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Ugh, we were doing so well....

just woke up today to a cat poop on the only remaining area rug....

ive worked SO hard to make this area for play. left toys out on it, pet them on it.... used the lazer pointer on it.... been using the no mark with luck up until today....

Ugh... what is left to do?? I refuse to just get rid of them!

the only thing we havent tried is the feliway because it seemed rediculous/unnecessary that cats could be THAT uncomfrtable in their own homes.... but even that is expensive to start up.
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It's less than 26 for the diffuser and the first month of the filler... that's too expensive?
It may seem ridiculous to YOU that they feel uncomfortable in .. let's face it.. YOUR home, that doesn't mean that the discomfort isn't VERY real to them.
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Well ours has to be purchased at the vets as far as i know, the only retail ones available are "comfort zone with feliway" and the one at the vets is direct feliway. but here its for more like $50 to start up, and like $30 for each filler. so yes, here its pricey.

Theyve lived here for 9 years... in Simbas case his whole entire life. in Boos case the whole time beyond about 9 months of age. why start being uncomfortable within the past year or so? (when we went to the vet last month, our house was their only happy familiar place. they were happy to be home.) The loud AC thing that we didnt realize about before made sense. We were both frusterated but it made sense, i wouldnt want to go in a room that was loud when i didnt understand why it was loud either.

This one has no logic tied to it. It wasnt bloody, it wasnt diarreah. and it was right near their blanket that they love (which they enjoy bringing onto the floor) and their catnip toy i now leave out for them. it just makes no logical sense.

it was during the day too, I was beginning to wonder about getting a nightlight for near the litterboxes as I have read that cats having excellent night vision is actually a myth, and litterbox messes could be an issue of the cat not wanting to walk the long scary dark hallway to the boxes. but during the day the daylight is enough to light up the hallway, even on a cloudy day. and this happened during the day.

we are just at a complete loss as far as a logical reason.... to them or to us.

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Cats can't see if it's completely pitch black, but unless their litter box is in a closed closet where there is literally no light, they should be able to see in a darkened house just fine.

You can buy the Feliway refills online for under $15. I buy the multi-packs on-line. A pack of 6 is just under $70.00:
Ceva Feliway® Diffuser Refill -- 48 mL Each / 6 Pieces - Vitacost
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Good to know about the refills, thank you!! Just hope shipping to Canada isnt outrageous on it, will have to pretend to buy it and see.

May try it.

we are also debating the possibillity that it could have been a dangler? it just doesnt make sense that either one of them would go on purpose that close (literally an inch away) from something they love to play with/sleep on. Just wish i could know for sure.
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Check the Canadian Amazon. Hopefully they sell it cheaper. I get mine from the US Amazon and it is way cheaper that at the pet store. Also, see if you can get some natural, calming kitty chews. They are not very expensive and may help.
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I have read that this:

Comfort Zone® Diffuser Kit with Feliway® for Cats - Comfort Zone for Cats and Dogs

and direct feliway are the same thing, just marketed differently... can anyone confirm this? The feliway site doesnt seem to list ingredients at all.
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Have you tried more litter boxes? I had this problem with Zipper when she got older. I put an additional litter box on the screened in porch and the problem was solved. As they age they get medical issues that cause them to lose control faster.
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Sorry if this is a repeat answer, some cats don't like covered box. If you have a covered litter box try uncover them.

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I was having a problem recently with one of the 3 cats peeing outside of the box, and did one pee/poop.....I was about out of my mind. I did some investigating, and found that what i believe was happening was that Stephano was ambushing Taffy while he was trying to use the litter box. Also, I had a Breeze litter box (which I love because I HATE litter tracking), however, my boys were less enthusiastic about that litter box and would only pee in it. So I moved that litter box into another room and put a regular littler box (covered one since neither seem to mind using a covered box) and put in WBCL in that box. I also added a 4th litter box. The boys only have access to 3 boxes, Beep is not out with the boys since she is vicious, so I figure with them being able to get to 3 boxes, hopefully that would stop it, and so far it seems to have worked. What I noticed was that Taffy is one of those cats that doesn't seem to go very often to the litter box, but he usually goes immediately after he eats in the morning, he pees a river and he usually poops. So I have Stephano put up in another room while Taffy eats (otherwise Steph eats his food) and then I give Taffy enough time to get to the new box, which is a big rubbermaid container with 40 pounds of Arm and Hammer Ultra Last litter, which they seem to love.....this 4th box has become THE box of choice for them. Some people would protest having that many litter boxes, but it is actually easier, because they seem to pick one box to do the most business in, which is this huge box, and the other ones I can go longer without having to completely clean them because they aren't getting that much use, so it's really not that hard to have that many. The new box is just open, no lid on it, and they seem to do fine, it's out of the way and the A & H litter is doing great odor control, btw. And I was about to lose my mind because taffy peed on my couch in two different places, which one day peed on my dogs bed AND took a big poop. I was out of my mind. I cleaned everything with tons and tons of vinegar and hot water and dry cleaned covers, and it's been about two weeks now, and knock on wood....we have not had any more problems. I would rather have 10 litter boxes scattered about my house if it meant they wouldn't resort to going on my furniture.

Good luck! Maybe you could play detective and see if one of the cats is pestering the other one, or maybe that box is just in a place that whoever is doing it just doesn't feel comfotable? Taffy is a big chicken, so I think it was a combination of him being afraid of something and Stephano hassling him while he was trying to go.

Good luck
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