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Question When Stallion Met Munchkin

I've been reading through a lot of the older threads on multi-cat households, but I'm hoping for some advice on my kitties' unique situation...

The players (both have been fixed):
Munchkin (the resident cat)
  • female
  • 6 y/o
  • tiny (part munchkin or severe runt)
  • missing her canines

Stallion (the newcomer)
  • male
  • 4 y/o
  • normal sized healthy cat

I've had Munchkin in my life for a year and a half, she's very affectionate, playful and a purring machine. For several months she'd seemed bored, wanting attention but at the same time not interested in playing or being petted, so I thought it was time to bring home a companion kitty for her. I adopted Stallion a few weeks ago, I chose him because he's also a black cat and he was very playful-which is just what I thought Munchkin would love. I'd also been advised that female cats do better with a new male cat. I did the introduction routine, and while they're not buddies, they can both be on my bed at the same time, sleep in the same room, etc.

Problem is: Stallion keeps trying to jump Munchkin's bones. Or.. at least I think that's what's happening-I've seen him try to mount her from behind. (And, in case you missed it above, they are both fixed, and she isn't behaving as though she's in heat as if part of her ovarian tissue is still intact.) Munchkin seems to be scared of him. A lot of the time when he approaches her, she starts a low and threatening growl, her ears go back, and she hunches low. If he doesn't get the message, she scurries off. She doesn't even feel safe when she's having a purring/petting session on my lap!!!

I've gotten them both pheromone/lavender collars to calm them down, but it's not helping enough. Part of the problem, I think, is that they're a bit like Oscar and Felix when it comes to their personality and behavior. She couldn't care less about human food, he's obsessed with it and even wants to smell people's mouths! She's very intelligent, he will keep chasing his tail until I get bored of baiting him in a circle. She gets annoyed at me when my apartment gets messy, he revels in causing messes. She plays by waiting and ambushing, he keeps leaping after the bait until it stops-which makes it difficult to get play time in with M when he's not separated. Also, I think he may be younger than the pound said, I'm not sure how they measure such things, but he acts more like a 2 year old to me.

I've tried doing a slow re-introduction, but it didn't change the growling, (which eventually leads to chasing and fighting). The only injury I've seen so far is a scratch to Stallion's lip, but I feel like Munchkin can't relax in her own home and I don't know what to do to make things better. Please help!

Edited to add: It may be worth noting that there's no spraying, leaving pee/poop uncovered, etc going on at all.

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I know others will chime in, but it sounds to me like they are sorting out their social positions in the home. They are so new to each other, things should calm down eventually, but for now, they need to sort out their kitty differences. Mounting is a dominant behavior and not one always attributed to sexuality. If they are not hurting each other as in actual fighting, but simply chasing, posturing and mounting, they will most likely work things out amongst themselves eventually. Just keep an eye out in case it gets too rough or if there is actual fighting involved. If you feel munchkin is being intimidated to excess, I wouldn't leave them roaming free unsupervised until they get along better.

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Thanks, dweamgoil! So I shouldn't preemptively stop them from fighting? (When I'm home, I try to yell "No!" at Stallion.)

If you're right I'm kinda bummed out for Munchkin, I didn't mean for her to be de-throned! Then again, with her size, that might have been inevitable with just about any cat. :/
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(I forgot to mention that I don't think she's being intimidated to excess, I honestly think from his body language that he often has playful intent-Munchkin just can't seem to take it that way, which is what makes me worried.)
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If it's not actual fighting (blood, hissing and REAL scratching, fur flying, cats rolled into a ball type of brawl), I wouldn't worry too much about it. I know others have different thoughts about cats making good or bad associations from the start, but in my experience, some cats are rougher than others. My Egypt is a little roughneck and although she means it as play manhandles all the other cats. She is kinda of annoying, too so I can imagine they sometimes just want her to go away and she's persistent to boot.

You can't predict which cat is going to be top cat or not...don't feel bad. Munchkin should get used to her new annoying and mischievous adoptive brother. They just need time to adjust to each other. Just keep a close eye on them just in case.

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I agree that if you're not seeing real fighting, I'd let them be. I usually shake a coin can if things start to get too rough and it looks like it's getting out of hand. I would still separate them when you're not home for now.

On the other hand, if the fighting starts to turn nasty, I'd start again with the introduction. When you say a slow introduction, what do you mean (as in how long)?
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Tom Cat
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I have the same question as Susan.

When you hear growling and stuff just keep an eye on them. All of my cats are fixed, but Cloud climbs on both of the girls in kind of a mounting position which always then leads to wresting. Some cats do play rougher then others. Cloud and Mirage have been together since they were 8 weeks old. Both of their litters lived together at the shelter and the two of them kinda paired off from the start. They obviously like each other. However, they very much act like a brother and sister. They play a lot, but sometimes they get too rough (especially Cloud who loves to play rough). When growling occurs I just keep an eye on them. Most times it is just growling. However sometimes they take it too far and start to annoy each other. The sound of the growling changes, the fur on their backs tends to raise, they stare at each other with an unwavering stare, and their tails swish wildly. When this happens then the two get separated for a small break. Just keep an eye on your kitties. Cats each have different boundaries in their interactions with each other that are considered acceptable or unacceptable behavior. It sounds like they are working this out, obviously your little girl feels that your boy isn't respecting her comfort level on their type of play (is this only happening when they play or do they argue at just the sight of each other?).
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