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Games you play with your cat?

I mentioned blowing soap bubbles for him to burst on another thread, but I'm in need of more cat-mommy interactive play ideas...
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I'll be interested to see what ideas you get, because I need some too. One thing we've started doing that's fun for the whole family (well, Murphy), is that I say, "Ready??" and hold up one of his little mice, and throw it down the long hallway. He runs after it and overshoots it, and crouches down to keep his eye on it. Rinse and repeat. At least he's getting some exercise out of it, even if the game serves no real purpose.

Holly and Murphy
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Tom Cat
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Our guys like the laser pointer toys. It is one of our morning rituals here. Pingpong balls in the tub or create a soccer field (the grandkids created it actually) out of a large mirror/picture moving box always get a response.
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I have a mouse/feather tied to a long (about 12 foot) string. I toss the mouse/feather while holding onto the other end of the string, and then reel the mouse/feather back in again, whereupon the girls will chase/stalk it. Sometimes I just wiggle the long string on the ground, and they will pounce on the string.

I also have a small basket with all sorts of bouncy balls. I sit at the bottom of my staircase and toss the balls about 3 or 4 stairs high, such that the balls bounce down the stairs, and the girls then chase the balls.

I also play Da Bird, Cat Dancer and similar wand toy games with them. After a few minutes, when they seem bored with the game, I dangle the toy inside a box with come cutout holes or at one end of a cat tunnel, which always perks their interest back up. Alternatively, I make the toy hide behind a corner or climb up a wall, which similarly adds to the girls' interest.
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Yay, I have to print out this thread for constant reference!

Especially ideas to make him run, which he gets little opportunity to do.
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My cat loves when you take a large box (like an air conditioner comes in or larger) and cut a few entry ways into it with some extra odd shaped holes to drop toys in. Hide and seek is popular too. I hide behind a door or piece of furniture and he rushes up like he's gonna attack me then runs off the other direction. Laser pointers are super fun. I've never seen anything change directions as fast as a cat chasing a red great way to get rid of their extra energy.
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Besides laser pointers there's toy mice and string that I can drag around/tie things too. And cat nip toys. What more could a cat want?

As far as games go, I used to play hide and seek with Blaze (avatar cat)... my dad would hold on to him and then I'd run and hid behind a door somewhere, when Blaze found me he'd meow at me. Sometimes I'd hide in the bathroom and he'd see me in the mirror and meow at my reflection! Haha. We haven't done that in a few years but I bet he'd still like to play the game.

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I've played "chase" and "hide & stalk" with some of our kitties. When they're getting 'wild eyed' I'll shout out some loud "Woo-hoo's!" to egg them on and sometimes I'll widen my eyes, hunch my shoulders and do 'grabby-fingers-claw-hands' at them. I love it when they pounce and bounce towards me, especially if they do it sideways with their ears back and tails curled in an upside down U.

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With my new kitten/cat Urbie (I've had him a month, and after being a stray, he's totally at home)...he's come into his own!

We play with the flashlight. Unlike a laser, it has a very audible "click" when it turns on. After the second time, he'd hear that click and be ON GUARD!!!! Ready to rumble.

We also play with the feather/stick thing. But I now initiate all play time with the click of the flashlight. He likes to run and jump up like "SURPRISE", it's funny as can be, but I'm a little concerned because my 88 year old mum lives with us, and she broke her pelvis last fall.

But after a week of "initiating" the play time with the audible click, I think it's starting to sink in. When he initiates play with me, I still use the click of the flashlight to make it official.

Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Oh, one more toy idea. We got Urbie one of those cardboard scratch boxes that you put the catnip in. We put it in the middle of the floor (on the carpet) and he runs and jumps on kind of surfs a bit. Maybe I'll stick a string on it and give it a yank, I bet he'd like that too.

The Empress, of course, disdains all of this activity, the only play she desires is for my mom to follow her to the kitchen on DEMAND, and of course, mega attention when she jumps on laps. Did I mention she will sit next to one of us, tilt her head a bit to make sure you're looking at her, and then just plop over. It's hilarious. I'll try to video it, I don't know how she learned to do that.
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MowMow and I are always c hasing each other around the apartment. One of the games he likes to play(me not so much) is to stand somewhere in the apartment and yowl like he's dying. It's the same noise he made when he couldn't pee and it always brings me running. Then he bounds out from some hiding place on his back legs with his front paws spread wide and lunges at me. Then he runs off trilling. I swear he loves to hear me scream.

He loves to 'boodgekitty'. That means he races into whatever room I'm in at top speed and stops shorts trilling at me. I ignore him until he gets close enough for me to reach down fast and grab him. Then I pin him on the bed on his back and bounce him against the mattress. When I let go he races off trilling at me.

He also likes me to jiggle him on the back of the computer chair. He digs into it with his claws and I sit in the chair and jerk it back and forth. He hangs on and bites at it and growls like he's on the back of a Waterbuffalo.
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