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My Cat

Hi all,

I have a black 6 year old neutered male cat, Frankie. He lives with my partner and I.
Frankie was adopted from the RSPCA (England) in December 2008, so have had him for nearly 3 years.
The RSPCA didn’t provide much back ground information on Frankie, only that he lived in a house, was given up and not a stray.
When my partner and I went to visit the rescue centre, Frankie was very friendly and liked to be fussed. We decided we wanted to provide him with a loving, safe and secure, forever home.
When we collected him he was still the same as when we’d first saw him, took a while to get him in to the cat basket, no cats like that though!
We bought him home and introduced him to his litter tray, food and water, also some toys and a little cat igloo bed. Frankie took to the arm chair, which was fine by us, as long as he felt secure, safe and comfortable. I gave him a fleece blanket to lie on and to feel cosy. Frankie hid under the fleece, which was understandable that he was probably feeling nervous and stressed of the new surroundings and us.
We kept him inside for a couple of weeks as advised, during this time he was not the friendly cat that enjoyed the fuss when he was at the rescue centre, he did the usual crying and howling, we were very patient with him and would talk to him to make him more comfortable, maybe he felt safe that the rescue centre as he was a resident for about 4 months.
He ate and drank as normal and used the litter tray.
When we first let him out he disappear for about 14 hours and came back home when it was dark, I was frantic with worry, I was wandering the streets calling him, shaking treats, they neighbours must have thought I was mad!
As the nearly 3 years have gone by, Frankie loves to be outside, come rain or shine, snow and hail, he’d rather be out than in!
I have locked the cat flap many times to keep him in for a little while, but he’s not happy and howls so I unlock it and let him out.
He’ll pop in for breakfast, have a little nibble and out again! The same with lunch and dinner, sometimes doesn’t come home until it’s my bedtime.
Frankie isn’t territorial, although he does have a scrap every now and again, he allows other cats to come in to the garden, last year he befriended a kitten/very young cat, I would always see them in the back garden together, playing, sleeping or just looking at each other. Frankie then started to invite his little friend home for tea, he would sit and watch the little cat eat his food, he wasn’t bothered, it would be scoffed down by the other cat then they would both go out to play. This got worse, the other cat would come in and eat Frankie’s food in the middle of the night when Frankie wasn’t around, I could hear the bell on the collar against the food bowl. This is when I decided to install a cat flap that detects microchips.
No more friend home for tea but I still see them together in the garden.
Frankie has always had the run of the house, he has his igloo bed in our spare bedroom, he also has a fleece blanket on the bed in there, I will sometimes find him curled up on the bed or in his igloo, but this is very rare, a few times during the winter months and there was a few days when he was poorly with a cyst on his face, once that healed he was out again.
The cat flap is installed in the back door which leads to the kitchen, this is where his food and drink is, I have an adjoining dining room, and this is where he’ll be if he is ever in the house. He will never come in to the living room, he used to when we first got him and maybe for a few months after that but would never get on the sofa or sit on your lap, I could pick him up but he would jump down after a few seconds.
When he does come in, I do make a fuss of him and he loves it, loves to be stroked and brushed.
Frankie doesn’t like my partner in fact no one apart from me. If my partner goes near him or he hears him, he’s out of the cat flap in a flash, if we lock the cat flap and he cannot get out he’ll go straight upstairs under the bed. I’m not sure if this is now a habit, knowing cats are creatures of habit and because he has done it for so long now.
Frankie is never aggressive, doesn’t bite, scratch or hiss and never has done.
All we want to do is show him we love and care about him.
I’m sure this all has something to do with his background.
As we know nothing about his life before us, I’m thinking he may have been taken away from his mother too early/young, did he not have much interaction with humans, live in a multi cat household or semi feral.
We had another rescue cat Timmy (R.I.P) before Frankie, he was a stray before being taking to the Blue Cross (England) we had him for 3 years, he was very friendly, loving, affectionate and never left our sides. I know not all cats are the same, but would be grateful of any advice and tips.
We have been thinking about getting a kitten to see if that may help him become a bit more homely or is that a bad idea? Maybe he is just set in his ways.
Thanks in advance and sorry for the extra long post.

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Count yourself lucky. Most women complain of the opposite: the partner is the one behaving like that and the cat keeps her company.

Jokes aside, I guess it's either his personality or something in the house maybe bothers him...? Yesterday Prince wanted out a lot, like he didn't want to be in the house. Turned out he was too hot here and there are no stone floors, only wall-to-wall, and it makes him very hot. He'd also not want to be in the house when I first adopted another cat.

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Thanks for your reply.

I think with Frankie's age and the length of time that I have had him, I just have to accept that it is his personality and he is just an outdoorsy cat.

I don't think there is anything in the house that Frankie doesn't like, apart from my other half .

After reading up on getting a kitten with an older cat, some cats except the kitten and some don't, some cats will leave home altogether. I would not want Frankie leaving home so probably a bad idea getting one.
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