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Firstly, my Maxie is a wonderful kitty. She's super fun and as she's growing her personality is just super cute. However, as much as it is cute, she can also be pretty sassy.. I probably should have renamed her Sassy when I got her from her previous owner at about 5-6 months old, lol.

I've read about when kitties bite what to do. Stop, say no, walk away kinda thing. To ignore them for a time is best. I've got a kicker, I've got so many toys. (Maxie doesn't have any other kitties at home, so I know she wants to play with me)

Problem is, after all the times I've stopped and sternly said No when she starts biting, she still does it.

In fact, sometimes when she wants to cuddle, and Im holding her, all a sudden she gets in play mode and starts to bite/scratch. Sometimes she even gives me a gentle but stern meow back if I say "No"! LOL Its not funny, but it is, cuz I can't believe how sassy she is. I mean for a kitty to meow back at me when I say "no" in difiance.. wow. LOL! Its cute but then again, I wonder if need to do more with her. I always have a scratch on my hand or arms.

Oh! And another thing, its cute but also sometimes I get frustrated..I'll be sitting at the computer and if I'm not giving her enough attention and she wants to play, she'll paw/gently claw at my leg or the back of the chair (where my behind is! ) LOL.

She's got a great personality, can be super sweet..loves to play and plays fetch now and then still, has to be in the same room I am 98% of the time, shes very vocal, but also she's very naughty and sassy sometimes and don't listen to momma.

Any other suggestions or clues besides "No" and the walk away for Maxie?

She's just over a year now so I realize this may just be part of her personality but wondering if there was any other ideas

Thanks for listenin!
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It sounds like she gets bored from time to time. One solution might be to get a friend, although I appreciate that comes with its own new problems and might not be a solution for you. Other than that, try to think of other ways to entertain her that don't involve you actively playing with her, since you can't do that all the time. Perhaps try rotating some of her toys -- putting some away for a while and then bringing them out after a few weeks. Often cats are more interested in something when it seems new to them.
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Thank you for your reply Yes, I think you are right, I'm pretty sure she gets bored, and I know ultimately she's ok, but it also makes me a bit sad for her, ya know?

I did the suggestion with hiding toys.. I've hidden "da bird"..and when I take it out she goes crazy and can't wait! LOL That was a great idea, thank you so much

I would love to get her a friend, and have been looking into it, but very frustrating because:

A) Maxie has Feline Herpes. Her only symptom is one runny eye. (The vet told me to give her L-lysine 2x a day and I do that and no other symptoms have occured) ...Some of the kitties I've looked into for companions - the foster parents TOTALLY differ when I tell them Maxie has it. I go on Petfinder and look, and when I call to inquire, some say its ok, some say is not. (I've been inquiring but haven't seemed to find the right companion for her yet) MY vet has no objections for me to get another kitty. But even the last lady I talked to today said she doesn't think HER vet would think its ok at all. When I told her Maxie has it, she was like "No" for the kitty I inquired about, and wanted to show me an older kitty that has a more serious herpes infection. She did say she'd call her vet again... but I'm pretty sure by her reaction she doesn't like the idea. Overall, its very frustrating with different opinions on it. I suppose there is risk involved, but why does my Vet say its ok? I've asked twice now to make sure I'm not losing my Sheesh.

B) I'm getting totally different answers from differnet people when it comes to talking about introducing the kitties. Some say take your time, some say, no, it will only take a day. (Grrr, lol) I mean, which is it?

I mean, I suppose it depends upon the cats themselves, one gal said if she brought her kitty over she would know right away. One gal said it may only take a day if they are inquisitive.

Or am I being too worried about Maxie being alone and sometimes getting bored? Perhaps its better for her feline herpes too, to have that "calm time" except when momma gets

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I can't help you with the feline herpes question, since I don't know enough about it...hopefully someone else here can help with that.

As for introducing two cats, should you decide to adopt another, I would say the following:

a) It does very much depend on the cats, including their temperament, their age and whether or not they're used to being with other cats.

b) Unless both cats are young kittens (just a few months old) or both are accustomed to being around other cats, it would be unusual for an introduction to take only a day (not impossible, just unusual). Given that Maxie is now about a year old and has not lived with other cats, chances are an introduction would take a few might take longer or it might be shorter...but a few weeks would be the norm.

c) As for the person who said she could bring her kitty over and would know right away...yeah, right! The only thing she would know is whether or not the cats would get on immediately, which isn't saying much.

d) To increase your chances of two cats getting along, you're best to try to stick with the same temperament. So, match a quiet cat with another quiet cat, a lively cat with another lively cat, etc.
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Your post was a very reassuring to me, you described my Jack perfectly. However, he is not an only kitty, though he was number one in line. We however have 3 cats now. He talks back when I tell him no. I got a book called cat vs cat and one thing that has been relatively helpful with him. He can also be sassy with the other cats. Is much of what you would do with a small child, and thats redirect his attention. I try and keep some special toys close by and use them to redirect him. He also plays fetch, so toys that I can throw for fetch work great for this. It gets his little raging mind on something else. This hasn't been fool proof and I normally walk around with a Jack scratch on my hand or arms. My biggest fear right now is that I'm pregnant and worry he'll be sassy to the baby, though he is never sassy to my husband or anyone else that visits.

I think some are just this way.

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