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My one cat Perry is getting really bad with scratching one particular area in our bedroom at night. He always does it around 4am and will do it for hours. The area he scratches at is completely clear and has nothing there. I tried putting his scratch post there and all he did was scratch on the carpet next to it. I sprayed the area with one of those sprays that is supposed to prevent scratching and have a squirt bottle next to my bed to squirt him with when he does it. He still won't stop even after we wore him out before bed. Declawing is an absolute last resort for us, but I feel like we're running out of options Any advice?

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Declawing is disfiguring and cruel - but beyond that it is unlikely to help your problem. He will just move on to some other type of behavior like inappropriate elimination, which is common in declawed cats by the way because they often experience discomfort trying to scratch in their litter boxes.

How long have you had Perry and how old is he? When I first got one of my cats, Mystique, she would do that same behavior. It was in our bedroom and in the middle of the night, and she would scratch at the carpet obsessively. I believe it was an anxiety-related behavior on her part. What I did was just calmly get up and put her in her safe room and close the door. Then I would close our bedroom door so I could drown her out a bit lol. As long as she didn't scratch the carpet she could stay in our bedroom, but if she started to scratch it she was put up in her room. It seriously only took her a few days to get the idea and she stopped scratching.

You might also try a Feliway plug-in in your room so he might be less likely to scratch in there.
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Hi Shannon, I am in Orlando too

I would also like to beg you against declawing, as Heather said, it will not solve the problem, he will do other things obsessively, and I have a declawed cat, she is 11, and I can tell you that I always thought the inappropriate eliminating out of the box with declawed cats was hooey, until this cat. We have constantly had issues with her, and I believe it could be one reason why. She has other issues too, including the main one, she is extremely vicious and has to be separated from my other two cats. She used to be quite OCD and do weird things too, one of which is, she will find a crinkly piece of wrapper to, say, a granola bar or something that makes that sound, and she will chew on it, next to our head at 3 am. She still will, if she can find one. For many years, we had to have her sleep in our small bathroom. For some reason, when she is in that bathroom, with a comfy rug, she will become very calm and actually sleep. I would recommend doing that, putting her up at night. Give her a nice meal, fill her belly up and put her in there. She will be full and want to sleep and once she gets used to the fact that she has to be in there, she will calm down and sleep. Hopefully. Maybe if you have a small radio where you can play some music quietly, I am a big believer in that. My feral cat, I leave the radio on softly for her in the garage and it helps her so much, and I know it helps because if we forget to turn it off, she gets anxious and won't settle.

After having one cat declawed, and I did not want to do this, it was out of my hands, and my husband was talked into it, and seeing what Beep went through, I would never do that again to a cat, and I never have. First, they kept her two days, I assume because they didn't want me to be horrified by the blood. When we got her back and her paws were wrapped in gauze, bloody in a very short amount of time after being wrapped, and she went to shake on of them off, and blood spattered against the wall, and I cried. I almost died, it was awful. We were really lucky and she jumps up fine, and does not seem like she has any pain now from it, although I don't know if that is entirely so because cats disguise pain very well. But I'd never ever do it again, it truly is an awful procedure, and I don't think your cats claws are the problem. I am a big believer in feliway also, the spray I believe is cheaper, and I actually like the spray. I have one bottle of it and have had it for years. I also recently bought some of those calming treats, I have no idea if they actually help or not, but I figured it couldn't hurt to try them. They actually carry them at Target, in the cat aisle.

I know some people also think diet doesn't make a difference in behavior, but I do. My vet believes that diet is the most important thing and affects everything about an animal and that if you can keep a cat on a healthy diet, you can avoid so many hardships and pain and ill health down the road.

Good luck with the kitty, I hope you find some answers soon.
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I had vertical scratching posts all over the house because one of my cats loved to claw up rugs and furniture. Nothing seemed to help, until I got a horizontal cardboard scratcher. Now he loves scratching that instead of the rugs and furniture. One he particularly likes is called the Cat Lounge II, I think. He can sit in it or scratch the bottom. He also loves the Cosmo Cat horizontal cardboard scratcher. Just to note, it took him a while to notice what the cardboard scratcher was. I put catnip all over it and that helped.
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Declawing is not something we want to do at all! We don't want to put him through that, but we also want sleep haha! Perry is almost 2 years old and we have had him since he was about 3 months old. This behavior just started within the past month or so. I can't lock him out of our bedroom because he likes having free reign of the entire apartment and we can't close doors or else he will scratch and bang at those til the cows come home. I will try one of those vertical scratchers although he prefers to scratch at carpet. We have cardboard scratchers our other cat loves and he just doesn't use those or the posts we have. He prefers scratching the carpet portion of his scratcher and his huge tree that is covered in carpet. He does however know that he is not aloud to scratch on the apartment carpet. He has plenty to scratch at that he prefers all over the place. These cats seriously have more stuff than I do!
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Penny had a favorite place on my carpet in the hall. I bought a throw rug made of sisal to cover the area. It's not attractive but it was cheap and offered her a horizontal scratching option in the place she liked to scratch.

Jeff & Nala
Simon and Penny, waiting patiently at the Bridge
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