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I want them to take a bath with me!

Chiquis (on the ledge): Hey Mom, what's that...WOW! What are you doing there!
Gatito: I told you! She just stands inside there and talks to us...I think she wants ME to go inside (Gatito thinks everything is about him)

Chiquis: I'm not sure if this is ok or not...
Gatito: Just stay there man, I jumped in once and it wasn't nice at all...

Chiquis: What if I...get closer...what was that! It's cold!
Gatito: I told you! I have to teach you everything...

Chiquis: (After 20 minutes) I can't...stop....looking....
Gatito: ...I'm bored already...

So that's the closest it gets for me. Sitting on the ledge of the tub. I'd love to have them jump into the shower and have baths with me (I remember a video on youtube) but they just seem curious/kinda scared. What about your experience, do you take baths with your kitties? How did you teach them not to be scared?
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Pumpkin used to get in the shower and walk between the shower curtain/liner so she wouldn't get sprayed as a kitten, but now she just wades after I'm finished. Simone jumped in once, and then scrambled out as fast as possible! Both of mine are sink drinkers, but I think Pumpkin is my only cat that really likes water. Neither of them likes bath-time, but Pumpkin will allow me to bathe her outside by pouring water on her (I think because she is distracted by outside stuff).
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Awww that was so cute seeing those pics.
My Little Pumpkin has the habit of jumping into the shower tub before I turn on the water. I once turned the water on to see what would happen as she was exploring the tub and she quickly ran out very shocked. Since then, she still jumps in before I take a shower but I usually pick her up or somehow lure her out.
Both my cats take turns jumping on the ledge of the bathtub and wait for me to finish. It is so cute when I see them looking at me wondering what is going on behind curtain #1. I like playing peek a boo with them.

One time my previous kitty, Pumpkin Patch jumped in while I taking a shower and she quickly scrambled out. Cat generally do not like water sprayed on them.

On youtube they have cats swimming in the bathtub full of water! It is amazing to see that.
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Tom Cat
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Zoe used to LOVE bath time. Definitely not shower time since those water droplets are to be feared. And the bath had to include bubbles. In fact, in the summer on really hot days I'd put about an inch or 2 of water plus bubbles in the tub and she'd hop in and play around for an hour or sometimes more!

Poor Gabriel would pee himself in fear when we'd go in the car so after a trip to the vet he would need a bath. You would have thought I was trying to soak him in acid from the screaming and fight he'd put up! He was TERRIFIED of water in any form. I had to mix his wet food with water just to make sure he would get enough fluids because he was terrified even of the water in his dish!

For the first month or so Pedro would get in the shower with me or if I had the sink filled up he'd plop himself in and send waves of water all over the cupboard and floor Apple will stick her head in the shower, but that's about as interested as she has been. Neither of them have any fear of water though.
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That's hilarious. Our cat, Storm, loves to lay in an empty tub and will sometimes chatter at the bathroom wall at night. Sir insists on inspecting anyone taking a bath and will paw you and the water while you're in there.
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I've been trying to get Prince used to the water, but so far only got him drinking from the tap in the kitchen. He doesn't mind wetting his paw, but that's as far as his like of water goes. The summers here are so hot and long that I'd love to be able to play with him in the tub, give him baths, play catch the fish, etc.

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MowMow sits on the counter by the sink and supervises my showers. His job is to watch out for Norman Bates.

He's also my water timer. When he feels I've wasted enough he lets me know by pushing aside the shower curtain and yowling at me.
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Haha, those pics are too cute.

Rochelle and Alice like to play in the empty bathtub when no ones around. Rochelle even cleans my drain out for me (is that too gross? XD)!

Alice is the only one however that has ventured into the tub with me. The first time, I was sick and taking a bath. Both Rochelle and Alice were sitting on the tub edge, and Alice kept pawing at the water. Then she jumped in with me. Lets just say, that Alice normally runs around here like a nut, but I have never seen her bolt that fast from something. I cuddled her in a towel once I caught her, and she was fine. The second time was just today actually...she jumped in the shower with me after I got home from work. She stayed out of the spray, but she was playing with the water towards the back of the tub. She is such a little turkey, haha!

As a side: this emote reminds me of Alice all the time, hehehe:
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Lenkolas: Your pictures and the little captions to go along with them are adorable!

Both of the girls are always in the bathroom in the morning when I shower. Abby plays with a ping-pong ball in the bathtub (my shower is in a separate shower stall, so the bathtub is dry), and Muffs waits outside the shower stall until I open the door, whereupon she immediately jumps in. She doesn't seem to mind her paws getting wet.

I don't often use the tub, but I remember the first time I took a bubble bath after I adopted the girls. They jumped onto the tub surround and started sniffing and then playing with the bubbles. They were just fascinated. Fortunately for them, unlike Alice, they didn't jump in!
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Those pictures are way too cute! You have very beautiful kitties.

My Cloud sits on the same part of the tub as Chiquis while I shower and just watches. I know his secret though. He wants me to hurry up and get done and leave. Why? Because he LOVES to roll and run around the wet tub after wards! I don't know why, he is always such a goober. I have to make sure that all bottles and loofahs are up and out of his path or else the end up exploded and shredded during his adventure. He will come out soaked and proud and then my kitties Kent and Autumn spend the next hour grooming him dry.
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