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Emmy is eating everything!(warning:this post is kinda gross)

We've started sorting out her naughty behavior issues. The suggestions everyone made in my last post really helped. She still gets into things but we're making progress. Although, I think I found the source of at least one of her frustration issues:
Emily eats EVERYTHING!
Plastic, coins, my rubber hair ties, cardboard, paper bags, grocery bags... if she can get her teeth on it, it seems to get chewed and potentially swallowed.
I recently switched her food because of some bumpy financial issues, but she seemed to love it. Sever hours later, the next morning, she threw up. Then again later, she left a hair ball on my bed. Hours later, after I gave her a little something to help move the hairballs along, she threw up a lot of clear liquid on the bed, again... (ick). Every time she tried to eat, she spit up a little bile and food. Early the next morning, shortly after I had finally managed to get to sleep (at 6am), she woke me up throwing up again. This time it had some weird crap in it: Hair ties, a shoe lace, a pink candy wrapper... the hair ties disappeared weeks ago when she last managed to get into my make-up bag and pull them out (she figured out how to open the thing!). The shoe lace was from my "chucks" and those laces were chewed off at least a month ago, I'm sure because it's been annoying trying to tie the (now shorter) left laces for about that long. As for the pink wrapper; we haven't had those in the house since Christmas! So, what this looks like is that these things have been sitting in her stomach for several months! But she's been pooing just fine, regularly, her pee doesn't smell funny, her color is good, her temp is good, her gums are pink, eyes are clear and whites look normal and her nose is damp as usual. When she first started throwing up she smelled a little sickly and her feet felt cold, but that lasted only a few hours. She's as warm and as psychotically playful as always. Also, she's been eating normally. Not so much the past couple days since this throwing up thing started, but she's still eating and her water intake is normal. She hasn't been sick on the floor (or anywhere else) in about 36 hours or so. She threw up little, tiny bits twice after the batch of weird stuff but hasn't since then.

I don't know what to do with her. I mean, this place would be toddler safe if I cushioned the hard corners on the furniture and picked up the cat toys and a dog would be fine in here if I lost the cat toys and tied up all the power cords by the computer. This cat, she doesn't just stumble across the random bit of junk lying around, she seeks the stuff out! She LOOKS, actively, for things to chew on. Nothing is safe. Well, ok, the aforementioned power cords are safe. She leaves those alone, oddly enough, unless it's my phone charger cord or iPod cord, the loose ends of those are enticing to her for some reason she they're kept up. Other than that, nothing is safe.

The tassels on the Persian rug, shoe laces, corners of books or papers, cardboard (but not all cardboard, only certain types of boxes ), tape, anything small and plastic or made of rubber... She actually dug at one of my draws while I was outside once, got hold of the pilates band inside the drawer with a claw, dragged it out just enough to get her teeth on and ATE a corner off. Not just chewed on it, ate it. I caught her just a second too late.

This cat's going to kill herself! I just bought cat grass which, when it finally grows, will hopefully satiate her chewing/eating urges. It's not as though she's starving either. There's almost always food in her bowl (though she's not overfed either, she only gets so much per day), she gets a spoonful of canned food at night, she gets treats and I occasionally give her a tid-bit of tuna when I open a can. She gets play times often and new toys as often as I can afford it. *sigh* WHY is she eating EVERYTHING in sight!?

If anyone has any ideas... please, please, please don't hesitate to respond or PM me! I can't just spray bitter apple on the entire apartment! LOL If it was just one or two specific things she was chewing on, I would spend the ten bucks on a bottle of the stuff (yes, ten dollars for an 8 ounce bottle of bitter apple - I remember when it was $3.89).

Thanks for reading. I hope someone can give me some s!
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Tom Cat
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Re: Emmy is eating everything!(warning:this post is kinda gross)

Yikes, having those things in her stomach since as long ago as christmas can't be good, maybe there is a little blockage and she can't digest everything she eats, making her throw up when she eats too much. You should definitly take her to the vet to make sure everything is okay inside, I don't know if a cats stomach can twist when they eat too quickly like a dogs, but it's worth looking into. The only thing I can really think of to make her stop chewing everything in her path is to make a loud/scary noise when she is about to chew on something, or spray her with some water, even give her a time out in a confined room that she can't get at anything, like the bathroom - with the toilet paper locked away lol. Just make her think unpleasantly about the stuff she isn't allowed to eat. Another thing that may cause the throwing up, she could be allergic to something in the food. What are you feeding her? When you switched her over from the old food to the new food, did you mix it in or switch to the new food all at once? Because that can upset a cats stomach too. It should take about 5-7 days to switch over to a new food, starting with small amounts then gradually making it to 1/2 and 1/2 then 3/4 new and 1/4 old, and so forth. Definitly keep an eye on the throwing up, and for strange behavior, distress, lethargy, and listlessness. Keep us posted.
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Tom Cat
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Re: Emmy is eating everything!(warning:this post is kinda gross)

I would go with them to the vet to see if there is anything in their stomachs or intestines that isn't getting through.
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