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hello from new member - with introduction issues

Hello, my name is Sarah from the UK and we have 3 cats, Amber 11 (british shorthair female), Samson 2 (ragdoll male) plus a recent addition Mia 1 (rescue female), all neutered. Looking forward to getting some advice from this site as we are having some issues with introducing Mia to the family.
Mia wasn't really planned, we went to local fair at our village hall and they had a few stalls at the back from the area cat humane society, with 5 cats there for rehoming. Well we fell for Mia who was so friendly rubbing her face on us through the bars of her cage and the rest is history.
That was 5 weeks ago. We followed the process I have used before, 2 weeks in her own room, no contact with others , just smells under the door. Scent swapping of blankets etc. Then for 2 weeks put up a plastic screen, also did the old switcheroo between rooms.
Amber not bothered at all about Mia and just carried on as normal, mainly sleeping ha ha. But Samson is obsessed. He was at the door all the time and the screen but never showed aggression, never hissed or growled. Mia would growl but after the 2 weeks they would sit either side of the screen quite close and be fine.
So we let them be together supervised and all seemed well but Samson just follows Mia everywhere, then if Mia runs, Samson chasesthis frightens Mia and she turns and hisses, growls etc, then usually jumps on my bed. Samson will then lay on the floor until Mia moves then off we go again. Samson has got hold of Mia once and she screamed the house down.
I keep them separate while I am at work and at night and just let them interact on an evening when we are all at home
Is there anything else I can do? and do you think this obsession will calm down in a few weeks?
Thank you and sorry for the long post
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It sounds as if you did a proper introduction, and five weeks isn't that long for adult cats. Have you done some interactive playing with them all together with a fishing pole type of toy like "Da Bird"? Flick it from one to the other and let them each have a turn at playing with it if they want. Feed them treats afterwards. If Samson get too fixated with chasing Mia, distract him by tossing a toy, or ping pong ball or foil ball, stuffed mousie. You want Mia to feel that when they're all together good things happen. Are they fed together? If not feed them that way, but if one is a piggy and gobbles its food down and then goes after another's meal, feed piggy one separately. Cats need to figure out their relationships, but you can help to a certain extent. Hope you find some of these suggestions helpful.


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Hopefully time will change attitudes. Our older two get along but it took about a year for them to go from "get out of my way" to sleeping on the same couch. They aren't best buddies, but they respect each other's space and there is never a problem between them.

Our newest one has been here two and a half months and there is still trouble. But I can gradually see it waning. It went from pure chaos to controlled chaos. It is actually the newest member who is acting like your Sampson.

You seem to be doing everything you can to keep the peace, but it will take time.

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Reminds me of our late CC, also a British shorthair mix, rescued as a 6 wk old. He was bigger and then we kept a runt from a litter and mostly CC was like a big brother...teased...got too rough, chased, the whole shebang. We scolded when he got too rough and when Kermit was able to jump up on our bed, CC heard and learned the exact meaning of 'sanctuary' because that is what the bed was.

It took a bit of work but Kermit knew and CC respected the bed as a safe zone or else he got punished. We felt sorry for Kermit but also knew this was normal rough house behavior and also knew CC didn't have the full 8 wks with his litter mates or else maybe he was just a bully. Either way, Kermit got bigger and was able to hold his own of he just jumped on the bed and looked at CC who was chasing him and gave hime a HA Ha look.
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It sounds pretty normal to me. Samson sees Mia as a playmate, and Mia is a bit intimidated. Just so you know, some cats are more vocal then others and will howl and scream like they're being tortured at the slightest thing. I know its stressful for you to watch because you want them to get along peacefully, but I think it'll come in time. As long as there isn't actual aggressive type behavior (intent to hurt), they'll learn their boundaries over time.

My 1 year old loved to chase around his little "brother" when we go him at 10 weeks old. He would tackle him and use his weight to pin him down while they wrestled. Sometimes the little one would cry out. When it became obvious to us that the older one was being a little over rambunctious, we separated them. Today, a year later, they still chase each other around and the 2 year old will pin the 1 year old down (even though they weigh nearly the same) and wrestle/ play bite. Once in a while the little one will scream a little and catches out attention. I will interrupt the play to let the little one "escape" if need be, but it rarely gets to that anymore.
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I agree with MyBabiesDaddy. Sounds like a routine day in my house! I have 5 indoor cats and a day does not go by without Jack trying to bully someone into play, or Maddie getting too close to Missy who hisses if anyone comes near her - especially at 4:45AM. Zipper just wants to give lovin, but Lacey is in the way. Sheesh!
You're doing just fine. Don't fret it - they will work it out. Thanks for adopting from the fair and saving a life!! And welcome to the forum!!
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