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An Extra Special Bond

We all love our cats. Whether you have a single cat, multiple cats, or a whole feral or rescue colony, we all love every single one of our cats. But is there a kitty in your life thats extra special and do you have an extra special bond with that kitty? I know I do with my Samantha. I love and adore all three of my girls, but Samantha and I have a deeper bond than with the others. I never thought I'd ever be this close to a cat, but I'm very honored that she'd pick me.

The first day we met, was at the local SPCA. She was actually the very last cat we looked at out of at least 50 cats, and we had other ideas of individuals to bring home with us. I started petting her, and she purred instantly, closing her eyes, and really getting into the chin scratchies. My boyfriend came over and I stopped petting her to talk to him...and a few seconds later I have a little furry head laying on my arm, purring very loudly. So I pet her again, and stopped. Again, she moved closer, put her head on my arm, and begged for pets. This happened a third time, and I knew no other cat in that building mattered...we adopted her right then and there.

In the just over 7 months we've had the pleasure of owning her, she's continued to show just how much she loves me. She's my constant shadow, my housework helper, and my sleeping buddy. If I get sick, she's right there to take care of me, lying real close and quiet. If I leave the house for a smoke, to go to work, to get the mail, she cries. She cries so loudly, I can hear her outside my apartment with all the windows closed. She will continue to cry for about 5 minutes, until she either realizes that I've gone to work or run a long errand and no amount of crying is going to get me back until I come home, or if she has visual confirmation that I haven't gone anywhere (and then she yells at me for leaving once I get back in, haha). She misses me is the much that the second I walk in the door, she comes running from wherever she is, and has to yell at me for being gone, before rubbing herself all over me and wanting to be picked up for kisses (both hers and mine).

Every night she cuddles up in her favorite spot by my shoulder in bed, and in the morning she wakes me up with a soft cheek rub and a loud purr, and she snuggles with me until it's time to get up for their breakfasts. She also purrs louder when she's with me (my boyfriend points it out all the time, lol), and when she lays next to me, she'll just purr...I don't have to touch her, she just sits there and purrs (my boyfriend points this out all the time too! I think he's jealous, hehe.). I'm also allowed to pet her in places that anyone else would get bit at, such as her back legs and belly...she just purrs when I do it and rolls on her back for more. She's very vocal too, and she loves to have conversations with me.

Do you have a special friendship with your cat, and if so how long has it been going on? Did it start from day one, or did it take time to grow?
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MowMow and I had a similar start. He was absolutely the last cat I would have chosen but thank goodness he was smarter than i was. I was in the cat room with about 6 loose cats sitting on towers and shelves. I was trying to look at a beautiful but unfriendly grey tabby and this obnoxious and vocal orange/white tabby kept pawing and maowing at me.

According to the shelter people he wasn't very friendly at all but all he seemed to want was loving. When I got him home and opened the box I expecyed him to hide for a while but nope. He hopped out and started investigating right away. He found his litter box and used it, then came back and hopped in the couch next to me and went into this scary deep sleep. I thought there was something wrong with him.

I figured he'd sleep in my room but I didn't expect the cuddling and always touching. My guy cries when I leave too and when I'm gone he trashes the place and won't eat for a sitter. He has to travel with me. He also yells when I get back from my errands/work and demands his welcome home kisses. He also has to investigate my hands, face, clothes and shoes to see where I've been and what I touched. I can not even imagine life without him now and I wonder at what moron would surrender such a perfect angel.
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Tuffy is my baby. I got him at seven weeks old from a friend who rescued him after his mommy was killed. From the minute I brought him home, he was with me constantly, cuddling, playing, even when cooking he lays right on the counter to watch me. If he can't find me in the house he sits down and yells loudly til I call to him and then he comes running and MUST be held and loved and all that good kitty cat stuff. I recently got Satin and as yet have not formed a really tight bond with her but I guess it could happen. She's just not a cuddly cat -ha! Tuffy however is still and will always be I hope my best bud.
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I guess none of my cats are the constant purr-ers like you guys' cats!

I think my special bond is with Allegro. He's always right on the other side of the door to greet me when I come home, and sticks his paws under the door and cries for me when I go into the laundry room or bathroom. He doesn't like being picked up or petted when it's not his idea, but he DOES have the idea very often, and when he does, he's a total love bug- he is constantly jumping in my lap with a little trill and starts kneading and purring like crazy. He always gazes up at me with slow blinks and half-closed eyes and purrs himself to sleep in my lap while on his back with paws limply in the air. Other times he climbs right up onto my chest or shoulder and tucks his head under my chin and purrs himself to sleep. He only lets us pet him when he chooses to jump in our laps, though. But he is a total momma's boy and follows me around the house.

But I have close bonds with the other two in different ways. Coda is less demonstrative in her affections, but our bond is more intellectual. She loves having conversations with me, and she is the one who will lightly purr if I pick her up and snuggle her to me. The other day I had her in my arms and I just started talking to her in a soft, gentle voice, telling her about the day I met her and how much I love her and what a princess she is. She put her little paws up on my chest and gazed at me with droopy eyes and huge pupils, her jaw slack and drooling a little. She sat there while I talked to her for almost 35 minutes, just blinking at me and searching my face and making soft coos and light purrs. I felt a really special bond with her at that moment.

Forte definitely follows me everywhere, and whenever he catches up to me when I go to a different part of the house, he makes his little squeaky meow and looks up at me with big eyes before rubbing up against my legs repeatedly. When he gets in my lap, he's not as big of a purr-er as Allegro is, but he immediately goes limp and conks out, and he sleeps in my lap for literally HOURS. I once realized that I'd watched several episodes of an hour-long show on Netflix, and he was on my lap the whole time, fast asleep. When he's limp in my lap, I can pick him up, reposition him, make his little paws do the Macarena--whatever it is, he'll totally let me. He just closes his eyes and purrs a bit, and then goes limp again when you let go of him.

So yeah, I'm nuts about all three of my cats.
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I've had several cats in the past that I had a special what I call a "soul connection" to over the years. But my current one is a Devon Rex. I was really looking for another Manx to keep my old one company as her catfriend had died and she was depressed. I couldn't find a Manx breeder in Ontario, so decided on my second breed of choice--Devon Rex--which I had long admired when I used to show cats. I found a breeder near my home who had 2 litters of kittens, so I visited twice and spent about 2 hrs. each time, sitting on the floor playing with the kitties and seeing who was going to keep coming back to me. I really had my eye on a stunning beautifully marked cream/white bicolor male, but these two white kitties kept coming and getting in and out of my lap. I've had white cats before and they aren't my favourite color. I prefer torbies, tabbies, calicos. But the white boy was very dominant and growled at his littermates if he had a toy he didn't want to share, whereas the white girl was very sweet and keep coming to sit on me, so I got her as I felt she would respect my old Manx. Alkee still seeks my lap and attention. She's very bonded to me very much in the same way as your Samantha is to you. She always knows when I'm sick, sad, depressed, upset. As a breeder I learned that the bond is usually closer if the cat chooses its owner, like Samantha chose you. A few months after I had Alkee my old Manx died, so I went back to the same breeder. This time she had decided to retire from breeding after many years and had a few adults and one male kitten available. So I bought the kitten, who was a half-brother to my girl, even tho he didn't choose me. He was too busy busy playing with the other cats to bother to come and get in my lap on his own. Both cats are now in their 6th yr. Zuba's very loving but not as bonded to me in the intimate way Alkee is, but he has become more bonded in the last couple of years. Zuba loooves my hubby, so it worked out well, as we each have a cat in the lap when we watch TV.
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Yes, my baby Sinatra. I love and adore my Nutmeg, don't get me wrong, but Sinatra and I have a very deep bond. I wanted to get a kitten (silly me) from the humane society but my boyfriend saw a nice siamese boy in the corner, ever so quiet. He crawled into his lap right away and we came back and adopted him the next day. He is my angel, and I can't believe I ever wanted another cat! I want to know what kind of person would give him away!

Becky, the proud momma of:

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That's me and my Egypt. She's my special girl. I posted her story a few months back on her birthday:

She is the only one of my cats who actually scratches at my pant legs to be picked up and cuddled. She is also now the only one that sleeps in the bed with me and trills when she sees me. I just love her to pieces!
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Aww, I love all these stories! Thanks for sharing everyone. Mow sounds a lot like Samantha!

I too wonder how someone could give her up. I've been able to piece together a tiny bit of her story from before, and from I gather, she was owned by someone who got her front declawed, and then she was either abandoned because she got pregnant or got pregnant after her owner abandoned her. Either way, she was brought in to the SPCA, had a litter of kittens, was spayed, and all her kittens were adopted out before her because she had complications after her surgeries (hernia or something). She was still pretty well shaved from her spay when we adopted her.

It's amazing how they seem to choose you sometimes isn't it? It's like they were just waiting for the right person to come along.
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It's funny, when we first got Apollo, he was "my cat" because I picked him out, and his hyperactive behavior drove my boyfriend a little nuts sometimes.

When we picked out Athena, it was my boyfriend who chose her. We figured, I had crazy Apollo, and Eric would likely bond with the slightly mellower Athena.

Yet now, a few months later, Eric is clearly Apollo's favorite and I'm Athena's. I admit I developed a soft spot for Athena fairly early on because she was just so frail when we first got her, and she was so clumsy and always managed to injure herself, which is a trait I share. XD I felt we had a lot in common. Plus she's tiny, and I'm short, while Apollo is huge (too big to comfortably fit in my lap anymore) and my boyfriend is very tall. It's like our cats match us.

I think Eric has the strong hand that Apollo needs (he's a little trouble maker, and I'm so bad about disciplining him, I don't sound scary at all when I'm mad) and I have the soft touch that little Athena needs. It's funny how it all worked out!
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I would say hands down Raven is that extra special kitty of mine. When I first saw her I just felt like she was the cat I had always been looking for. For a kitten she was so shy and skittish but despite the fact she didn't like anyone at the barn she had come up to me and let me pet her. Within the first week I had her at home she lived in my bedroom with me since we had other cats in our house and I didn't want them to beat her up. She followed me everywhere even sneaking out of the house after me.

Now a days Raven is always hiding out of sight unless we are just home together. She likes to play only with me and of course she is such a weirdo. She loves to talk to me and surprisingly I hold long conversations with her just talking about my day and asking her what her day was like. She likes to sit down and watch movies with me, she will curl up next to me and every now and again look up at the TV screen. Every night she comes crawling up to my bedroom door and chirps until I let her in so she can lay on the bed with me.

She is like my little stalker shadow and in a way whenever she is around I feel like everything is as it should be. I'm not a truly spiritual person but Raven had come into my life at a very horrible time for me and she seemed to just help me set everything straight and make every day just so much better. I truly think in a way she is my little guardian angel. It probably helps me view her like such because she seems to resemble the Egyptian cat goddess Basset so much.
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