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Getting Simba to adjust to both doors being closed during the night

How does one who has, until recently, allowed a cat unlimited access to a room, make him adapt to never being allowed access at night?

The situation is that my mom now wants her door closed at night because "boo walks all over her". fair enough. Boo is patient adn will wait until the door is open to go in. Not Simba. He cried probably 7 times last night.

I, being the good natured person i am, get up and try to entertain him (somehow we got into this routine a while ago, where i walk him to his food bowl in the night, but htis only happened once, *maybe* twice. dealable) to avoid waking my mother up.

Problem is, I have a sleeping disorder as it is and cant afford to have my sleep so disrupted on a nightly basis.

Another problem is the "just let him cry it out for afew nights" thought. because of my condition, i also have the bladder of like, a 2 year old. i have nocturia even when nothing makes noise. So, once i hear him, i must pee before going back to sleep. getting me out of my room. Simba has "won" the round.

my mom just admitted that she hears simba anyway, and that wakes her up, so im not understanding why boo coming in for a few minutes is so terrible, when simba will cry all night. ill give her that shes not as quick to fall back to sleep as i am, but if she wakes up even somewhat either way, whats the difference?

So, either, is there a way to get simba to understand just to be quiet and sleep, or is there a way to get boo to understand not to "walk all over" mom anymore but leave the door open??

I cant do this every night, ive got to get my sleep too. like i said too i wouldnt mind so much toughing out a few nights - if my bladder could handle waiting...

so frusterated right now - i just dont know how to make everyone, including the cats, happy in this situation.

There is a cat door the simba would use to come in my room to be with someone (less whining), except that a long time ago weve had to shove towels in it at night, otherwise he would play with it like a punching bag in the night. I dont mind him coming in, or going out, if he wouldnt play with the door like that.

So i guess as a last resort would be, is there something to use as a lube safe for them to silence the cat door (made of plastic, so imagine a plastic hinge sound, over and over), so i can leave it open regardless of playing, so that way when the need starts he can come in and at least be with someone? He loves to be with people, which was never a problem cuz he would go hang out with mom when the mood strikes, but not now. Boo likes people too but she is more patient. if the doors are closed she will just wait.

since theyve been here ive never slept with my door open, but she has, basically for 6 years of their lives. up until like, 3 days ago. so very confusing for them needless to say.

how can we make everyone happy, and sleep well thru the night? as it is i never fall asleep until later, so the part of my night which is supposed to be the deepest sleep is actually the lousiest, because of all the noise and interruptions. basically when mom gets up in the early morning is when i begin my night, equalling only about 6 hours a night probably. not helping my cause at all. becoming nocturnal has crossed my mind.

(for the record, clean litters just before bed, fresh food and water in bowls. all essential needs are met before bed).

ugh, i just dont know what to do.
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Just a thought. Simba is confused and can't come to realize that there are times when he's allowed into the room, and other times not. It might be better to insititute a total ban on going into that room.

As to keeping him company during the night, I suggest it's better not to do this as cats form habits and this will be expected as the norm.

I started brushing along Missy's mouth after she'd eaten after noticing that she rubbed he mouth against things after she'd eaten. Now she nags me if I don't brush her after she's eaten. This wouldn't be too bad if she'd have say two meals a day, but she wants small, frequent meals.

I hope you can solve your problem. Interupted sleep is not good.

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I thought about just closing the door altogether even during the day, but then i didnt know if that would confuse him even more?
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Anyone have any other tips?? Happened again last night. I got all of 2 hours sleep because of the constant crying beginning at 5am and roughly every half hour until mom gets up. I had trouble getting to sleep and was up until 3. And now couldn't gt an extra couple hours because of my bladder, and being so incredibly frustrated at this whole situation....
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i cant even think of what we could have done differently the past couple nights (excluding last night) to not have such problems. I think we did everything the same... ? The one night simba did start out in my room, which i dont mind. i prefer it actually.

then he must meow because he has no way out, completely fair. he leaves, we did the walk to the food thing once, and that was it.

when he doesnt start in my room its like all **** breaks loose......

ugh. im stumped. i cant force him to start out in my room...
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