reserved and very introverted. He didn't like to play too much. So they decided to get a dog to keep him company. However, the puppy was too "playful and aggressive" that it made Julian more stressed.

We brought Julian home last Sunday. We live in a one bedroom apartment and Monty loves going to our bedroom. So since he likes staying there, we decided to keep him there while we let Julian stay in the living room area. We have kept them apart for most of the time. We would only let Monty out of the room for a couple of hours, letting him freely walk around the apartment when we are both home from work.

Monty and Julian seem to be very wary of each other. They are very mindful of each others' movement. There have been around a couple of instances when Monty would hiss at Julian and Julian would respond with a slight growl. No physical attacks have occurred. Tonight was the first time that they came face to face (maybe around 1 foot from each other) and all Monty did was hiss but he then turned around and went back to the bedroom. After a few minutes or an hour, again, Monty came out of the room and looked around. Then when they came face to face (this time around 2 or 3 feet from each other), again Monty hissed. Julian just look back at him. No aggressive behavior from Julian was noted.

My partner and I have decided that during work hours, we will keep Monty inside the room and let Julian roam around in the living room. Then when we get home from work, we will open the door and allow them to see each other. Then at bedtime, we will again keep Monty in the bedroom and close the door while Julian stays in the living room area.

We have a spray bottle in hand, just in case any physical fight happen. Fortunately, nothing has happened so far, thank goodness!

Is there any way I can make the introduction any better? Should I keep them totally apart? Monty and Julian are our first cats and we want them to really be good friends. Or, at the very least, we want them to learn to co-exist. We don't want any physical trauma to either of them. What advice can you guys give? Are we doing something wrong? Should we modify this arrangement? How soon can we allow them to freely roam around the apartment (without keeping Monty in the room)? Is Monty's reaction (hissing and retreating to our bedroom) a normal reaction?

So sorry for all these questions. I just hope you guys can give us some advice and let us know how we can make this "introductory stage" a successful one.

Any help and advice would be much appreciated. Thank you very much.

Again, more power to this forum!
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Re: Help Re: Introducing New Himalayan Cat to Our Tabby

ill tell you right now a spray bottle wont work. ive been having problems trying to introduce jade a 3yr old to my resident cat azores whos about 3-4 yrs old. both female.

i used to spray them alot and azores got over it quick. if i flashed the spray bottle she would just get nervous and walk away.

instead of associating being wet with not getting along with jade, she started associating me with a spray bottle spraying her for no reason. she partially doesnt like me anymore cause of that.

from what it sounds like they are doing good. when they first met they were hissing and pawing and scratching each other.

your kitties are doing a lot better than mine.

others will chime in on this.
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Re: Help Re: Introducing New Himalayan Cat to Our Tabby

^^^ Thanks Jade. I appreciate your help.

My partner and I are quite surprised as well. Well, its too early to tell, but somehow, we expected a lot worse. The worst we have had was hissing. No physical confrontation or any swatting or that kind. I'm hoping that they get better.

I actually have never used the spray bottle. I only have it beside me for emergency cases. But thankfully, we have not found a need to use it yet. I'm quite hesitant to use it too. I don't really know if its going to help or not.

I look forward to the advice of the others here as well.

Once again, many thanks.
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Re: Help Re: Introducing New Himalayan Cat to Our Tabby

Brief update on our 2 boys. Thank goodness, they seem to be alright. We did the usual introductory stuff (separate rooms, mixing scents, food near the door, etc etc) and now, they have learned to co-exist. They have never been physically aggressive to each other.

Monty, the 11 y.o. resident cat, only hisses once in a while. I think its because Julian, our new 5 y.o. boy, is a little too playful for him sometimes. I think Monty is just telling him what to do and what not to do. Like when Monty is eating or drinking, Julian twice tried to play with him or smell his tail. Monty hissed at him 2x. However, shortly after, he would approach Julian and come face to face, kissing and smelling. As if nothing happened... hahaha!

We still have 2 separate litter boxes for them. However, Monty now likes to use Julian's box! So even if there are 2 boxes our there, one for each of them, they share a litter box..

They haven't really slept side by side or next to each other. I think they're still in the feeling out stage. While one is on the futon, the other is in another part of the living room. But when they walk around and pass by each other, they make this weird sound, almost like "cat talk" or something. Its funny. Does anybody know what that is? Its like they are having a small conversation.

Once in a while, several times during the day, they come close to each other, face to face, kissing and smelling each other. It gives us so much joy when they do that!!!

I only hope that everything will be smooth from now on.
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Re: Help Re: Introducing New Himalayan Cat to Our Tabby

It sounds as though they'll do quite well together.. I lived with a friend for about 6 months last year and she had a 10 year old cat.. Samson was about 3 at the time and was much more playful than the older cat. They did co-exist very well, and would sometimes sleep on the same bed/lounge but never really "snuggled" with each other. Sammy would try to play alot which drove the older boy crazy and if he got annoyed enough, he'd hiss at Samson to let him know he'd gone too far..


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Re: Help Re: Introducing New Himalayan Cat to Our Tabby

^^^ Thank you. Yes, I am hoping that they'd be okay. So far, so good. Just a few hissing here and there, maybe 2x a day at the most when Monty gets annoyed with Julian. But otherwise, I'm happy.
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