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Unhappy can't cope with naughty kitten

My 14 week old kitten bumble is constantly naughty, not just in the way a kitten should be.
Twice this week i've woken up where she's peed on my bed-despite happily using the litter tray! I would lock her out but my bedroom is my older cats safe space as she's very timid.
Also, 90% of the time, she is unstrokeable because she will turn around and bite or grab a hand inbetween her claws and bite. Only time she can be stroked is when she's going to sleep or decided she loves you and nudges up for cuddles. Worse thing is, she obviously loves us as she purrs the second you speak to her.
She is also awful to my older cat. Flo is quiet and fairly reserved but comes to you when she wants love.
Bumble how ever is constantly attacking her no matter what she's doing but especially if i give flo attention. Its affecting her personality too and she seems sad.
I really need help! Thanks x
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Good news: Except for the peeing, she's a typical kitten.

Bad news: Except for the peeing, she's a typical kitten.

Is the litter box in your bedroom? If not, you may want to get another to put in there until she gets a little older. Sometimes kittens are like little kids and play and play and wait until it's too late to reach the bathroom.

Everyone falls in love with kittens and think they're adorable - and they are - but they're hard work. They are willful, little stinkers! I wouldn't trade mine for the world, but I also adopted sisters so they'd have each other to burn up all that endless energy with.

Did you do a slow introduction?

Cali, Cinderella, Cleo and Charlee

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Marie asked a good question about the was the kitten introduced to Flo? Did you just bring the kitten home and put the two cats together?

Also, you say the peeing happened while you were asleep, so do you know for sure that it was the kitten? Or might it have been Flo? Given your description of Flo and her relationship with the kitten, it would not be unusual for Flo to start having litter box issues. If you're sure it was the kitten, then I agree with Marie about putting another litter box close by.

As for the biting, that's perfectly normal in kittens and something they normally outgrow. She's just trying to play, although that's not to say you should just let her do it; rather, you must teach her that biting is an unacceptable form of play. When she grabs your hand, say "NO" in a very stern voice...not yelling or screaming...just a firm voice. Stop playing with her or petting her, and ignore her for five minutes or so. Kittens hate to be ignored! It may take a while (a few weeks), but most kittens eventually get the message.
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Most of it sounds like normal kitty behavior to me. As for the biting, if she was taken from her momacat and litter mates before she was 8 wks. of age she never really learned to control her bite. Kitties need that important socialization period from 7-12 wks. to really know how to control their bite and claws and when they are hurting. Susan has given you good advice on how to deal with that. Since your older cat Flo is having a difficult time adjusting, in fairness to her, I would confine Bumble to the bathroom for the nights, with food, water and litter box. Feed an evening meal or snack just before you put her in the bathroom, and it will be a routine she will adjust to very quickly. Ignore any meowing after you've put her to bed. This should solve the wetting of the bed, and give Flo some extra special one-on-one time with you. Kittens can take away a lot of your attention with their antics, so you'll have to make some extra efforts to give lots of loving to Flo, away from the kitten, to give her more confidence and make her feel happier. Good luck!

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As cute as kittens are, often it unfair to an older cat to bring a rambunctious kit into the home.
You didn't say how old Flo is, many older cats just want to live in peace and quiet and don't want to live in constant dread of attack by a bratty kitten.
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I did the same thing to my guy. He's 7 and I decided that it might be time for a playmate for him (he was lonely when I went back to work) and I figured he's at a good age to 'teach' a kitten how to behave (and hopefully be as amazing a grownup cat as he is).

He was less than thrilled with the new addition and for the first month I was ripping my hair out and cursing myself for getting us both into this mess. The kitten was/is rambunctious, obnoxious, noisy, messy and in general a pain in the butt.

However, now I've gotten attached to the small demon and MowMow learned how to stand up for himself a bit when the kitten bugged him too much and things have started to settle in. Would I do it again? .. NO FREAKING WAY..... but I promise it does get better with patient training.

Imo, it IS important for the old kitty to have a special place she can go where the kitten can't follow. I usually keep Shepherd Book locked up during the day so MowMOw has the apartment and they are only together when I'm home to supervise and be sure he's not driving the old guy nuts but even on weekends.... I'll close the bedroom door with just MowMOw and I in there and he gets some quiet time away from the little demon spawn. I've tried leaving Shepherd out all day and while they SEEM to be fine when I get home, MowMOw is always short tempered and cranky with both of us so for now (until the kitten has learned to play nice and not tick off big brother) they are separated for any length of time I'm not there to tag team the baby.
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flo is now 18months. I know it definitly was bumble who peed on the bed as i have caught her before. I have put a litter tray in the bedroom to try and stop this.
Unfortunately, bumble was a lot younger than i would have wanted but i rescued her from a family who weren't interested when their cat had kittens. They just shoved the litter outside after they hit 5 weeks and left them to it. Bumble was taken to the vet immediately and he aged her at about 6 weeks.
She wa kept away from flo completly for 2 weeks as she had flea's, worms, an eye and skin infection so i made sure these were clear before introductions.
Over about 3 weeks, they were introduced gradually, usual hissing from flo but not much else. Unfortunately, i think bumble is trying to be boss.
I was looking for a friend for flo as our other cat was killed by a car and thought a younger cat would be better. Unfortunately, flo was a very quiet kitten so didn't expect quite this much boistrousness.
Having said that, there's no way on earth i could have left her there because if i had, she would haven't had much of a chance!
Flo has lots of places to go as bumble can't climb so we've made sure she can get out of the way.
I think it might have been easier the first time because mao my old cat was the most maternal, laid back cat in the world (loved our neighbours 3month old springer spaniel pup no end) which might have made it an easy ride!
Thanks for the advice, i will try all the tips you've given.
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The peeing could also be caused my a UTI, the only time (knocking on wood) by kitten peed outside of her box was due to that.

Her biting could be attributed to her young age or from possible pain. It wouldn't hurt to get a full workup to make sure she's not biting because there's something internal going on. You always want to rule out physical problems before deciding that the problem is behavioral. It's not fair to punish them when they are in pain.

Now, my little evil one is just that- evil. No pain whatsoever except what she inflicts onto humans.
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I had a tough time with my two when Abby was a kitten, because she always wanted to play and tumble with Muffs, but Muffs is a very timid cat and she was scared of Abby. It got a lot better once Abby got a little older and settled down a bit. They're now best friends.

I doubt Bumble wants to be the "boss", because kittens are not territorial. She likely just wants to play but, since she was taken away from her littermates so early, she hasn't learned how to play nice or gently. I'd do what Krissy (MowMow) recommends and try to keep the two cats separated when you're not home to supervise and spend some alone time with Flo when you are home, both of which will give Flo a rest from the little jack-in-the-box! Things should improve with time, once Bumble is a bit older.
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When Stanley was a kitten, he had a lot of pee issues. I think it just takes them a little longer to take to the litter box sometimes, or they may not like the litter you have chosen (they are so finicky). Stanley would pee in any soft area he could which is also a sign of a UTI, as others have suggested. He eventually grew out of it or had a UTI that the anti-biotics for his stomach issue also cleared up.

I had a goose down comforter and put a different blanket over that in case he had accidents, since that is much easier to clean than a big comforter.

Good luck!
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