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Cat peeing on bed, often times while i'm sleeping

I've recently gotten a very sweet kitten. For the first week the little guy got along really well with my other cat Pixel. Now, this kitten, Link, is peeing on my bed, or couch if i've slept on it the night before. He will not pee on anything else. I'm going to move my bed into one of the spares after I clean it out (they are currently storage rooms) since i'm always in my room since my computer is there. I would rather not do that but he won't stop!

I'll wake up and i'll be wet, this is really annoying. I first noticed it when i was relaxing in bed, about to take a nap. Link came over and snuggled up next to me. After a few minutes he got up, went under the blanket and I noticed the back of my knee was getting much warmer. I moved the blanket and yep, kitty pee all over me, the blanket and the mattress cover (thank goodness for waterproof bedbug/mite covers)

Since then it's gotten much worse, and I had him neutered the next monday (2-18-13) and i thought that'd take care of. It's now sunday and he's still at it. I've had to start barricading my door at night to keep him out since he tries to force himself through the cat door. Then he'll mewl and cry all night, i've had to squirt him with my "bad cat bottle" i keep around (just water of course) but the most i get is a nights sleep (or in last nights, 2, 4 hour intervals of silence)

The vet i talked to said that he should of stopped after neutering (going to talk to another one monday) and i was recommended some "calming spray" i bought some but haven't tried it yet since i'm not sure if thats the issue.

I'm thinking it's more of a marking me as his own deal. My other cat is perfect, Pixel is an angel who is playful and sweet. Link, is also very nice, but possibly too demanding of attention.

I'd really appreciate any help, at this point i'm really contemplating taking him to a no kill shelter. Thankfully my friends will pose as me so we can take him there since i don't live in the area

Here's a picture of the two, Link is the black one, Pixel is the tabby cat coloration (i think that's the right name for her color)

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since you have two cats you will want AT LEAST two litter boxes. Its recommended you have as many as you have cats +1. I personally have 2 boxes for my 2 cats.

He may also not like the litter thats being used. Try that natural litter, not ones made of the little rocks, just google natural cat litter. Also if they boxes are in the same room that may be causing issues too. Sometimes you need to start them in separate rooms with covers so they feel completely separate from each other.

Hes only doing it because he has no other choice or feels like he must. Your cats might be getting along but there can always be confusion and discomfort when a cat starts using anothers box and is not use to it.
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I've got a spare that i'm going to set up, once i clean out the spare room I'm going to set it up in there along with my bed. I read in another posting about a cat bed wetting that fixed it.

Hopefully it won't cause anymore problems, he hasn't tried to pee on the bed today ... but he's done that before and i wake up wet.
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get the second box set up as soon as possible and let him know its will make a difference believe me. I know from experience
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i didn't mention it in this thread, but my cat was also peeing on me sometimes (i was bedridden and probably just in the way). he started at about 11 months old, i had one older female cat, and everyone said when i got him neutered it would stop. it didn't.
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and another thought...your current litter box...clean it thoroughly and put new litter in it along with putting the other box with it cleaned.
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Just a quick recommendation for you, Eaeelil!

Absolutely, get that second box set up - for Link......and, fill it with this:
Cat Attract | Precious Cat Litter

Don't change the original litter (in the first box) just yet....but, do sprinkle a little of the Cat Attract (maybe a couple of tablespoonfuls) on top of the old litter - and do this a couple of times daily.

All the isolating Link for a few days with his new litter and box - is what I'd be doing.

(just as a BTW: I decided I would try out the Dr. Elsey's brand after reading lots of positive reviews on this forum...I thought I'd try it in only one of the cats' boxes....well, "everybody" here is using the Dr. Elsey's box almost exclusively and the other boxes are hardly ever touched! I will have to stop the Dr E. temporarily, so I can use up all of the old WB I have on hand)
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I'm just wondering if the cat has had a urinalysis done to rule out a possibly urinary tract infection.......
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Ditto the urinary infection. If you vet hasn't done a urinalysis that's your next step. Also, put the new box in your bedroom if you do keep allowing him in there, it might just be too far to go to the box you currently have.

If it has been done, or if you get one and he doesn't have a UTI it's an issue of retraining him. Since he's young that won't be too bad. You put the kitty, his box, food, water, and scratch post in the bathroom for a few weeks and DON'T let him out until he's only using the box. After 2-3 weeks let him out, but nit into your bedroom. Wait a month or two, if he doesn't go on the couch then you can try the bedroom again.

Also, you need to clean the mattress with an enzymatic cleaner, like Nature's Miracle which you can buy at petsmart. Regular cleaners won't get it clean enough that your kitten can't still smell his pee.

Good luck! Don't give up on him yet. You need to remember that it's his only way to tell you something is wrong. Maybe it's a uti, maybe his box isn't clean enough, maybe he never learned how to properly use the box.
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I have a cat that has bathroom issues occasionally and when she does I put her in one of our bathrooms with a litter-box for a day or two. Also I only let her in our bedrooms when we are there to supervise her. Also make sure you have several litter boxes in various locations around your house.
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