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Tom Cat
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I want sleep! Is that too much to ask?!

So yes I love my Apollo. But literally I wanted to throw him out of my window this morning.

There's been *one* night since I got him that I've been able to sleep past 4 or 5am. (Not including the MANY nights I spend at the BF's because it's so quiet there.)

I've been sleeping with the **** spray bottle. Yes, it "works" enough; he stops what he's doing to give himself a little bath and then gets right back to it.

I have to either a.) get rid of my bed and buy a whole new frame and box spring, or b.) I need to get a new boxspring AND wood slats for under the bed. Yep, he's completely destroyed the wood and managed to ruin my metal bed frame. The bed sags really bad and I'm terrified to actually get on my own bed now. I have to find some tools to take the *(&^& thing apart now.

I will admit that I did chase him around my room this morning spritzing him with the water bottle. I was just so mad, sooooo mad. Lack of sleep is starting to seriously affect my moods. (And not to mention that since it's getting closer and closer to what should have been my due date, my emotions are all over the place and he's just seriously not making it any easier on me.)

His only saving grace is that SOME TIMES, he will wake me up by licking my hands or arms, but if I don't get up immediately, that's when he starts attacking me and then going for the blinds, lamp, bed and everything else.

The absolute WORST part of the whole thing is that he can have food, his treats, toys and plenty of stuff to do when I'm in bed, but because I AM IN BED, it's time for him to be a loud obnoxious little jerk.. Half of the time he completely calms down when I finally give up sleep at 4am and he will just lay around the house. The other half of the time he continues to be a jerk until 8 or 9 when he's ready for a nap.

I've already had to have someone come in and scrape the paint off & repaint one of the walls in the bathroom from him scratching at it. He's broken 2 sets of blinds. My couch is destroyed, but I'm not too worried about it as it was given to me by my aunt and it's not the best little thing, however I am worried for future couches. He's torn through 2 shower liners, even when I tie the liner and shower curtain up to where he shouldnt be able to reach it, he's torn though. My area rug and runner are both frayed and torn to pieces. My bedroom door that never latched because it was put on crooked and the uneven door frame - doesn't even close anymore because he managed to actually mess it up. It used to stick at the top, which is the only way I could close it. Not anymore. I really don't have the energy to list the rest of the things he has destroyed..

But yes, I love him so very much, and I love the fact that he's slowly becoming more affectionate around his nap times, and I feel like we're bonding more and more each week, but once night time and HIS mornings arise, he completely digresses and the resentment I had towards him as a kitten is rising closer to the surface.

I'm just so tired. And money is VERY tight right now, so finding him a crate of some sort or anything else is just not possible right away.

Sigh, I don't know what to do with him.
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Tom Cat
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Location: Winston-Salem, NC
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I can't just surrender him, but trust me, when he was a baby I SERIOUSLY thought about it, but I knew if I did he would probably just be put down at 9 weeks old because of his aggression problems. He's gotten a lot better, but in some ways he's gotten worse. And yeah, about my metal bed frame - I am amazed myself, but he has managed to put so many scratches in one side of it, that it's actually BENT. That's how much strength and resolution he has to get me out of bed.

Side note : No, I am not about to have a baby, I miscarried in April, and my due date was supposed to be Nov. 11th. My boyfriend got me Apollo to keep me distracted and happy, we both figured having a pet would help me go through it. When I first got him and I noticed all of his behavior problems, the resentment was astounding. Apollo was 9 weeks old the day I got him, and coincidentally, I lost the baby at 9 weeks.. So it's been hard ever since.
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Originally Posted by shenanigans View Post
side note : No, i am not about to have a baby, i miscarried in april, and my due date was supposed to be nov. 11th. My boyfriend got me apollo to keep me distracted and happy, we both figured having a pet would help me go through it. When i first got him and i noticed all of his behavior problems, the resentment was astounding. Apollo was 9 weeks old the day i got him, and coincidentally, i lost the baby at 9 weeks.. So it's been hard ever since.
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It's going to be hard, but seriously consider rehoming. You mention resentment and if I recall correctly when you found the lost cat you mentioned he was a lot closer to what you wanted. There is no shame in realizing that you two are not the right fit. You're still processing a lot and it isn't fair to Apollo or to YOU to keep working on something that obviously isn't working. Don't surrender. With all the issues you've mentioned, he'd be hard pressed to make it out of a shelter alive. Do start putting out feelers for a cat savvy owner who might be willing to take him on and either keep him or "fix" him and rehome him. Then if you're ready, go down to a REPUTABLE rescue or even a breeder and find the right cat for you. The right home for Apollo is out there somewhere and so is the right cat for you.
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Tom Cat
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Gosh, I really feel for you. My Milky is a bit of a disaster too but once he gets al wild and crazy on us, we lock him in his cage and let him meow it out until he's tired and falls asleep. Then he's better... until the next time... Milky isn't destructive, probably more skitterish and freaky than naughty and just needs calming down. Obviously that's not working out for you and not getting enough sleep can really make you frustrated. If you don't want to give him up (not that I'm for it anyway) then maybe try to play with him more around the times he usually gets aggressive/destructive and other times leave him alone to do his own thing. Ignore him when he is being naughty or if you have enough energy, distract him from his destructive behaviour by directing his attention at something else. I'm sure you've heard this a zillion times before, but maybe patience is the key?? Keep his favourite toy near you and once he starts going all crazy at something, take the toy out and let him put all his energy into the toy rather than taking it out on you/your furniture etc.

I know it's not much, but hope it helps. Good luck!
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Cat Addict
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Sorry to hear what you have been going through.

Can't you put him in another room at night?
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Could he be put in a small, kitty-proof room at night? Or even crated in a large crate with a small litterbox?
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Tom Cat
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No need to apologize. Really :]. It's been difficult but I'm getting through it.

The thought of rehoming him is difficult. It's the last thing I want to do, for sure. The second he jumps on my lap and starts kneading until he falls asleep completely wipes away the frustration I had with him earlier on. I just wish the sweetness he has would extend on through the rest of his day, lol. I know I'm going to keep being upset with his behavior, but I can't ignore the fact that he's much more well behaved than he used to be. Mornings are the worst, and if I don't have the energy or if I'm not home when he needs serious play time, that's when he gets super aggressive and destructive (- but if I am not home, he doesn't ruin anything. I think he just sleeps and waits til I get home to reign destruction, haha. It's all for attention, as if I don't give him enough?)

As for leaving him in a kitty-proof room at night, not possible. I only have a one bedroom apartment and none of my doors latch, so leaving him in the bathroom is impossible and keeping him out of my room is just as difficult. Eventually, I plan on getting him some sort of crate/cage, but as of right now, money is incredibly tight.

He has PLENTY of playtime. I spend just about every hour that I am home playing with him, unless he's sleeping. The second I stop playing with him for whatever reason, potty break, drink break, laundry, whatever, he goes after blinds, cables, books, my lamp, my bed, etc. If I try to do little things around the house while he's sleeping he will hear me and wake up and want to play. Lol. I feel terrible because he honestly acts like I never pay any attention to him, and doing "naughty" things is the only way he can get any attention. We take a step in the right direction and have a good day, the next thing you know, he pulls this crap and we wind up taking 15 steps backwards.
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Senior Cat
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Hey...I don't know if this could help you, but I built a cage not so long ago with pvc pipes, net and 90 elbows, and it was very cheap. I used it to trap two feral cats on top of a roof (yeah, I know...I'm nuts).

Since it is just plastic, it probably won't be sturdy enough, but you can put two cement (concrete) blocks inside of it (that are also very cheap). You can make it as big as you want.

Here's the old thread, there are pictures of the building process.

Based on the info from this website Building A Folding Drop Trap by Lisa A. Pierson, DVM

Good luck with everything, and lots of hugs for you! [[[]]]
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Cool Cat
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Maybe he needs another kitty to harass...

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