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I am ready to kill him ... Peeing everywhere for no reason

I have had my 3 cats for many years now. I am in the military and so these 3 are used to the ups and downs. Traveling, getting stationed different places, I even had to leave them with a friend for 2 years while I was in Korea. Now the one boy is peeing everywhere. And I do mean everywhere!!! He peed in my hat that was on the couch this morning which soaked through to the couch. The one common thread I notice is he likes to pee "in" things. Well in things or on a pile of things.
A plastic bag, my book bag.... the kitchen table. It's like if he can find something to pee in he will go there. But, he will have no problems peeing on a pile of clothes either.
I have been to the vet, there are no medical issues. I have the cat genie (auto litter box) no issues with dirty litter. I have had it over a year so itís not that. We even had them on Prozac for a time. I am not sure if the Prozac was really working or if we were just going through a cycle of good behavior. I had to go on emergency leave so they went to stay with "Uncle Eric" for 3 weeks. Now being military cats ... they are used to this. I pack up there "sleepover bag" which includes a litter box, food etc. They are totally fine! They don't pee all over anyone elseís house (this was the first time they were even at Uncle Eric's house) so no warm up period, like I said they are used to this and I never have issues. I come back from leave, get my cats, and it's another day. No issues, until yesterday, they peed in something. (a plastic bag that I left on the kitchen table with socks in it) (Brand new ones) And today into my hat. There is no rhyme or rhythm to this. It's like it just starts back up out of nowhere. I have spent the last few hours reading this entire site and my situation seems to be unique. No medical issues, all behavioral. I use the natureís miracle; I have done the black light thing.... It is causing serious issues between me and my boyfriend, and I don't blame him. I am actually starting to have thoughts of ... well, I can't bring myself to voice it just yet.
Any advice beyond the obvious? Is there a point where you will just not get a cat to stop? They are indoor cats, but he always tries to get outside. I think about letting him just be an outdoor cat... but I couldn't handle it if I came home and he was laying there dead.
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Re: I am ready to kill him ... Peeing everywhere for no reason

Since you've done the vet visit already, two thing come to mind immediately.

Litterbox. He doesn't like the litter or can't get to the box in time (too far or someone is keeping him from it). How many boxes do you have? There should be 4 for three cats. The box needs cleaning more often for some picky cats. Some cats want a box for peeing and a different one for pooping. How old are your litterboxes? Even with great cleaning, they do accumulate a slight odor over time.

Moving around. Cats love routine. Some cats travel well, but many don't. Even though you say that tolerate the moves fine, you may be missing some signals that this cat isn't adapting as well as you thought. When you left the cats with Uncle Eric, they had a quick adjustment to a new location and new person, even worse in their eyes, you weren't there. Could you have someone stay at your place when you have to leave?

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Re: I am ready to kill him ... Peeing everywhere for no reason

I think Marsha's on target. There may not be enough litter boxes, or perhaps there is not enough space in the new living arrangement. But I think it is important to start by acknowledging that the one kitty who is having the hardest time adjusting to the situation IS peeing everywhere "for a reason" in his own cat mind.

He is very stressed and upset, and is trying to set up territory boundaries in the most definitive way he knows. " My whole house is different, my people are gone, but THIS hat smells like someone I know, and it is MINE! I will mark it by peeing..."

If you cannot come to a solution for his underlying unhappiness, perhaps the best thing would be to lovingly rehome him to someone who can give him what he craves, which is stabilty. It is not your fault - some animals are more adaptable than others. It is not really the kitty's fault either, he can't help how he feels. It is a tough situation. Lots of luck to all of you, it is clear that you want what's best for everyone...

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Re: I am ready to kill him ... Peeing everywhere for no reason

Well first of all, I know you are frustrated but cats don't pee everywhere without a reason He is doing it because something is not right in his world.

It could very well be that there are not enough litter boxes. It could also be stress kicking in even after a long time of being moved about and now, suddenly, he can't tolerate it anymore.

Your kitty is stressed for one reason or another. Please bear in mind that he is also not happy and he isn't doing this to annoy you..although it is very annoying!

Perhaps rehoming him might be a good option if this can't be resolved.

How does he get on with with the other cats? Even if it's just a case of 'tolerating but not fighting', this might be enough to set this off.

I would get two more litter boxes at least if you only have one and put them in places that are easily accessable.

Good luck and keep us posted
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Re: I am ready to kill him ... Peeing everywhere for no reason

To answer a few of the questions ... these 3 are peas in a pod. They are loving and protective of each other. Since they were babies they played together, the oldest taught the other two to hunt. Just a trio these three. Which is rare, I have read alot where usually there is an odd ball out when you dont have pairs. But not these 3. Get rid of my babies ... NEVER!!! But ... there is a happy ending!!!!

You guys are NEVER going to belive this one!!! So.... I call my vet, in tears. At my wits end. My house is TINY where on EARTH would I put another litter box.. i mean seriously tiny. LIke I had appartments bigger than this house when I lived in NY!!!! 800 square feet is this house. She says to me that she also has 1 cat in particular, loves his brothers and sisters but still has this "king of the roost" complex. Her house is just as tiny. She told me that she put a 2nd litter box in the bathtub! With just 2 cups of the cheapest litter. like $3.00 for a 20lb bag. Just enought to satisfy kitty and SUPER easy to clean out. Just dump, rinse add a scoop. My tub has a window in it and I thought ... hmmmm kitty door and i can keep the bathroom door shut. Company comes ...light a candle just in case. SO I tried it .... UREKA!!!! He chased the other 2 away from it so they dont bother to go near it but they are happy dunky with the expensive litter box. And half the time I just grab some TP and take the little poopy and flush it! He is happy, he uses it and NO MORE PEEING AROUND THE HOUSE!!! <rolls eyes> what a brat!!!! I take it out to shower, then right back in it goes. He is back to his charming self!!! He really does seem happier too. So cats really do have falicies. Some prefer dirt to ... whatever. It makes sense too. WHen I had the littermaid litterboxes ... no issues. The cat genie is plastic granuals ... and apparantly was not good enough for him! LOL Thanks for caring and trying to help!!!
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Re: I am ready to kill him ... Peeing everywhere for no reason

Wow! I just caught this thread. What a problem and what a unique and AWESOME "fix"! Cats are just crazy...they make me shake my head so much...
I am so glad this solution has worked out and it is GREAT to have this information to back up *other* suggestions for other people suffering the same/similar problems with their cats.
Awesome. Simply, awesome.

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