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Jr. Cat
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Water Bowl Issue

So, for the last 2 weeks or so i have been having MAJOR issues with Enzo and his water bowl.

He drags it around the room and spills it all, then when there is not even enough in the bowl to cover the bottom, he drinks the last bits!

Its driving me mad because all my flooring is constantly wet!

He had a regular bowl, which i changed for a larger one so i could put the same amount of water in, but it wouldnt be as high up the side of the bowl...but he STILL does the same thing!

I have no idea what to do with him!

Does anybody else have issues like this or have any ideas how to stop him doing it?
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Dagny loves water, so I had the same issue. I solved it by putting his water bowl in the bathtub. This has worked well for over a year now and he can splash all he wants. I have to keep the lid closed on the toilet though because he would splash there too. lol!
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Jr. Cat
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I do find Enzo runs into the bathroom every time he gets the opportunity!
He has also been found in the toilet on more than one occasion.

The problem with this in my apartment though is that the door pulls its self closed. It only stays open if its open all the way...but when its open all the way you cant get to my bedroom or spare room!
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Cat Addict
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Prop your door open just enough for Enzo with a heavy weight?
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My cat Alex used to "dig" on the edge of the bowl and spill it all everywhere. I got the ceramic fountain from petco which I think looks a little less fountainish than some of the popular ones, the boys can't tip it over, and they drink more water. the only downside is, they dunk their little paws in it after being in the litterbox so I have to pretty much constantly rinse it out to get rid of the litter pieces.
Maybe a fountain would be a good investment? Enzo could play in the water and it may still spill a bit but at least it would be in one spot.
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Tom Cat
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I have a water fountain too. Milky likes putting his paws in a lot playing with the water (or to test the water temperature or for what I have no idea!?) Since I saw him getting the water in there dirty every now and again, I usually wipe his paws with a wet tissue for pets as soon as he leaves the litter tray so he won't get little bits everywhere. The water fountain has since stayed quite clean. Maybe you can try that?
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Tom Cat
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I had this same exact problem with Apollo for months. I tried several different bowls and I even moved them around thinking he didn't approve of where they were.

Someone gave me the great suggestion on here to put his water bowl on a pan of some sort. It just so happened that I have a large baking pan that I've never used because it won't fit in my half-sized oven lol. So now it's sitting in my kitchen with his food and water in it. He STILL spills it everywhere and winds up prancing around in it and trailing wet paw prints all over my kitchen, but it stays in the pan and it's MUCH better than having a pool of water all over the floor every day. Maybe you could try something like that?
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Jr. Cat
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Originally Posted by Shenanigans View Post

Someone gave me the great suggestion on here to put his water bowl on a pan of some sort.

This sounds like a good idea!
I dont know why i never thought of it! I have his bowls on a 'place mat' but obviously its really easy for him to drag the bowl off it!

I will get a tray for it this weekend, then if that fails i think i will try the fountain idea.

Thanks for the suggestions!
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Premier Cat
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I'm sure not if pet stores in the U.K. carry weighted water bowls, but most do here in Canada. This prevents them being tipped. Another alternative, may be to put an old towel under neath it, tho he may then use it to cover his water.
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I had this issue with Doran.

Word from the wise. The water bottles with the attached bottle (gravity waterers) do NOT help. My kitchen had a lake, and that dumb thing lasted less than 1 week before I returned it.

What DID help was a big rock in the dish. I picked a smooth one, with a fairly flat bottom so it wouldn't tip, I boiled it (to sanitize), then stuck it in the dish. It worked well until Doran got big enough that he could pull it around anyways. *sigh*

Then we got a fountain. Now, Doran was a good boy with the fountain when Mommy was home. So, naturally, Mommy thought it was working. What I didn't know was that once Mommy left Doran was pushing the fountain out of it's little raised alcove, so the water was making a lake that he could play in. Seriously. He's never once done this while I'm at home. But about every 6 months or so he does it to my SO. Bratcat.

The fountain generally works, once Doran got over playing in the waterfall anyways (about a week). So we've stuck with it. My vote goes to the fountain...but make sure it sits flush with the floor, not inside a little cubbyhole with a 1 inch ledge...

catloverami...I tried the weighted bowls. He just dug the water out anyways...without pulling it away from the wall first. In an old house that did bad things for the drywall.
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