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New kitten - 7 months, litter box issues

My daughter adopted a rehomed kitten. This poor thing was sick (herpes cold, eye infection, and declawed (!) and unneutered (!). She asked the previous owners why they were giving him up, did hehave litterbox issues as a result if the declaw and the woman assured us that he used his box consistently. She also denied that he was sick which was obvious to anyone!

(He stayed with me the first three nights because my daughter lives out of state, was just visiting, and was sleeping with her in-laws)

Well, we have not seen the consistency in the litterbox we were promised. He poo'd on the rug the first day. Probably my fault since I had failed to show him the box, so he gets a pass on this one.

He slept with me all night the first three nights, the first night I got up several times to take him to the box and get him water, the following two nights he did get up and use the box, stepped in the mess, and dragged it back into the bed with him.

She has since taken him home. She has a female cat, 3 years, who likes him, licks him a lot, snuggles with him, treats him like a mother - with the occasional hissing.

He has consistently had problems stepping in his poo/pee and getting it all over himself, and she's caught him squatting a couple of times and taken him to the litterbox, and he went to the bathroom. He also missed the box receptical but did hit the box ramp on one occasion.

The last two days, the kitten has pee'd in their bed. The first time was when the bedding was off, waiting to be laundered, she saw him do it. The second time, the bed was sometime in the night while they were sleeping.

He has not had ANY other accidents.

She added a second box today. Are there any suggestions?
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Try using Kitten Attract litter to see if that helps.

That is so crazy that someone would declaw but not neuter or spay! I hate to say it but one of the issues that can happen when a cat is declawed is litter box issues. Im not saying this is why this kitten is doing that, just an FYI.

It sounds like there are not any introduction issues so that is good. Maybe try some Feliway plugs to comfort the kitten if it is stress by change in homes. This poor little kitten has had a rough start. Its lucky its now with your daughter and loved.
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Yeah, the vet thought she planned to use it as a breeder which is why she didn't neuter. Normally a declaw and neuter would be done at the same time. Of course, I am sickened personally by the declaw but what can you do? What is done is done. That is why I told my daughter to ask if he was having litterbox issues. Sigh.

I will recommend the kitten attract litter to her. Thanks for that advice.
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Is he longhaired? Is the poo being caught in his breeches? If it is, he should have his coat clipped back about an inch around his anus. That will help keep him clean. Poor kitty has had a lot of changes, so it isn't surprising he has some issues. Your daughter should retrain him to the litter box. She should keep him confined to a small room for several days, like a bathroom with a bare floor, not mats, or a dog crate for several days to encourage him to use the litter tray. Give him lots of praise when she sees him using the tray, but don't use angry words when if he misses. His litter should be very clean and scooped 2x/day. He may even need 2 trays, as some cats like to pee in one and poop in the other. Good luck to your daughter. I hope she can get him straightened around soon.
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No, he is completely bald. No fur at all. These are all great suggestions. She did confine him last night. I will recommend that she follow your instructions precisely.

I personally confined my own little "pooper" to the laundry room for 3 days and the result was amazing. The rug pooping has reduced itself significantly, with only the occasional incident. Not a 100% correction but I can live with it.

Great post. Thanks!!!!!!

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Has your daughter gotten him neutered yet? It may explain why he is peeing on the bed- it may be spraying.

In any case, I'd get him to a vet to see if he has a UTI. UTIs are more common with male kitties and are often the cause of pee accidents. It would be worth it to get him checked out anyway, to make sure he doesn't have any parasites. I don't think you can trust the previous owner.

Thank goodness this cat found you and your daughter!
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Not yet. Vet says no neuter until he is all well. I think her appointment is for late next week? I'm not sure when exactly.

He's not spraying. She watched him actually squat and pee.

It isn't a UTI - he's been on antibiotics for the last 10 days or so and those would have cleared up a UTI if he had one.
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You have my sympathy with the peeing on the bed thing - I've been going through that with my girl kitty cat but thankfully I think hers is simply because she has not been spayed and is in heat - marking her territory so that should end as of Monday when she gets spayed!

Might I recommend a waterproof mattress pad so the mattress doesn't obsorb the pee and odors?
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She now thinks it is definitely declaw related and that this is the real reason he was given away. He will poop in the box because he knows he has to; however, he does everything he can to get away with not peeing in the box. She says he cringes when she lifts him into the box.

She has a little tent enclosure for cats that I got her for her birthday so she could take the cats outdoors.

She put him in that last night, he was a good boy, pee'd in the box, and everything.

Today, she left the box in the tent and let him out thinking that the box would be in a secluded area with no interference from the other cat and that would be enough. Turns out that he still went into the tent but pee'd outside the box, right next to it. She thinks it's because he no longer had to sleep there.

Then she replaced the litter with shredded newspaper and he pee'd in it in the box. She's going to try some of those "soft" litters made up of newspaper - PaPurr and Yesterdays News(?) if she can find it. She lives in small town nowhere right now so may not be able to get it readily.

Otherwise, she's going to try to puppy train him to pee on puppy pads and just leave those in the litterbox area along with the litterboxes and that may be her only solution. Ugh - but what can you do? She's very frustrated with him and I don't blame her. Poor boy, I can't believe his irresponsible prior owner declawed him! This really isn't his fault. It's not like he was a grown cat who was destroying the house! He was only a kitten who probably would have had no issues with the furniture.

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Update: vet appointment is Tuesday for neuter/wellness check. Is there anythihg that can be done surgically to "clean up" a bad declaw? Because, obviously the paws are bothering him.
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