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Cat Scratch Fever aka Our First Spat.

A friend of my boyfriends (and a fellow cat lover), recommended those curved "wave" scratchers to him, since her cats have such a fun time with them. So last night after work I went and picked up a Petlinks System Dream Curl Curved Scratcher from Petsmart.

The moment I set it on the floor, Rochelle was all over it...rolling in it, playing with the toy, scratching the wicker, and stretching out in the "U" part. She loved it. The other girls checked it out too, but they didn't seem to have the interest Rochelle did. After a little bit, Rochelle settled down in the "U", and was just contentedly lying there. Alice comes wandering over, and starts playing with her, with small cleanings in between (like they always do with each other). They were rolling all over the scratcher and seemed to be having a good time.

I'm gonna stop for one sec here to give a bit of info. Alice and Rochelle get along great, they really do. Rochelle is very gentle when she plays. She usually ends up underneath whichever girl she's wrestling with at the time, and just sorta takes whatever, with a few ear bites here and there. When she's had enough, most of the time, she'll give a little cry to signal when she wants up...the other girls always listen and back off (after a few seconds they're at it again, hehe). Alice is usually kinda feisty when when she plays. She's still young (just over a year), and has not lost a single bit of that naughty kitten, she's a tortie and they are just plain nutso. One reason she loves my boyfriend so much, is because he plays rough with her, and she adores it. Sometimes that carries over into her play with Rochelle, and she can get too rough with her, making Rochelle cry. Ok, back to the story...

I was in the kitchen making dinner, when I heard Rochelle start to cry. It didn't stop right away, so I peeked my head around the corner and told Alice to quit it...she did, but went back after Rochelle after a few seconds. They seemed to be ok again, so I went back to dinner...I continued to check on them though, and I started to notice that Alice was keeping Rochelle away from the scratcher...kinda rushing her and causing her to back away. Suddenly, Rochelle let out a short quick yelp of sorts, and ran into the kitchen, and I look to see Alice standing there with a small chunk of Rochelle's fur in her mouth.

I scolded Alice, and took the hair out of her mouth, and she ran off to the living room. I cuddled Rochelle, who decided watching me cook would be fun, and I went back to dinner. A few minutes later I heard the scratcher being used again, and I peeked around to see Alice thoroughly enjoying herself with the thing. Rochelle went over to her, and they started a cleaning session...things seemed to be ok again.

Then Alice started in on the rushing again, backing Rochelle (who's started crying again) away from the scratcher...Alice of course took the opportune time of me draining spaghetti noodles to do so, so I couldn't step in, and "Alice, no" wasn't working this time. I set the pan down as quickly as I could, and headed over, and this is what I saw. Rochelle cowering with ears flat, under Alice's raised paw. Alice's ears were also flattened, and she was sitting fully on the scratcher, as if to say "this is mine!"...and then she hissed. Not wanting to risk a cat fight over a scratcher, I banged my hand against the counter to break them up, and both went running in opposite directions.

I found Alice behind a recliner in the living room, and she got put in the bathroom for a time out. Then I found Rochelle hiding under a table, and no amount of sweet talk or treats were getting her out. I felt so terrible, because it wasn't too long ago that we broke that hiding and skittishness barrier. She came out on her own eventually, and she's been fine. After 15 minutes, Alice was let out of solitary, and there were no more incidents, and the girls were 100% fine with other. *sigh*

I did put the scratcher away in a closet though, before we went to bed...I didn't want to risk anything happening while we slept. The scratcher has been out all this morning, and so far, no fighting.

I wonder why Alice got so territorial over the thing. They share toys and scratchers all the time, and I've never seen it get even close to that heated. I guess cats really do love the "wave" scratchers...maybe a little too much! XD
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I was thinking about getting one of those, but oh dear...maybe I'll have to get two!
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Seriously. I plan on getting a second one...going tonight after my boyfriend gets home from work tonight. I will not have my cats fighting over something as stupid as a scratcher. If getting two will help, I'll do it. I just don't want to take it away completely, because Rochelle loves it so much.
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Sounds like a good plan, TB, just don't put them side by side, maybe opposite sides of a room?
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Originally Posted by catloverami View Post
Sounds like a good plan, TB, just don't put them side by side, maybe opposite sides of a room?
I was thinking one in the living room and one near the kitchen. Out of line of sight from each other, and both in areas where either my boyfriend or I will be near...just in case.
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That sounds just like what happens in my house at times except between a dog and a cat. Spats just start up for no reason or at inopportune times when I'm in the middle of something.

But yeah, that sounds like a strategy, providing two of them in different areas of the house.
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Yeah, I had to take it away...supervision isn't enough to stop these two. This time it was Rochelle who hissed and started puffing up at a growling Alice. *sigh* They can't seem to learn to play with it's big enough for two cats and they play together with similar scratchers that are smaller. I don't know what makes this one so special. They just both want it completely for themselves and when the other comes over crap hits the fan.

They can have it back when I get the second one.
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Tom Cat
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It's interesting the things cat's decide are valuable treasures! I sure hope the other scratcher leaves both of your pretty girls happy and frustration free.

Kent, Mirage, and Autumn all have a similar fight in my house, only it's over my exercise bike. For some reason it is the most coveted seat in the house lol.
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The one we bought for our crew had catnip on the cardboard pad. As far as the cats' claws it seems to do a good job in sharpening them. Honestly the flat cardboard pads from Wallyworld work just as well and are only 1/4 the price. Our guys will spar with each other over ownership of the nip.
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Like bkitty, I wondered too about catnip. My girls played a lot with their wavy scratcher when it was new, but they don't bother with it anymore. I think mine had catnip on it, which was the initial attraction. Perhaps that's what Rochelle and Alice are fighting over? Still, I agree to put it away for now.
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